Former CIA And ‘Project Clover Leaf’ Insider A. C. Griffiths On The Purpose Of Chemtrails

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The New World Order Poisoning Your Rain Water:

The rain water was tested by government labs:

Aluminum (780 times over the save level.)

Arsenic (593 times over the save level.)

Manganese (4000 times over the save level.)

Barium (300 times over the save level.)

Zinc (8000 times over the save level.)

Iron (2000 times over the save level.)

Boron (4000 times over the save level.)

German Scientist Exposes Chemtrails As Military Operations

8 thoughts on “Former CIA And ‘Project Clover Leaf’ Insider A. C. Griffiths On The Purpose Of Chemtrails”

  1. the new HR 8791 Declassified. I’m sure you will find relevance between this and chemspraying. And, the elite of ten is the same as the ten kings (for one hour) notified in revelation. And they thought they were going to rule the world. What they didn’t encounter is we still live even when they kill our bodies. Heck we may become invincible with a vengeance. Their egos made them blind.

  2. Sorry but this interviewed person does not pass the smell test. Nixon would have thrown anyone under a bus to keep his job, so attempting to blame “prostitutes and aides” for Watergate is just absurd.

    Want to know what’s the reason for chemtrails? Sometimes the simplest answer also makes the most sense. It is to increase albedo (the amount of sunlight reflected back into space), and thus lower global temperature. That way the oil, coal, and electric power corporations can go on polluting… and controlling energy with their monopolies indefinitely without having to embrace alternatives such as LENR / Cold Fusion ; which has been proved valid, or hydrogen from water (which Dr. Daniel Nocera at MIT has done economically), or more conventional alternatives such as wind, solar, waves, tide, or geothermal which are more de-centralized and will eventually break the current energy paradigm… and stop the largest profits ever seen in history, from trans-national entities with more political power through corruption and corporate media control, than has ever been seen before.

  3. The Chemtrails work hand in glove with the HAARP apparatus to control the weather, causing disaster after disaster. We pay for it!!! Both projects are CIA Black Projects. Get someone on your staff to Email me so I can send you back documents, with attachments.

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