Venezuela Declares A 60-Day State Of Emergency

Maduro’s Last Stand: Venezuela Declares State Of Emergency:

From extending the weekend, to rationing electricity, to running out of money to print money, we’ve been covering the real-time events that have occurred in Venezuela as it devolved into a completely failed state.


Sadly, last night as starving citizens looted marketplaces in search of food, we predicted that a civil war was almost inevitable, and that Nicolas Maduro would do what he could to hang on for dear life (literally). Today we learn, with his entire socialist utopia literally crumbling beneath him, Venezuelan president Maduro has declared a 60-day state of emergency.


Additionaly, as a last ditch effort to extend whatever is left of his time as president, Maduro is trying to drum up sympathy claiming that the United States was responsible for the chaos in his country.

“Washington is activating measures at the request of Venezuela’s fascist right, who are emboldened by the coup in Brazil.” Maduro said.

Maduro gave no further details on the “threats” that led him to declare the state of emergency, but the idea of a coup was naturally downplayed by opposition lawmaker Tomas Guanipa.

“Today Maduro has again violated the constitution. Why? Because he is scared of being recalled.” Guanipa opined.

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Unfortunately for the people of Venezuala, whatever turn this saga takes will be ugly to say the least…

If people needed yet another textbook example of how socialist utopias ultimately end, Venezuala would be a good place to start.

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