Outdoor Survival Canada Mens Atka Parka

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Outdoor Survival Canada Mens Atka Parka

Price (Select country): $813.52, $1,074.99 CAD, €721.79, £626.92

  • One of OSC’s signature styles, the Atka is the ideal combination of style and function whether you are braving the streets of NY or working in the Yukon.
  • Proudly Handcrafted in Canada

Crossover to where the Expedition Begins 

From a Web Review:
Although this parka was quite expensive to purchase, I find it well worth the money when the temperature drops below -30 and everyone else is shivering except me. The manufacturers of this coat don’t scrimp on down and it keeps me warm in -40 weather wearing just a t-shirt with no extra layering needed. Very heavy duty construction throughout. Lots of roomy pockets. A top quality garment that will last a lifetime.

The OSC Collection provides a unique combination of warmth and waterproofness that is hard to find in winter parka collections while encompassing a sense of style and fit that remains unmatched.
Our entire collection is handmade in Canada by our own skilled artisans.


  • Entrax – Waterproof/Windproof/Stain Resistant Outer Shell (Critical seams are sealed)
  • Entrax 800 – Moisture Wicking and Breathable Lining
  • 650 Loft Power Premium Down
  • Removable Hood and Removable Coyote Fur Trim
  • Machine Washable
  • Temperature Rating of -40C/F
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty* (See our FAQ’s)

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David Canterbury: Week Long Bushcraft/Survival Training Loadout – Morakniv Carbon Steel Garberg (Video)

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…however, in an INCH (“I’m Never Coming Home”) situation and when it is about life and death I would choose the Cold Steel 3V SRK…

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How to Freeze Vegetable Seeds for Storage

H/t reader squodgy:

I’m wondering, since the seed vault initiative at Svalbard, whether the “Never store seeds in a freezer’ brigade are disinformation trolls?”

How to Freeze Vegetable Seeds for Storage:

Saving seed is a gardening tradition dating back to the days when seed was expensive and difficult to come by. Even in these days of relatively inexpensive seeds, some people prefer to save seeds from their best garden plants to replant the following year. Horticulturalist Gary Hickman, of the University of California Cooperative Extension, emphasizes that the most important considerations when storing seed is protecting seeds from moisture and from high temperature. He says seed that is dry and is protected from moisture can be safely stored in the deep freeze.

Choose to save the seed from your best, most healthy plants. Harvest vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, corn, peppers or squash when ripe. Allow greens such as lettuce to flower and go to seed.

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