The Gray Bearded Green Beret: Concealed Fire for Bug Out and Tactical Survival: The Dakota Fire Pit (Video) – Dave Canterbury: 5 Minutes to Better Bushcraft Dakota Fire Hole & Dakota Fire Hole: Proper Construction and Use (Videos) – AlfieAesthetics: The Dakota Fire Hole; Stealth Fire (Video) – Kai Sackmann: Dakota Fire Hole (Video in German)

This is the best and probably the only fire you can risk to make in an extreme SHTF situation (if any at all!).

It can’t be seen from a distance and it can be easily & IMMEDIATELY put out if needed.

This stealth fire can really be improved upon until you can only see it from a VERY, VERY short distance.


Recommended tool (not only for the Dakota Fire Hole) and now on sale

Cold Steel: Spetsnaz® Shovel (With Sheath) $39.98 $25.99

(I am NOT affiliated with Cold Steel and earn NOTHING by recommending this to you.)

This ‘Spetsnaz Shovel’ can be used as a weapon and is important to built a hidden/stealth survival shelter/camp, among many other useful applications.


Don’t miss to watch the following video by…

…The Gray Bearded Green Beret…


Dave Canterbury…




Video in German by ‘Sacki’ (Kai Sackmann)…

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Survival Lilly: What is in my bug out roll (Video) – Canadian Prepper: ULTIMATE Winter Bug out Bag/Survival Gear (Video) #Outdoor #Survival #Preppers #Bushcraft


You’ll need to have at least one knife & one fire steel on you at all times and some more in your BOB or INCH bag. 

Silky saws are an important survival tool.

Silky Bigboy 2000, Silky Gomboy and Silky Pocketboy are great.

Check out more info here:

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Outdoor Survival Canada Mens Atka Parka

(Personally, I earn nothing by posting about this and I am not affiliated with the store or company in any way.)

Also check out the other promotions (Birthday promo, veterans discount,…), in case you’ll see this when the blowout sale is over.

Outdoor Survival Canada Mens Atka Parka

Price (Select country): $813.52, $1,074.99 CAD, €721.79, £626.92

  • One of OSC’s signature styles, the Atka is the ideal combination of style and function whether you are braving the streets of NY or working in the Yukon.
  • Proudly Handcrafted in Canada

Crossover to where the Expedition Begins 

From a Web Review:
Although this parka was quite expensive to purchase, I find it well worth the money when the temperature drops below -30 and everyone else is shivering except me. The manufacturers of this coat don’t scrimp on down and it keeps me warm in -40 weather wearing just a t-shirt with no extra layering needed. Very heavy duty construction throughout. Lots of roomy pockets. A top quality garment that will last a lifetime.

The OSC Collection provides a unique combination of warmth and waterproofness that is hard to find in winter parka collections while encompassing a sense of style and fit that remains unmatched.
Our entire collection is handmade in Canada by our own skilled artisans.


  • Entrax – Waterproof/Windproof/Stain Resistant Outer Shell (Critical seams are sealed)
  • Entrax 800 – Moisture Wicking and Breathable Lining
  • 650 Loft Power Premium Down
  • Removable Hood and Removable Coyote Fur Trim
  • Machine Washable
  • Temperature Rating of -40C/F
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty* (See our FAQ’s)

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Suunto MC-2G Global Compass Suunto MC-2G Global Compass by SUUNTO

Click on the link above, then click on select and choose “1”, then the following description should appear:

List Price: $83.95

Price: $57.50

You Save: $26.45 (32%)

  • 2″ high
  • 4″ wide
  • Compact mirrored compass for taking highly accurate and reliable directional measurements
  • Global needle works anywhere on the planet; base plate with magnifying lens
  • Fixed declination adjustment system is ideal for areas with large magnetic variation
  • Extra sighting hole for added precision; luminous bezel and markings for nighttime viewing

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