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Finally, finally it should be very easy to donate for everybody.

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In order to stay up, this site needs your support, especially because it is not generating any income via annoying advertisements.

I’ve decided to keep the site free from annoying advertisements for many reasons.

Most alternative news websites bombard their readers with advertisements in order to survive & create some income.

You will not find many alternative news websites that are ad-free on the web.

I also do not want to close the site to non-donors, nor do I want to wall-off parts of the site for subscriptions.

My intention is to keep this site open in the future.

I do what I can to keep you and your family informed, and hopefully we all make it through these challenging times that lie ahead.

Please support me in my efforts.

The financial situation of the website, considering that I’m posting a lot of updates every day (with rarely one day missing), is not good to say the least.

I know that many people are really hurting financially and can’t give and I do not want those people to even think about donating.

You can only give, if you have something to give.

If you take a look at what I’ve posted – and am still posting every day – about the worldwide financial/economic situation, you know that I know what is going on and that the worst is yet to come (… which is probably also not encouraging donations).

Please consider to donate.

Thank you.

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Feb. 18, 2016:

After all these years I am still very, very lucky if I earn $1.50 per hour of work (in any given month).

Sometimes it’s much, much less.

And that is not taking into consideration that the website is not floating for free on the internet.

I support you, so please support me, or I really have to change the way I am doing this.

Maybe I have to resort to just posting a headline and then providing only a link to the news article, which will still keep you informed and will safe me an enormous amount of time.

The website however would look like a desert.

I am still hoping that the website will get more support from new readers and from those readers that haven’t donated yet.

Arches National Park, Utah
Arches-National-Park, Utah