Marine Expert On MSNBC: Months Of Uncontrolled Radioactive Releases From Fukushima A Problem For Pacific, Radionuclides Building Up In Food Chain

Marine Expert on MSNBC: Months of uncontrolled radioactive releases from Fukushima a problem for Pacific, radionuclides building up in food chain — Health threat to Americans not likely if leaks ended soon after 3/11 (VIDEO) (ENENews, Feb 4, 2014):


Carl Safina’s Blog, June 9, 2012 (emphasis added): Bluefin Tuna Carrying Safe Fukushima Nuclear Radiation […] Nicholas Fisher, in whose Stony Brook** lab much of the analyses were done, phoned to invite me to dinner with Dan Madigan, lead author of the published study, and Zofia Baumann […] Dr. Fisher hit me with the findings and I said, “Holy shit.” He explained that the fish were quite safe to eat, and I said, “Holy shit.” […] [Madigan] said he would expect that certain seabirds are also quickly spreading radiation across the ocean and I said, “Holy shit.” […] we spent a lot of time talking about the ubiquity of background radiation (even bananas have “radiation”), about safe levels of radiation […] We talked about migrations, about birds called sooty shearwaters and how they breed in New Zealand, fly past Japan, fly through Alaskan waters, come down the coast of California […] leatherback turtles […] migrate past Japan to feed in the jellyfish grounds off California and Oregon […]

MSNBC, April 9, 2011 (emphasis added):

Carl Safina, Stony Brook University** adjunct professor in Marine Sciences and host of PBS series ‘Saving the Ocean with Carl Safina’: The amount of [Fukushima nuclear waste] that’s in the water right now, if there’s no more leaking, is not likely to be a health threat to Americans. […]

Alex Witt, MSNBC: That’s what people say, ‘The Pacific Ocean will be able to absorb this, if you will, the churning whatever.’ To what extent? How much can the ocean take before it does become a problem? And might we get to that point?

Safina: Well if the release was continuous, like last year with the BP blowout for 4 months there was an uncontrolled release, if there’s an uncontrolled release of radioactive water for months, yes — it would be building up in the food chain. But the release was a pulse for a short amount of time […] it will dissipate if the source remains stopped.

** The university “co-manages Brookhaven National Laboratory, joining an elite group of universities – including the University of California, University of Chicago, Cornell, MIT, and Princeton University – that run federal laboratories” (Source)

Today’s Wall St. Journal (1,061 days since Fukushima began leaking into Pacific): “[H]ighly contaminated water at the plant has been a problem since the March 2011 […] meltdowns at three reactors […] That has raised concerns of marine contamination in the ocean waters adjacent to the plant […] the daily flow of contaminated water [is] 400 tons now.”

Watch the MSNBC broadcast here

1 thought on “Marine Expert On MSNBC: Months Of Uncontrolled Radioactive Releases From Fukushima A Problem For Pacific, Radionuclides Building Up In Food Chain”

  1. The lies put out by US corporate media are disgusting, and I hope they all fry in hell for it. This is so wrong.
    Our corrupt and stupid leaders do and say nothing.
    I don’t have to worry because I am dying of a different illness, but was speaking to a friend of mine again yesterday. He is one of the few friends I have left, and he said he could not think about it.
    I told him I am his friend, and am nagging him to find a safer place than CA to retire. He is still fairly young and very healthy, and I told him to start researching where to go. I foresee when the Pacific is dead (within two years), the stench from the dead animals will be unbearable. So much for the multi million dollar beach houses and their values. Also, CA will become unlivable, and I told him he does not want to be a refugee. Add in the drought to the radiation……and there will be harsh food shortages around the US and the world.
    He was quiet for a minute, then said he would follow my advise. He doesn’t know where to go. I told him some are going to the southern hemisphere in vain hopes to escape the radiation, but he does not want to go live in a foreign country. As one who had my only panic attack in a foreign language capital, I told him I understood, and it is time for him to research. Thank goodness for the Internet, it is a great tool for that.
    I would venture going north where there will be water will be #1. Pity about the Pacific, but a dead ocean cannot provide life for anyone. He said it is cold……yes, but man can live in the cold.
    Europe is going to be ruined by rising sea levels, thanks to the rising heat from Fukushima and the methane gas now escaping daily from the melting glacers…… is a real mess.
    I have been reading an interesting book first published in 1849, again in 1856 before the author stopped publication…..he was trying to get back into his teaching position at Oxford…… I am reading the 1849 edition….and it is amazing, it has ideas that have never occurred to me. The book is still being published today, one can probably get it free on e-books. It is called the Nemesis of Faith, and is written using a series of letters. He was an Anglican priest for a short time before being asked to leave…….
    His point, or questions is about mankind. He thought man might be an aberration of nature, the only species destructive to the planet around him. No other species is so incapable in living in harmony with the planet as man. We ruin everything. 98% of all species ever on this planet are now extinct…….I think we are soon going to join them.
    As a historian, I never thought I would see the end of a civilization…..but that is what we are experiencing.
    Fukushima will make life impossible for hundreds of thousands of years. The planet will go on, and eventually, other species will evolve. Everything we have built will vanish………….


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