Japan: New Government Maps Show Wide Dispersion of Plutonium and Strontium

Ministry of Education Maps of Plutonium and Strontium Show Wide Dispersion of Supposedly Heavy Nuclides (EX-SKF, Sep. 30, 2011):

On September 30 the Ministry of Education and Science posted the blurry maps plotting the locations where plutonium and strontium have been detected.

(On the same day, September 30, the national government abolished the evacuation-ready zone between the 20 and 30 kilometer radius from the plant, “allowing” the residents to return.)

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White House Refuses To Release Osama Bin Laden Death Photos

White House Refuses to Release ‘Gruesome’ Osama Bin Laden Death Photos (ABC News, Sept. 28, 2011 ):

The CIA has 52 separate photos and videos of Osama bin Laden’s body, the U.S. raid that killed him, and his burial at sea, but refuses to release them. In a Justice Department document filed earlier this week, a top CIA official argues the government is “wholly exempt” from disclosing the images because publication might inspire terror attacks on U.S. targets.

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(AGI) Geneva – The Council of Swiss States has voted by 22 cantons out of 30 to abandon nuclear power. The vote confirmed a previous vote by the National Council, which decided not to authorize the construction of new power stations. The senators inserted a clause, which stated “there will be no prohibition on technology,” a clear signal to nuclear research, which will be allowed to continue. . .


Whistleblower Prof. Kenichi Matsumoto: Japan’s PM ‘Isolated, Out Of His Depth’ (Video)

TEPCO and the Japanese government are STILL lying and deceiving the public.

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Tokyo To Burn Massive Amounts Of Radioactive Debris From Tohoku

Japanese PM Considered EVACUATION of Tokyo (ABC News)

Fukushima Desolation Worst Since Nagasaki As Residents Flee

Radiation Leakage From Fukushima Nuclear Plant So High In August It Exceeded Monitoring Equipment’s Maximum Measuring Capacity

Fukushima Evacuation-Ready Zone To Be Abolished On Sep. 30, 2011

Radioactive Train In Tokyo Metropolitan Area: Over 10 Microsievert/Hour Inside Train (Video)

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Five Severed HEADS Found In Sack Outside Mexican Primary School In Latest Threat From Drug Cartels

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Five severed HEADS found in sack outside Mexican primary school in latest sickening threat from drugs cartels (Daily Mail, Sep. 29, 2011):

Mexican police have found five severed heads stuffed in a sack outside a primary school in the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco.

The gruesome discovery comes after drugs gangs threatened to attack elementary school teachers if they did not pay half their wages to the drugs cartels.

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Operation ‘Fast And Furious’ Just Might Be President Obama’s Watergate

“Fast And Furious” Just Might Be President Obama’s Watergate (Forbes, Sep. 28, 2011):

The Favored Few Get New Positions

Obviously perplexed with what to do with Melson, the U.S. Justice Department moved Melson to a new post inside the ATF, a position that protects his retirement package. Perhaps this is some of the “appropriate action” President Obama said would be taken, if so, more appropriate action soon followed.

The Obama administration next promoted some of the officials who ran the program. William G. McMahon, who was the ATF’s deputy director of operations in the West, William D. Newell, and David Voth, who were both field supervisors who oversaw the Fast and Furious program out of the agency’s Phoenix office, were promoted to positions in Washington, D.C. Voth is the one who said in an email, “If you don’t think [Fast and Furious] is fun you’re in the wrong line of work — period.” And, when asked if guns were being allowed to cross the southern border, Newell is the one who said, “Hell, no.” Yet both got cushy desk jobs in D.C.

Then, as if to shine a spotlight on how political the Fast and Furious operation always was, last August the Obama administration announced new firearm-reporting regulations that gun stores in southern border states must follow—this when gun storeowners have done everything asked of them and as the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association that represents firearms manufacturers, pays for a longstanding program called “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy” (www.dontlie.org ) that combats illegal gun sales by raising awareness.

Also, the National Rifle Association has been on top of this story from the beginning. Chris W. Cox, the NRA’s chief lobbyist now says, “It would be a serious miscarriage of justice if no one is held accountable for this deadly scandal. The President and his Justice Department cannot run away from this. The NRA will make sure that every member, hunter, gun owner, and indeed every American, knows the truth about this reckless operation.”

