FSB kills ISIS terrorist planning attack during Russian presidential election

FSB kills ISIS terrorist planning attack during Russian presidential election:

Russia’s FSB security agency has eliminated a terrorist suspect in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, who plotted a high-profile attack during the 2018 presidential election.

An FSB Special Forces team has foiled “the activities of an Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS] member who planned a terrorist attack in Nizhny Novgorod,” the agency said in a statement on Thursday.

“According to the intelligence collected, the terrorist – a citizen of a neighboring state – was preparing the attack on the day of [the] Russian presidential election,” it added.

The suspect opened fire at the FSB team trying to apprehend him but was shot dead, according to law enforcement.

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Big Oil’s Central Asian Mafia

Big Oil’s Central Asian Mafia (Veterans Today, Aug 6, 2013)

(Excerpted from Big Oil & Their Bankers: Chapter 17: Caspian Sea Oil Grab)

According to Kurt Wulff of the oil investment firm McDep Associates, the Four Horsemen, romping in their new Far East pastures, saw asset increases from 1988-1994 as follows: Exxon Mobil- 54%, Chevron Texaco- 74%, Royal Dutch/Shell- 52% and BP Amoco- 54%.  Big Oil had more than doubled its collective assets in six short years.

This quantum leap in global power had everything to do withthe takeover of the old Soviet oil patch and the subsequent impoverishment of its birthright owners.

While the Four Horsemen gorged on Russian and Central Asian oil, Wall Street investment bankers were facilitating the oil grab and ripping off the Russian Treasury.

Salomon Smith Barney’s Phibro Energy oil trading subsidiary set up shop in Moscow.  Goldman Sachs was hired by Yeltsin to lure foreign capital to Russia.  Heading the Russian Goldman Sachs team was Robert Rubin, later Clinton Secretary of Treasury & Citigroup CEO.  CS First Boston took a 20% stake in Lukoil, in partnership with BP Amoco.

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Kremlin: Russia Won’t Extradite Snowden To US

Russia won’t extradite Snowden to US – Kremlin (RT, July 26, 2013):

Moscow says security agency FSB is in talks with the FBI over Snowden. But the whistleblower will not be extradited to the US, a Kremlin spokesman said, adding he’s sure the fugitive NSA contractor will stop harming Washington if granted asylum in Russia.

Russia has never extradited anyone, and will not extradite,” said Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Russian President is not handling the case of the former CIA employee Edward Snowden, as “Snowden has not made any request that is subject to consideration by the head of the state,” Peskov added.

The issue of Snowden asking for temporary asylum “was not and is not on Putin’s agenda,” Peskov continued, saying that it lies in the sphere of the countries’ security agencies.

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FBI Interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev In Early 2011: Suspects’ Mother Claims FBI Set Up

FBI Interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev In Early 2011: Suspects’ Mother Claims FBI Set Up (ZeroHedge, April 20, 2013):

Yesterday we reported that the initial, and largely expected, response by the father of the Boston bombing suspects, Anzor Tsarnaev, was that they had been set up by US secret services. As RT reported further, in an interview with Russian television the brothers’ father Anzor Tsarnaev also claimed that they are innocent and somebody might have set them up. “I’m sure about my children, in their purity. I don’t know what happened and who did this.  God knows and he will punish them,” he told Zvezda channel. “Somebody might have set them up. I don’t know who and because of their cowardice killed the boy.”

The father said he was unable to contact his sons or other relatives. “Everything is switched off. I can’t reach my brother there either. I can’t reach anyone! I just want information. Now I fear for my boy, that they will now shoot him dead and then will say ‘He had a gun’.”

“I fear for my son, for his life. They should arrest him, bring him, but alive. Justice should investigate who is right and who is wrong,” he said.

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Romney Tobacco Deal With Russian Mob and GOP (Veterans Today)

Begun as Smuggling Operation Through GOP and KGB, Later Became Russian Mob Partnership

Romney Tobacco Deal With Russian Mob and GOP (Veterans Today, Oct 23, 2012):

Stories hitting the press today about Bain Capital and the Russian cigarette market tell only a small part of the story.  Stories say that Romney sent representatives to Russia to aid them in selling cigarettes but this is quite misleading.  The real deal was between the GOP and Russian Mafia with Bain only acting as “consultant.”The GOP organized cigarette smuggling into Russia through Poland in late 1990 and early 1991, paying of KGB operatives in Russia.  Cigarette sales in Russia were a method then of supplying income for disabled veterans, as cigarette kiosks were a “perk” of military service and a method of survival for many.

Initially, cigarettes came from vending companies in the US, were shipped in 20 foot containers into Gdansk, Poland, and trucked into Russia where the profits were split with the KGB.

The first few shipments were all Marlboro and traded for vodka which was offloaded in Chicago.  Where it went from there, who knows.

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Former CIA And ‘Project Clover Leaf’ Insider A. C. Griffiths On The Purpose Of Chemtrails

For your (dis)information only.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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The New World Order Poisoning Your Rain Water:

The rain water was tested by government labs:

Aluminum (780 times over the save level.)

Arsenic (593 times over the save level.)

Manganese (4000 times over the save level.)

Barium (300 times over the save level.)

Zinc (8000 times over the save level.)

Iron (2000 times over the save level.)

Boron (4000 times over the save level.)

