1 thought on “Life running out of control – Genetically Modified Organisms”

  1. Thank you for your absolutely great movie that shows in detail the whole GMO problem to people who never got a chance to learn about it. This movie has to be widely advertised each and every day.

    I know everything about splicing genes for some 15 years and that bio engineering can bring our Earth to its end without collision with a comet, which Nostradamus failed to foresee.

    We have to go on strikes, burn all the GMO products that exist: kill all the GMO fish and animals, bacteria, viruses, etc., that they could not spread on our fragile planet. Burn carefully every single piece of GMO seed exists, refuse buying whatever it’s sold with GMO product in it – soy or cotton, potatoes or tomatoes, or salmon.

    Than splice genes of all these bio-techie guys who exercise in splicing genes and cross-gene them with the donkeys – since they have a donkey brain anyway 🙂

    Poor bio-tech men — how could they do that to the humankind for money — don’t they know that all their names (each name) are cursed and will be cursed and condemned for many centuries if planet Earth and Homo Sapiens will manage to survive in this complete insanity.

    What Hitler and Stalin and others, or cholera, influenza, and plague done to humans is absolutely harmless to what these contemporary biotech. monsters do — and all the general public behaves as if they dead or deep asleep.

    WHY? It takes days to find a real human food in this country. Why we allow them to starve to death the whole planet because of all food is GMO? What is going on, people?!!!

    How come we allow a few greedy monster to extinguish us and kill our home – the Earth? They patent seeds? The God seeds? Did they ask the God’s permission to patent his creations? Is all this serious? Or what is going on in bioengineering is just a fantasmagoric movie that ends when light is going on?

    Don’t you know, the PhD bio-technologists, that bio objects can’t be altered by splicing genes and messing with them without killing the entire planet much quicker than you can ever imagine?!

    Then go back to school and study hard this time!


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