Supermarkets RATION Vegetables After Cold Devastates European Crops (With At Least 80% Losses), Global Cooling Begins (Video)

Feb 4, 2017

European agriculture has been decimated with at least 80% losses which have led to black market sales of produce, rationing, shortages, collapsed greenhouse facilities and bankruptcy for farmers. The losses are beyond epic and this is what is expected in the new grand solar minimum, but the media brushes it away saying its bad weather in Europe.

A touch of Frost in Europe…
Rationing vegetables in Europe due to snow and cold…
Netherlands: Prices of leafy greens through the roof…
European Vegetable crop losses 2017……
Europe gripped by sky-high vegetable prices…
Belgium: Tomato prices skyrocketing…
Italy: Abnormal cold front in the south……
Spain: Vegetable consumption down 40%…
Italy: Fennel and leafy vegetable losses at Orto Bio due to frost…
British supermarkets begin RATIONING vegetables……
Iceberg lettuces and broccoli rationed as vegetable crisis hits supermarkets
Vegetable online sales banned in UK…
Supermarkets RATION salads and veg after storms in Spain devastate crops…

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Grand Solar Minimum, Global Elite Using Police State to Control Food: Adapt 2030 Interview (Full Video – MUST-SEE!!!)

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The 14 Best Foods You Can Grow In a Survival Garden

Not to forget topinambour (Helianthus tuberosus).

One of the best wild vegetables are nettles and the Romans brought ground elder with them.


The 14 Best Foods You Can Grow In a Survival Garden:

Although all vegetables are good for us some are more nutrient dense than others. As a general guide the more vibrant the colour the more packed with minerals and vitamins a vegetable is. Dark green ‘curly’ cabbage trumps light green every time.

There’s no order of merit or nutrition to the following list, they are just veggies that nutritionists agree are amongst the best to eat to pack in the goodness.

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Eczema sufferer whose itchy skin would burn then blister says a strict vegan diet of RAW fruit and vegetables has stopped her breakouts

“Miss Morgan, who works as a chartered surveyor, had lost hope until three months ago, when she started a grain-free, raw vegan diet – eating only raw fruit and vegetables for her three meals a day.

She said the diet has stopped the flare-ups and her skin is healthier than ever.”


Eczema sufferer whose itchy skin would burn then blister says a strict vegan diet of RAW fruit and veg has stopped her breakouts:

  • Alice Morgan, 22, started suffering from bad flare-ups three years ago
  • She would wake up with blood on her pyjamas from scratching at night
  • Tried various medications and treatment until she discovered vegan diet
  • Attacks have stopped now she wats nothing but raw, natural ingredients

An eczema sufferer whose skin would ooze, scale, flake and peel off believes she’s found a cure in raw fruit and veg.

Alice Morgan, 22, from Liverpool, has suffered with a debilitating form of eczema which would cause her body to become covered in blisters over the past three years.

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Lillian Muller’s Views On Raw Food Diet (Video)

Just came across this video.

I do not recommend the fruitarian diet, but I do recommend a raw food diet.

In Europe and the US you cannot buy a great variety of organic fruits.

The fruits often are not harvested when they are ripe, so they contain less nutrients.

Maybe a fruitarian diet works when you are living where all those tropical fruits grow naturally.

However, I believe – meaning I can’t proof it – that a fruitarian diet is crashing your body in the long term.

Fruits are great for detoxing, whereas vegetables are better for nourishing the body.

Greens are essential for your health.

Just look at her:

Amazing Story Of 70 Year Old Woman Finds The Fountain Of Youth – Ageless Woman Annette Larkins Interview (Video)

Interview With 72-Year-Old (Ageless) Raw Vegan Annette Larkins (Video)

The Carrot Clarinet: Linsey Pollak At TEDxSydney 2014 (Video)

Added: Jun 1, 2014


Linsey Pollak turns a carrot into a clarinet using an electic drill a carrot and a saxophone mouthpiece, and plays it all in a matter of 5 minutes.

Linsey Pollak is an Australian musician, instrument maker, composer, musical director and community music facilitator. He has recorded 31 albums, toured his solo shows extensively in Europe, Nth America and Asia as well as performing at most major festivals around Australia.

Linsey has devised many large Festival pieces such as “BimBamBoo” and “Sound Forest”, as well as collaborating on many music and theatre projects around Australia. He established The Multicultural Arts Centre of WA, and has co-ordinated five Cross-cultural Music Ensembles in three different States. Linsey has also worked as a musical instrument maker for 40 years and has designed a number of new wind instruments as well as specialising in woodwind instruments from Eastern Europe.

