“How dreadful knowledge of the truth can be when there’s no help in the truth.”
– Sophocles

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Here are some suggestions what you can do. (Have you read this article?)

But you, of course, have to decide for yourself what to do.
You are the one, that is responsible for your decisions and actions, and no-one else can do it for you.

Most important: Never panic, because then your body is in stress and that shuts down all creativity and insights, that will help you manifest, what you desire.

– Sell all Stocks and Bonds for they will be worth nothing in the future. Get out of the financial markets now.
(((Yes, Call Options on Gold, Silver, Wheat, Oil and Sugar are probably a good idea, BUT only for experts that are fully prepared already. You can’t eat an option and in the complete meltdown that is coming, there will be nobody there to pay you your money and if there is still somebody around that gives you your money, then it will be worthless.)))

– Do not have any debt, if possible. There will always be people around who will suggest to you that having lots of debt is a good idea, if there is a high rate of inflation. In the current situation that is not so. You will lose everything, if you are in debt. If you are already deeply in dept and you have no idea how to get out of this, have a look at the rest of the list and see what you can do without bringing yourself deeper into trouble.

– Buy Gold and Silver, preferably coins: Gold & Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz (or American Eagle 1 oz).

The Only “Win-Win” Investment I know of …
Citigroup says long-term gold price could double or even triple

(I suggest to buy 1kg bars only if your investment exceeds 50 Gold Ounces and 1000 Silver Ounces)
Gold and Silver are the only financial insurance against the destruction of the Dollar and the Economy.

– Buy Food “NOW”, because you can’t eat Gold and Silver. All Food preferably organic and from local sources.
Your food (also water) in the supermarkets is more often than not like poison (GM food, Aspartame, MSG, fluoride, etc.)
Make a plan on what is important now and what you will get later.
Get lot’s of wheat (plus a grain mill), honey lasts forever, sugar lasts for centuries, salt (never with fluoride), rice, beans, lenses, milk powder, egg powder, canned foods etc.
If you can store food for two years per person.
And if you can only afford 25 kg of wheat and 5 glasses of honey, then you buy that.
Grow your own food. If possible raise your own animals or get your meat only from sources you can trust.

– Store Water: Buy containers in different sizes. Well, there are several solutions on the market that promise to keep the water fresh. Since I haven’t tested them over a long enough period of time I don’t want to recommend any of them.
Do some research. If you can store water for two years per person. I know thats a lot, but just start now.

– Buy a Remote Farm. Do not live in the cities. Just imagine the food and water supply will be cut off and there is no electricity. And this could happen soon and has happened in the past. It will also be difficult to survive in the cities, if Martial Law is declared. Buy all equipment and tools that are necessary to live self-sufficient on your farm. Buy as much seeds as you can (No GM seeds.). Your farm should have a well!!!
Have an excellent cellar or better an underground shelter to store your supplies.

– Your safe place should be in a High Place.
Do not live near the Ocean or at sea level.
Do not live near a river.
Do not live near a volcano, especially not near Yellowstone.
Do not live in a big city or close to it.
Most of Northern and Central Europe could soon be experiencing another Ice Age.
Do not live in places where it is difficult to grow your own food.

– Buy Warm Clothes, even expedition stuff if you can.
Buy lots of coats & jackets (Gore-Tex), lots of shoes (Gore-Tex), gloves (Gore-Tex), lots of socks, etc.,
Buy a extremely warm sleeping bag with at least -20°C Comfort Temperature (Extreme Temperature should be a lot higher),
Buy lots of Fleece in all variations if you cannot afford natural materials.

– Buy all kinds of outdoor & survival equipment.

– Buy all kinds of Medicine. And learn about alternative medicine which is much more effective in treating diseases than western medicine.

– Buy Weapons (but in case of Martial Law bury them underground.)

– Buy items to barter with:
Sugar, Salt, Tabacco, Cigarettes, Wine, Whiskey, Vodka etc.

Do not tell people that you are preparing yourself for what is coming, especially if they will not prepare themselves, because they will remember you when they are in trouble.

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– Former Assistant Secretary of Housing: Rethinking Diversification:

“For the astute strategist, it means not putting all your eggs in one basket in every important aspect of your life.”

24 thoughts on “Solution”

  1. OK so far, now what can we do to turn things around in our Goverment? This nonsence has to come to a STOP. NOW

    Thank you.

    Geren Sproull

  2. Besides preparing yourself, there is not much what you can do, history repeats itself, cause we didnt learn from it, its too late to turn anything around.

    No matter if we watch it from a political view, or environmental view its just 1 minute before 12 o clock

  3. Go to and start listening to Jack Spirko. I found this about 2 years ago when a friend told me about it. Jack is a “Modern Survivalist” and has some sage, Non-Tin Foil Hat advice/suggestions on how to live a better life and prepare for whatever may come. His advice is well researched, thought out, and even tempered. However, he does occasionally let his passion about the loss of Liberty and other injustices get a little heated.
    I believe he is correct that we can no longer correct the course of our country in Washington, but rather by all of us, as individuals living a life that doesn’t subscribe to the corrupt policies of our government.

