Aspartame: Sweet Misery – A Poisoned World (Documentary)

This is the movie that Pepsi and Coca Cola don’t want you to see.


The video has been removed by Google. Here is a replacement:


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4 thoughts on “Aspartame: Sweet Misery – A Poisoned World (Documentary)”

  1. Hello and thank you for posting a relevant and necessary topic in picture/movie format. Myself and other family members have struggled with health issues which were only complicated by Aspartame. I would like to post this on my website if you will allow me to. Thank you

    Kerry Andres

  2. I am not able to watch video about Asparatame. It seemed to be blocked. I would like to watch this and learn more. How can I access this video?

  3. How can I access this video? It doesn’t show me more than a black screen when I try to watch it.

    • @ StarTurtle Heart,

      The video must have been removed by Google.

      I’ve found a replacement.

      Thank you for reporting. 🙂

      (I recommend people to download important videos before they disappear.)


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