Given all the politics and the cover up that even the former ATF director says has occurred, could operation Fast and Furious have been about anything other than pushing for new gun-control laws? And given all of this obfuscation from the Obama administration, isn’t this scandal comparable to the cover up that surrounded Watergate? After all, both administrations forgot that America is a country that reveres its freedom of the press and that in America officers speak out when misguided policies get cops killed. Here mothers testify before Congress when they find out a secret government program, and a stupid one at that, got their son killed.

Not that morality ends at the American border. To stress this point, Rep. Issa held a conference call with journalists on September 21 in which he said Marisela Morales, Mexico’s attorney general, is reporting that at least 200 Mexican deaths can now be traced to weapons from the Fast and Furious program.

And so the investigation and the bloody aftermath continue….

NYPD Caught On Camera Punching ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protester In The Face (Video)

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Japan Admits Plutonium 35 Km From Fukushima Plant

Ministry of Education Admits to Plutonium in Iitate-mura in Fukushima (EX-SKF, Sep. 30, 2011):

35 kilometers northwest of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Jiji Tsushin (5:42PM JST 9/30/2011):


Ministry of Education and Science disclosed on September 30 that plutonium has been detected from the soil in Futaba-machi, Namie-machi and Iitate-mura in Fukushima Prefecture, which derived from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident. According to the Ministry, it is the first detection of plutonium outside the plant.

Readers of this blog have been alerted to the existence of neptunium-239 (which decays into plutonium-239) in the soil of Iitate-mura, so it should be no surprise. It is no surprise at all either that it has taken more than 6 months for the Ministry of (Re-)Education to admit.

Neptunium-239 has reportedly been detected in Date City also. That’s even further away from the plant (60 kilometers).

On plutonium:

Neptunium-239 (Decays Into Plutonium-239) Potentially Detected In Saint Louis Radioactive Rainfall (09/14/2011)

Huge Amounts Of Neptunium 239 Detected 60 Km From Fukushima!!!

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Tokyo To Burn Massive Amounts Of Radioactive Debris From Tohoku

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government Will Accept and Burn Disaster Debris from Tohoku, Renews Efforts to Invite Olympic Games to Tokyo (EX-SKF, Sep. 28, 2011):

If I thought Yokohama City was so slow in responding to citizens’ concern on radiation contamination, I certainly didn’t know what the Tokyo Metropolitan government could do.

It doesn’t even tell the citizens.

First, the Tokyo government didn’t tell anyone that they started dumping the radioactive ashes in the landfill in the Tokyo Bay in May. And now, without bothering asking the citizens, again, it will start bringing the disaster debris from Tohoku that are likely to be radioactive and burn in Tokyo.

NHK News (9/29/2011):


The Tokyo Metropolitan government has decided to bring in the disaster debris from Iwate prefecture to Tokyo and burn them, and will sign an agreement with the Iwate prefectural government on September 30.

東 日本大震災の被災地では、建物などが津波によって壊されたり、流されたりして出た大量のがれきの処理が問題になっていて、被災地だけでは処理しきれない状 況になっています。国が被災地以外の自治体にがれきの処理を求めた結果、東京都は、被災地のうち、岩手県で処理しきれずに残っているがれきを、平成26年 3月までの2年半にわたって受け入れることを決め、30日、岩手県との間で協定を結ぶことになりました。

In the disaster-affected areas in Tohoku, the amount of debris from tsunami is simply too huge for the affected municipalities to process by themselves. The national government has requested the prefectures and municipalities not affected by the disaster to take the debris and process. Responding to the request, the Tokyo Metropolitan government has decided to accept the debris from Iwate Prefecture for 2 and a half years till March 2014, and will sign an agreement with the Iwate prefectural government on September 30.

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S&P And Fitch Downgrade New Zealand’s Credit Rating

New Zealand hit with double ratings downgrade (AFP, Sep. 30, 2011):

WELLINGTON — Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings both downgraded New Zealand’s sovereign rating, in a move the government said was “ugly” but reflected wider turmoil in world debt markets.

Analysts on Friday said the downgrade made New Zealand only the second Asia Pacific country after Japan to have its rating cut amid the sovereign debt crisis centred on Europe.

Fitch cut New Zealand’s long-term foreign currency rating one notch to “AA” from “AA+” and the long-term local currency rating to “AA+” from “AAA”, with S&P following suit several hours later.

Both Fitch and S&P blamed New Zealand’s soaring external debt, which hit 70 percent of annual gross domestic product (GDP) in June, for the rating cut, with S&P also citing the huge cost of rebuilding earthquake-hit Christchurch.

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