Physicians In California Concerned About Fish With Fukushima Contamination – Eat More Fruits And Vegetables To Protect From Cell Damage – ‘Get A Pocket Geiger Counter’

A pocket geiger counter (Gamma and beta-particles with taking into account x-rays):

Radiation Detector SOEKS 01M – Geiger Counter – 2013 Improved Version 1.2 (English, German, French Languages)

Price: $149.90

Soeks 01M – 2.0L (neueste version) Strahlenmessgerät / Geigerzähler / Strahlungsdetektor Geiger Counter Preis: EUR 199,00

Alpha and beta particles, and gamma rays and x-rays:

Radiation Alert Inspector Xtreme USB Handheld Digital Radiation Detector with LCD Display and Protective Boot Price: $585.00

International Medcom Inspector Alert Digital Surface Contamination Radiation Monitor Price: $749.73

Video: Physicians in California concerned about fish with Fukushima contamination — I’m eating more fruits and vegetables to fight cell damage from the radiation — “Get a pocket Geiger counter” (ENENews, Oct 10, 2013):

Title: Truth or Scare? Is Your Tuna Toxic?
Source: ‘The Doctors‘ (CBS)
Date: Oct. 9, 2013

At 2:15 in

Statement from Nicholas Fisher, Professor at Stony Brook University: The radioactivity in the fish was clearly detectable […] I and my team have concluded that there is no serious public health threat to consuming these fish.

Dr. Andrew Ordon, M.D.: […] I know the four of us all love to eat fish, I think we think in terms of moderation. We don’t want to eat fish every day, that’s important.

Dr. Jim Sears, M.D.: I’ve moderated my fish intake just a little bit, and I’ve increased my fruits and vegetables, because we know that can kind of help fight the damage that the radiation going to do to your cells.

Dr. Rachel Ross, M.D.: I’ve always paid attention more to the mercury levels in fish. That was my big thing — I don’t want too much mercury, now I have to think about radiation.

Sears: Get a pocket Geiger counter. […]

Watch the segment here

Raw Food Diet: ‘You Will Play The Game Much Longer And Much Higher Level’ (Video)



Grai Beal stays in excellent shape with his natural diet at the age of 50!


Before I give you some more info about my diet I want to tell you that the human body was not designed to fall apart after living just 80 to 100 years and not even at 150 years of age!

Infinite Unknown’s Diet = Raw Vegan + Honey – Salt

So I am not really a raw vegan because I use honey, which is loaded with enzymes.

Yes, that means that I do not eat dairy, meat, fish, eggs etc. and any kind of cooked food.

Everything I eat is organic.

Why no salt?

Read moreRaw Food Diet: ‘You Will Play The Game Much Longer And Much Higher Level’ (Video)

Non Organic Foods That Contain Upwards Of 180 Times The Fluoride Level Of Tap Water

Some non-organic foods contain upwards of 180 times the fluoride level of tap water, says expert (Natural News, July 22, 2013):

As a follow-up to our earlier report on fluoridated food crops (, the following report explains a bit more about the true toxicity of the food supply in regards to fluoride chemicals. According to fluoride expert Jeff Green, many non-organic foods contain extremely high levels of fluoride because of the pesticide chemicals sprayed on them — and in some cases, non-organic produce contains up to 180 times the amount of fluoride found in tap water.

Fluoride-based pesticide chemicals such as cryolite (sodium hexafluoroaluminate) are commonly used on non-organic food crops because they are highly effective at both killing pests and protecting crops against pest damage. But these same chemicals tend to persist in, and on, produce, where unsuspecting consumers regularly consume them with their everyday meals. According to Green, about one-third of the average person’s fluoride exposure comes from non-organic food grown using fluoride chemicals.

“Cryolite is actually sodium aluminum fluoride … this sodium aluminum fluoride is especially effective at killing bugs,” says Green. “It’s also very sticky, so when they spray it, it’s more likely to stick on your produce, unless you’re … really working at trying to get it off of it.”

Many common fruits, vegetables loaded with fluoride

Citrus fruits, it turns out, are allowed by law to be contaminated with up to 95 parts per million (ppm) of sodium aluminum fluoride, while potatoes are permitted to have up to 22 ppm on the outside skin, and two ppm on the inside flesh. Raisins are allowed to have 55 ppm of the chemical, while romaine lettuce can have up to 40 ppm. But perhaps the worst offender is iceberg lettuce, which is allowed to have a whopping 180 ppm of sodium aluminum fluoride, or 180 times the amount of fluoride typically added to municipal water supplies.

Read moreNon Organic Foods That Contain Upwards Of 180 Times The Fluoride Level Of Tap Water