9/11: Silencing those who report Israel’s role (Veterans Today)

File phto of U.S. Attorney General Holder at news conference  in Washington

9/11: Silencing those who report Israel’s role (Veterans Today, jan 29, 2015):

by Gordon Duff

Gag orders, threats of prison and even murder, not just the Bush administration but Obama too, all to defend Israel from very real annihilation…

Mike Dick, Supervising Special Agent, heading the FBI’s counter intelligence program, also US Army Lt. Colonel, 3 years deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, outlines harassment that we know comes from his direct knowledge of Netanyahu’s role in planning 9/11.

Nearly 100 FBI, CIA and other organization personnel are currently under gag order tied to Israels involvement in the planning and execution of 9/11, widespread nuclear espionage and the theft of 350 carefully selected “nuclear pits,” selected with the help of the Director of the US Department of Energy, an Israeli agent.

Mike Dick was running surveillance units, as cited below, in New York City, tracking “Israeli art students” and Mohammed Atta, observing their meetings and fighting a war against American traitors who aided Israel in planting nuclear weapons under the World Trade Center.

These are just some of the secrets. Read how they are kept, when murder doesn’t work:

Mike Dick Lawsuit Against Eric Holder

4 thoughts on “9/11: Silencing those who report Israel’s role (Veterans Today)”

  1. What disgusting treatment. I wish him all the luck he deserves, but what seems noticeable after reading the plea, is that his thoroughness in following protocol contrasts well with the institution’s bumbling stupidity, proving that it relies on its reputation for carrying out injustices rather than being an upholder of justice.

  2. Israel does nothing without the okay of the US government, even today, when support for Israel is at historic lows. If Israel was involved, they were acting on orders from the US.
    This intensifies the idea the US blew up 3000 of its own people, thousands more got cancer from cleaning up the mess in order to hijack the constitution and invade Iraq. Right after 911, I knew, and wrote on that same day that Iraq would be blamed for it.
    I still have the document someplace……..but as much as I despised Bush, I never dreamed he would sign off on something so evil. I could not believe it.
    Now, with all civil rights gone, mercenaries in all states, militarized police in every town………..yes, I believe it, but far too late.
    I tried to get people to fight the coup of 2000, the Patriot Act, but there was no avenue to get the word out. The country after 911, as a friend of mine from the UK put it, was afire with war fever. I remember we went to a Giants baseball game at the new ball park in San Francisco a week after 911………he had a box there…….and everyone was waving a little flag (made in China) and war fever was everywhere. Everyone was saying how brave they were to go to an area where there was a large amount of people………”come blow up up”……attitude. I don’t know how many thousands of people fit in that park, but it was a full house that night.

    War fever is very dangerous, and has little reasoning to it. I remember people asking why Bush took so long to attack Iraq…….by this time, it was obvious his coup was just the beginning. His approval rate was 86% when he attacked Iraq, there was no way to get any reasoning from the people.

    We all went back to work (those of us who still had jobs) and life went on, and out rights were steadily chipped away until they were all gone. Just checked the US media, all stations talking about Super Bowl Sunday, and the fact the market is down double digits is being ignored…………although it appears they are pumping it somehow for the weekend numbers………we willl see. US growth rate (by their crooked numbers) 4th quarter GDP 2.6%, Survey estimate was 3%, and 3rd Q GDP was 5%. And, if anyone believes this, I have a rust colored bridge to sell them in San Francisco.

    There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

    Sick societies without repair eventually crumble into the dust and vanish. That is happening to us, only far more quickly than ever before in known history.

    • A somewhat refreshing comment with the exception of Israeli involvement. If everyone (including those really in power in the U.S.) hate Israel, what would the latter gain from participating? I think at least 150 of the victims were Jewish and except for Soros and a handful of other Kapos, Most Jews do not like to kill their own. Israel has its own strength (potential insurance policy) to make its enemies think twice.

  3. One woman says we don’t import enough…….an idiot. We import what is demanded.

    Another says zero interest rates are not the answer.

    Larry Summer says it best for a change:

    “Lack of demand, not lack of supply” problem one
    ” Inflation is too low, not too high” that translates to the D word….Deflation, and they don’t like that word.
    “Central banks are not too activist, not active enough”.
    Its about demand, he is spot on for once. Unfortunately, there are no fund left to stimulate because the only stimulation would be jobs, and corporations have eaten up all the job creators, independent stores……
    We need no more data. We need to expel all corporations.


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