Breast Cancer Diagnosed In 10-Year-Old Girl


Washington (dbTechno) – Breast cancer has been diagnosed in a 10-year-old California girl.

The 10-year-old is the youngest girl ever to suffer from breast cancer in the U.S.

The girl, Hannah Powell-Auslam, is now receiving treatment to try and beat the disease.

Needless to say, the diagnosis of breast cancer shocked everyone, including doctors as they have never seen anybody diagnosed at such a young age.

The young 5th grade student told her parents she felt something on her rib cage area.

When doctors checked it out, they found it to be a malignant tumor.

The cancer was later found in a lymph node during the mastectomy procedure.

The 10-year-old is going to fully recover, but this is still a shocking case nonetheless.

May 19, 2009

Source: dbtechno

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  1. They continue to bury the truth from Fukushima. They continue to lie about the health of nuclear plants here in the USA. Anything that goes wrong gets hidden from the press and the people.
    Cancer rates are skyrocketing all over this nation and the world. Some of it is from the terrible diet of food we are offered, most is from the poisons in the air, soil, and water from radiation. The Japan disaster has been going on non-stop since March 11, 2010……..21 months of endless radiation poisoning pouring into every avenue of our atmosphere.
    If Fukushima collapses, much of this world will be uninhabitable.
    This website is one of the only ones that will even show the courage to address the subject, mainstream, corporate media doesn’t dare.
    I don’t understand the reasoning behind the blackout. Some of my friends say it is to avoid panic…..perhaps they are right.
    Look at Germany. They have abolished nuclear power, moved to alternative energy, and their economy is growing as a result. We need to do that around the world. Fukushima will kill millions, but if we shut down all of the nuclear plants, we could save many more lives.
    People have to get active. We will see if they have it in them.


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