Raw Food Diet: ‘You Will Play The Game Much Longer And Much Higher Level’ (Video)



Grai Beal stays in excellent shape with his natural diet at the age of 50!


Before I give you some more info about my diet I want to tell you that the human body was not designed to fall apart after living just 80 to 100 years and not even at 150 years of age!

Infinite Unknown’s Diet = Raw Vegan + Honey – Salt

So I am not really a raw vegan because I use honey, which is loaded with enzymes.

Yes, that means that I do not eat dairy, meat, fish, eggs etc. and any kind of cooked food.

Everything I eat is organic.

Why no salt?

I never ever use any kind of (inorganic, toxic, deadly) salt. That also includes Himalayan salt and all the other ones that are considered to be so healthy.

The body is made out of organic substances and can only use organic minerals and trace elements from fruits, vegetables and herbs to maintain its health and vitality.

Everything that is inorganic is toxic garbage for the body and requires a lot of energy to be removed from it.

Which is exactly the reason why I drink steam distilled water.

Why raw food?

Everthing that is cooked turns from organic to inorganic and the body has a hard time to get something out of it, but parasites have a field day.

Then one day your body cannot stop the inevitable and it gets sick.

I recommend not to eat (totally contaminated) fish from the oceans.

Why steam distilled water?

Distilled water does leach minerals from the body, BUT what the WHO and other disinformation agents forgot to tell you is, that it ONLY leaches inorganic (=toxic = deadly) minerals from the body, whereas the human body is made out of organic minerals.

So distilled water really leeches all the toxic garbage (incl. radioactive particles) from your body and nothing else.

Distilled water is the perfect water for your body.

Dr. Mercola has a complete BS article …

Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water (Mercola.com)

… on it’s website that comes up no. 1 or 2 in Google if you search for “death” , “distilled water”.

Now please exchange ‘distilled water’ with ‘totally purified rain water’ (that now probably only exists in ice from glaciers that is older than industrialization.), because that is what steam distilled water really is.

Then we have ….

… “Early Death Comes From Drinking Totally Purified Rain Water” …

… and who will be stupid enough to believe that one?

I use a carbon filter to remove the VOCs from the ‘drinking water’ first, before I steam distill it (otherwise the distilled water may taste like plastic in some areas because of the VOCs).

And voila, my TDS meter (always) shows 0 ppm.

Pure water that is.

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