Physicians In California Concerned About Fish With Fukushima Contamination – Eat More Fruits And Vegetables To Protect From Cell Damage – ‘Get A Pocket Geiger Counter’

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Video: Physicians in California concerned about fish with Fukushima contamination — I’m eating more fruits and vegetables to fight cell damage from the radiation — “Get a pocket Geiger counter” (ENENews, Oct 10, 2013):

Title: Truth or Scare? Is Your Tuna Toxic?
Source: ‘The Doctors‘ (CBS)
Date: Oct. 9, 2013

At 2:15 in

Statement from Nicholas Fisher, Professor at Stony Brook University: The radioactivity in the fish was clearly detectable […] I and my team have concluded that there is no serious public health threat to consuming these fish.

Dr. Andrew Ordon, M.D.: […] I know the four of us all love to eat fish, I think we think in terms of moderation. We don’t want to eat fish every day, that’s important.

Dr. Jim Sears, M.D.: I’ve moderated my fish intake just a little bit, and I’ve increased my fruits and vegetables, because we know that can kind of help fight the damage that the radiation going to do to your cells.

Dr. Rachel Ross, M.D.: I’ve always paid attention more to the mercury levels in fish. That was my big thing — I don’t want too much mercury, now I have to think about radiation.

Sears: Get a pocket Geiger counter. […]

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