  4. I came to this site, like most others seem to have. To find a group of people that share a concern that our nation is being pulled away from its constitiution and to find stregth in numbers to be recognized and make a difference together.
    Instead I find survivalist information with no polical action plan and a few Art Bell style articles… WTH?
    The clock is far from 11:59pm and polictical change needs to happen, extreme election reform, the passing of bills to remove the teeth of the monster mega corporations that have a choke hold on our politicians.
    The arrogance involved with by passing our constitution and creating the “Supreme Congress” should be a wake up call to anyone with a basic understanding of the works of our founding fathers.
    Making plans on “burying your head” is not the solution and talking among other disgusted folks accomplishes nothing.
    The federal government is no different than a small town hall in that if the towns people don’t show up to the town hall meeting the area businessmen will always win every vote and get what they want out of it.
    It’s time to show up at town hall, it’s time to push political offices to pass legislation that returns the politics to the people and to the constitution instead of the ultra elite..
    The founding fathers forseen this coming and did the best they could to design a plan to keep the wealth and welfare of the people within their midst…
    But it was left to us to be politically active.
    Those of you who have better computer skills need to get busy and design sites that host political form letters, those that are in contact with your states elected officals need to start lighting their phone lines up and those that have the social skills to manage assemblies of political activists need to seek like minded individuals to represent their concerns.
    We have no more time to watch the smoke and mirrors or any more “shell games” of our day.
    Speak up or be forgotten.

  5. thanx for the site! Been a regular since last year. Please we need more info on buying gold and silver. From Where can we buy the coins u suggested,i dont live in the americas? The Almighty bless u!

  6. “OK so far, now what can we do to turn things around in our Goverment? This nonsence has to come to a STOP. NOW”

    Nothing. We can’t to anything. Let it all topple and then begin again, and behave differently. NO FEDERAL RESERVE CARTEL BANKS AND NO FIAT MONEY.

  7. Sit back, relax, and watch as we cruise towards the most interesting phase of human history.

    All this prepper stuff is bullshit. Take your prepper money and buy that sportscar or new boat.

    Go ahead and take that exotic vacation.

    Because in the future – you won’t have that luxury. LIVE NOW.

    Who wants to be holed like a rat staving off the inevitable?

  8. All..
    Points well taken but there is an outside possibility none of us have ever been really hungry, as in without food for 3-4 days or longer. So maybe, just on the outside chance this thing is getting ready to pop.. it might not be a bad idea to have a little something stashed.. Why? If nothing else, it buys a little time to think through a situation and possibly consider all of the options a little more carefully because quick decisions are almost always bad decisions.
    Just ask the folks up in NY and Jesery.. Were there any “preppers” up there? I bet there were but amazingly, the lamestream media doesn’t focus on the sucess stories, only the failures so we’ll never hear about the family’s that got it right.
    I think we should all err on the side of caution. Economically, we are in uncharted waters so there is nothing wrong with being a little pro active and being prepared to operate autonomously for a short period of time. Longterm? If it is truly a global financial melt down.. it won’t matter, you couldn’t stash enough.
    Just my $.02 worth..

  9. If you believe that there is a place your soul goes when you die, and you will die at some point, then why not die fighting for what is right and good ? If you think you will survive, then it is only because you have a dream of survival. No one gets off of this planet alive !!! Prepare your mind for fighting evil. The ones in control now are evil, make no mistake about that. Learn to combat 2 things, Your own fear of dying, and evil. Remember this, you can make a difference. You may not live to see it, but some one in your family will.

  10. This is all the work of the vatican, judaism, monotheism and christianity. As long as this attitude is allowed to exist on the planet these things will happen. They were allowed way to long to do their things. Its very problematic that 99% of the people dont understand a shit.

  11. AWARENESS AND SURVIVAL SKILLS ARE ESSENTIAL! Spread out and travel in very small groups. Learn how to hunt and fish with a bow or knife. Dont get caught!! Goodluck everyone snd God Bless!

  12. It is now March 15, 2015 – the Ides of March. Heh… The world has not ended (yet) but allot of people wish it would end soon so they can say “I told you so.”

    Military persons all over the planet are flying chemtrailing missions, and 5 billion persons are now exposed to extreme levels of electromagnetic pollution from cellular towers, wi-fi, and multiple military installations like the HAARP project in Alaska. This is snuff time for planet Earth.

    If you wish to prepare for what’s already upon you, quickly learn to kiss your ass goodby…

  13. Hello!
    What exactly the purpose behind the mind-body-behavior control agenda persued world over by the perpetrators from their hidden remote locations and backed even by the governments by allowing them the facilities they use for harassing and treating common citizens worse than dogs or guinea pigs?

    Will they not stop?

    ‘Am in India and there grip over the citizens in this part of the world is rising by the day and innocent, uneducated and lesser informed people are only sitting ducks for these inhuman group of 21st century crime. No one is to question them about the trail already existing as left by them and there appears only further proliferation by these inhuman force operating in the most inhuman and evil way.