German Scientist Exposes Chemtrails As Military Operations

Russian Security Services Were Warned of Imminent Terrorist Attack At Moscow Airport A Week Ahead Of Time

In other news:

Timeline of Russia attacks (ABC Online)

Witnesses reveal horror of Moscow airport suicide bomb blast (Sydney Morning Herald)

Bomb Blast Kills Dozens At Moscow Airport (NPR)

Separatists blamed as manhunt focuses on three witnesses (Montreal Gazette)

Terror in Moscow—Again (Wall Street Journal)

Moscow airport blasts (Reuters)

Russia president vows to ‘track down and punish’ masterminds of suicide bombing that killed 35 (Ha’aretz)

Police officers check ID documents inside Moscow’s Domodedovo international airport on January 24, 2011, soon after an explosion.

The Russian security services had been tipped off that a terrorist attack was planned at a Moscow airport a week before Monday’s suicide bombing, it emerged.

According to reports, the warning even gave details of precisely where the bomb would be planted and yet the authorities failed to stop the attack.

“The special services had received information that an act of terror would be carried out at one of the Moscow airports,” a security source told the RIA Novosti news agency.

“Agents were seeking three suspects but they managed to access the territory of the airport, witness the explosion which their accomplice carried out and then leave the airport,” the source said.

The website Lifenews.ru, which has close links with FSB, Russia’s security service, reported: “A tip-off with a warning that something was being prepared appeared one week before the explosion. Even the place, by the customs, was named.”

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Russia’s FSB security service ‘used psychotropic drugs on agent’

Igor Sutyagin says he was given a laced tumbler of cognac

A former Russian academic who was sent to Britain this summer as part of the biggest spy swap since the Cold War has said he believes that Russia’s FSB security service used mind-bending psychotropic drugs on him.

Igor Sutyagin, who now lives in London, arrived in Britain in July after he and three other men convicted of spying for the West were swapped for ten Russian agents including the glamorous Anna Chapman who had been arrested by the FBI in America.

The 45-year-old researcher has always denied that he was a Western spy and has said he would like to return to Russia where his wife and two daughters live. Since settling in Britain, he has therefore tried to avoid antagonising the Kremlin.

In a Russian-language book however he wrote about his ordeal, suggesting that he and others were illegally drugged by the FSB security service during pretrial interrogation “to loosen their tongues.”

He described one incident in 2003 when he was given a tumbler of cognac laced with an unknown psychotropic drug and then encouraged to consume a bowl of borsch or beetroot soup in order to stop him noticing the drug’s strong odour later. Once the drug had taken effect, he said the FSB filmed a strange interview with him which it showed on Russian TV as proof that he was a spy. Soon afterwards, he said he began to suffer inexplicable short-term memory loss.

His family disclosed separately that he still suffered from a range of symptoms including chronic fatigue.

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Russian Secret Service ‘Murdered Six Red Cross Nurses’

A Russian secret service unit was responsible for murdering six Western Red Cross nurses in Chechnya in cold blood fourteen years ago rather than Chechen rebels, it has been claimed.

The Kremlin’s version of events have been challenged by a former agent in Russia’s FSB security service Photo: CORBIS By Andrew Osborn in Moscow 7:21PM GMT 24 Nov 2010

The allegation, made by a former agent in Russia’s FSB security service, challenges the Kremlin version of events that the group was executed by Chechen rebels.

The murdered aid workers included a Dutch architect and nurses from New Zealand, Canada, Spain and Norway. They were working in a hospital not far from Grozny, the Chechen capital, caring for victims of the first Chechen war when they were murdered in their beds in a mysterious night time raid in December 1996.

FSB Major Alexei Potyomkin, who is on the run in Germany with his family, has claimed he was there at the time and that members of his unit murdered the aid workers in error, mistaking them for Chechen rebels. They then did their best to cover up the crime and pin it on the Chechens, he alleged.

Alexander Cherkasov of human rights group Memorial, an expert in Chechnya who has often clashed with the Kremlin, said he doubted the new claims.

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Russia’s Minority Report Law: Legislation to give security services powers to arrest people for crimes they have yet to commit

joseph-stalin fascism-adolf-hitler

A New World Order is emerging …

President Obama’s New World Order: ‘We have to shape an international order that can meet the challenges of our generation’

President Dmitry Medvedev Calls For ‘New World Economic Order’

ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet calls for ‘Global Governance’ at the Council on Foreign Relations

EU Draws Up Plans For Single ‘Economic Government’

Gordon Brown Praises New World Order (19 Feb 2010)

Gordon Brown On Saddam Hussein: ‘This New World Order That We Were Trying To Create Was Being Put At Risk’

… and we have to stop it NOW.

Russia to introduce ‘draconian’ Minority Report-style law

Russian police arrest a political opposition activist at a rally in Moscow. (AFP)

Russian citizens can be issued official warnings about crimes that they have not yet committed under powers granted to the security services today.

President Dmitry Medvedev signed off on a new law giving the FSB, the successor agency to the KGB, the right to caution people suspected of preparing acts of extremism, or to jail them for obstructing the agency’s work.

The powers appear similar to those enjoyed by Precrime, the police unit in the 2002 Hollywood film Minority Report. “This is a draconian law reminiscent of our repressive past,” said Boris Nemtsov, a leader of the Solidarity opposition movement.

Rights activists had hoped Medvedev would rein in the security services, after his predecessor, Vladimir Putin, a former KGB colonel, stuffed his administration with hawkish veterans. The Kremlin’s tough stance comes against the backdrop of a disparate but emergent civil movement protesting against corruption and authoritarian government.

Under the new provisions, the FSB will be able to echo Soviet practices. The punishment for ignoring a warning was unclear, but 15-day jail sentences are envisaged for “obstructing an FSB officer’s duties”. Sergei Ivanenko, a leader of the Yabloko party, called it “the law of a police state”. He said: “If such a law exists in a democratic country then it is limited by a very powerful system of civil, public and parliamentary control. In our conditions it will mean absolute power for the security services.”

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