“Chrislam” – Europe Folds To The Islamization Of Christmas

– “Chrislam” – Europe Folds To The Islamization Of Christmas:

Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

The re-theologizing of Christmas is based on the false premise that the Jesus of the Bible is the Jesus (Isa) of the Koran. This religious fusion, sometimes referred to as “Chrislam,” is gaining ground in a West that has become biblically illiterate.

  • A school in Lüneburg postponed a Christmas party after a Muslim student complained that the singing of Christmas carols during school was incompatible with Islam. Alexander Gauland, the leader of the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD), said the school’s action was “an unbearable, involuntary submission to Islam” and amounted to a “cowardly injustice” toward non-Muslim children.
  • “The word ‘Christmas,’ a symbol of our faith and our culture, does not discriminate against anyone. Striking the emblems of Christmas does not guarantee anyone’s respect, does not produce a welcoming and inclusive school and society, but fosters intolerance towards our culture, our customs, our laws and our traditions. We firmly believe that our traditions must be respected.” — Milan politician Samuele Piscina.

This year’s Christmas season has been marked by Islam-related controversies in nearly every European country. Most of the conflicts have been generated by Europe’s multicultural political and religious elites, who are bending over backwards to secularize Christmas, ostensibly to ensure that Muslims will not be offended by the Christian festival.

Many traditional Christmas markets have been renamedAmsterdam Winter Parade, Brussels Winter Pleasures, Kreuzberger Wintermarkt, London Winterville, Munich Winter Festival — to project a multicultural veneer of secular tolerance.

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Meet Krampus: Santa’s sidekick and Christmas ‘enforcer’ is making a comeback

Krampus: Santa’s sidekick and Christmas ‘enforcer’ is making a comeback:

SICK of Saint Nick? Kids in need of a serious wake-up call? This long-forgotten legend may be exactly what you need: Krampus, Santa’s demonic sidekick.

YOU better watch out. You’d better not cry. Santa Claus is coming to town. And he’s bringing Krampus — the Christmas demon — with him.

Forget red jumpsuits, silly hats and bulging sacks.

And the Grinch simply doesn’t have what it takes.

If you’re looking to shake-up the crazed Christmas season this year, there’s a horned, fanged, half-goat half demon waiting in the wings for you.

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Town hall in Italy removed Christmas tree to not offend Muslims

Town hall in Italy removed Christmas tree to not offend Muslims:

Like Sweden and other countries in West Europe, Italy is totally cucked.

The town hall of Bolzano, the capital city of the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy, had a Christmas tree removed so as not to hurt the feelings of Muslims.

Rachele Nenzi reports for Il Giornale that on the evening of December 16, 2017, the National Union of Sports Veterans (Unione Nazionale Veterani dello Sport or UNVS) held an athlete-of-the-year award ceremony in Bolzano’s town hall. The ceremony was hosted by Matteo Salvini, leader of Lega Nord, the Northern League political party.

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A Christmas tree shines in the beautiful hilltop town of Safita in Syria’s Tartous.

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