AXA Investment Manager Explains Why The ECB’s QE Has Already Failed Using “Widget Makers”


AXA Investment Managaer Explains Why The ECB’s QE Has Already Failed Using “Widget Makers” (Zerohedge, Jan 29, 2015):

“People say, ‘Sell government bonds and lend money to widget manufacturers.’ It doesn’t really work like that.” Hayes says, adding that “Low yields don’t necessarily mean more lending to the real economy; time and confidence are key elements and last 6 years have shown QE can’t control those.” In short: it hasn’t even started and QE is already a complete failure. Good job central-planners.

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  1. On the subject of the EU, forgetting this reptile of a creature who said it……..the EU is in no position to do a QE as the FED did. They have a common currency, but that is about all. All the nations are run by different government, all are deeply in debt, and some, like Greece, are examining other ways to get free of the greedy gut bankers…………Iceland style, and regardless of the promises exacted by the IMF that they could borrow nowhere else once they borrowed from them………they are looking to BRICS and the Eurasian Union. All the member nations will do as they please, they are not states captured under one government……………they are all separate, and any EU isn’t a viable possibility.

    Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, and others are deeply in debt, close to collapse, and taking on more debt to feed greedy guts is at the bottom of their priorities.

    The reptile is correct, no QE will work. Also, the EU is already in a deflation depression, as is Japan and the US. The west is falling, it is happening so quickly, even those like me who have seen this coming cannot comprehend how quickly it is happening. Nothing has ever happened this quickly before. Even the Great Depression had its wild up and down periods over a year before it truly hit…..and it continued to sink for several years. 1933 was the lowest point, four years into the depression…………but some realized what was happening by 1927-28. The numbers were getting too big, too quickly.

    I don’t know about the investment laws in the EU. My guess is that it varies by nation. You cannot have an orchestrated financial fix over 28 different nations…….some who are planning to leave.

    Japan, the US and EU are all deeply in debt, and all feeling the pains of deflation. Look at the BRICS nations by comparison.

    We are in deep trouble. This time, there are no ways to offset or stop it.


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