    High time they be checked in their covert, illicit, illegal, heinous, inhuman and purposeless drive fueled globally, and expanding to newer destinations, by their military and governments.

    There is no known comparison, at any time in the past,including the Nazi crime , the word has faced. What is to be done to stop them from further assault and ill treatment of living souls world over?

  14. I’ve just come across the following passages from an article titled
    “Understanding Minerals: Organic vs. Inorganic”. I think it throws light on the some of the issues in question:

    “You will read some opinions that emphatically state that not only are rock sourced minerals not usable by the body, but are downright dangerous. Given the discrepancies and the confusion these opinions engender, it is imperative to interject some logic into this debate about what form of mineral is emphatically best for your body.

    Of critical importance in this organic versus inorganic debate is to understand what organic means in this context. When addressing organic as a mineral description, it means that the element in question is bonded to a carbon atom, which is another inorganic element. Because all living creatures are carbon based, being bonded to a carbon atom theoretically makes any element more bioavailable and usable by a living organism. Without any research to prove this however, it remains conjecture. Furthermore, if it is a true statement then drinking mineral water in nature would be of no benefit to an animal or human. We know this is not true. In nature, our mineral sources have always been water based (we are 70% water) either from the foods we eat or the water we drink. When minerals come from water, they are inorganic. When one ingests sea salt for the mineral content they are utilizing inorganic forms of the minerals that have been recognized as beneficial to human health…”

    “Realistically, it makes no difference where you get your minerals. The most important factor is the size and the form they are in. Minerals are most effectively delivered in a water base fully ionized (in their atomic state) as in nature. A plant takes the inorganic minerals from the soil where it is growing. It then synthesizes them into a molecular size and form by uptake through the root where the minerals are combined with water and pushed through the entire plant. A mineral stream that is saturated with inorganic molecules of minerals derived from rocks processes them into ionic form by forces of nature but they remain inorganic. An ionic liquid supplement derived from the elemental mineral is essentially the same process but processed by man. Once ingested, one’s body knows intuitively what mineral is available and exactly what to do with it regardless of its source. Again, the important thing to remember is that it does not matter if you consume minerals from plant sources, water base, or solid pills or even dirt. What matters is how much time it takes the body to break down the minerals into their atomic (ionic) state in order to be effectively utilized at the cellular level.

    Food and water are by far the most logical sources, and yet both delivery systems have become so mineral deficient and/or polluted that they are poor sources for a full compliment of one’s essential daily mineral intake. As a result we have become a minerally deficient society. Results of supplementing with inorganic ionic minerals speak to the effectiveness of inorganic individual ionic elements (not bonded to carbon) and can therefore attest to the fact that the body does not need its minerals bonded to carbon for beneficial absorption and utilization. It is therefore the belief of this author, based upon personal history and the history of the human race (with observation and results), that the body intuitively knows what to do with minerals regardless of the form in which they come, and if it didn’t, we would not be alive…”

    “The overlooked concept in this ongoing controversy between organic or inorganic sources of minerals is the feasibility of elemental minerals (rock) in an ionic form performing the same way in the body as a drink from a mineral stream, which is essentially rock minerals broken down to their atomic size by the forces of nature. Water is a very important source for obtaining ionic minerals. A mineral in an ionic form whether it is organic or inorganic alleviates the need for stomach acid to perform the function of ionization.”


  15. Everyone here knows something wicked has been happening in slow motion. But the majority of people are clueless, distracted, or have already succumbed to one of the traps that await us every day.

    Your health is vital. This includes not only what is ingested into the body, but the quality of thought. The 197 year old man referenced on this site worked as a herbalist in China. He attributed his longevity to keeping a calm mind or “quiet heart.”

    My experience concurs with this recommendation. The strength of the heart muscle determines how well blood is pumped to oxygenate and deliver nutrients to the organs, limbs, and especially the brain. Jogging, running, swimming, cycling strengthens the heart muscle to pump with greater force. This helps you heal more quickly and think more clearly.

    Reducing your resting heart rate results from regular aerobic activity. Aim for a resting heart rate of 45 to 55 bpm. My bpm seldom exceeds 60. I get 3 to 5 hours of high intensity aerobic exercise per week and will be 70 years old in a few short months. Physicians are taught to key off the heart rate as a way to size up a person’s health.

    Health also includes enough rest and sleep. Sharpen your focus and concentration by using your mental muscles in practices like meditation. Herbs and supplements help ensure good health.

    There is a lot more to being your own solution, as others here have mentioned. If you have a purpose or meaning to strive for, keep on trucking and don’t look back. I’ve seen this slow crumbling process of society from 40 years ago and realigned my priorities so I would improve the odds.

    I had a funny but persistent intuition a long time ago that the worse things became in the world, the better off I would be. Happy to say that it’s become true for me, things have never been better for me physically and mentally. May you all find your way back home, too.


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