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To donate via PayPal you do NOT need a PayPal account.

You can send a donation from your Debit or Credit Card to my PayPal account in the currency you prefer.

Here’s how:

Click on your preferred currency…

PayPal: Donate in USD
PayPal: Donate in EUR
PayPal: Donate in GBP
PayPal: Donate in AUD

Select the amount you want to donate.

Then choose ‘Donate with Debit or Credit Card’.

It’s easy and safe.


Another option to support I. U. is donating cryptos:

Bitcoin: bc1qzfr506nu27ecw26cd9c2qh9d0elnmxr9gmtn4r


Ethereum: 0xAef6cb8db9E3Ac248a363cD293A5dce707b8Defe


Solana: HhKAexKeZq7KLsuwzE5pqfCJDV4auKm3TQnyBKdsp6gn


Polygon: 0xAef6cb8db9E3Ac248a363cD293A5dce707b8Defe


LiteCoin (LTC): LSoqxGj7nrBxYXTN4MebEEimQkVcMLi4fr


Your support is much appreciated.

Thank you.