The Gray Bearded Green Beret: Concealed Fire for Bug Out and Tactical Survival: The Dakota Fire Pit (Video) – Dave Canterbury: 5 Minutes to Better Bushcraft Dakota Fire Hole & Dakota Fire Hole: Proper Construction and Use (Videos) – AlfieAesthetics: The Dakota Fire Hole; Stealth Fire (Video) – Kai Sackmann: Dakota Fire Hole (Video in German)

This is the best and probably the only fire you can risk to make in an extreme SHTF situation (if any at all!).

It can’t be seen from a distance and it can be easily & IMMEDIATELY put out if needed.

This stealth fire can really be improved upon until you can only see it from a VERY, VERY short distance.


Recommended tool (not only for the Dakota Fire Hole) and now on sale

Cold Steel: Spetsnaz® Shovel (With Sheath) $39.98 $25.99

(I am NOT affiliated with Cold Steel and earn NOTHING by recommending this to you.)

This ‘Spetsnaz Shovel’ can be used as a weapon and is important to built a hidden/stealth survival shelter/camp, among many other useful applications.


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…The Gray Bearded Green Beret…


Dave Canterbury…




Video in German by ‘Sacki’ (Kai Sackmann)…

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