The Interview Is “Desperately Unfunny”, “Will Flop” If Not Cancelled According To Leaked Sony Emails

–  The Interview Is “Desperately Unfunny”, “Will Flop” If Not Cancelled According To Leaked Sony Emails (ZeroHedge, Dec 19, 2014):

The conspiracy theories surrounding the story of The Interview’s cancellation in the aftermath of the North Korean “hacking” just keep getting stranger by the day, (and will, in 6-9, months lead to the blockbuster drama: “How ‘The Interview’ Got Cancelled“)

First, as we previously reported, at the same time as the NYT reported that according to the US the hack “undisputedly” originated in North Korea, Wired magazine released an article explaining why it is impossible to make such a determination (see Someone is Lying). That, however, did not stop the US on its inexplicable witch hunt, and moments ago Reuters reported that according to the US, it was indeed North Korea who was responsible for the hacks (although, the report adds, North Korea may have had a little help from China so nobody really know but whatever).

From Reuters:

A U.S. investigation into the hack of Sony’s computer system has determined that North Korea was behind the operation with a possible Chinese link, a U.S. official said on Friday.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the conclusion was to be announced later by federal authorities.

The probe into the hack found North Korea was behind it and that there may be a Chinese link either through collaboration with Chinese actors or by using Chinese servers to mask the origination of the hack, the official said.

So far so good: hardly anyone would expect more, or less, from the country that invaded Iraq due to imaginary WMDs and almost launched a war against Syria based on a doctored YouTube clip.

Where it gets downright bizarre, however, is that as Reuters also reported earlier citing leaked emails of international Sony Pictures executive, the infamous movie in question “is “desperately unfunny” and would have flopped overseas if it had not been canceled.”

Wait a minute, it sounds almost as if the evil North Korean “hackers” did Sony… a favor?

It sure does. Here is more from Reuters:

… even before the cancellation of the film, Sony executives responsible for the international release of the movie were concerned the action-comedy featuring Hollywood stars Seth Rogen and James Franco would not translate to a foreign audience, the leaked e-mails show.

Reuters has not been able to verify the authenticity of the documents, although Sony has confirmed that at least some are authentic.

“The unanimous point of view here is that this (is) another misfire from the pairing,” said an e-mail purportedly written by Peter Taylor, of Sony Pictures UK.

Actually judging by outside reviews it would have most certainly been a bomb, pun intended, in the US as well:

Taylor said the film was “desperately unfunny and repetitive,” and “James Franco proves once again that irritation is his strong suit which is a shame because the character could have been appealing and funny out of his hands.”

Taylor and other executives agreed that the first half hour of the film, which features a satirical interview with hip-hop artist Eminem, was amusing but was later overshadowed by “realistic violence that would be shocking in a horror movie”.

Staff in Holland said the film was “unbalanced,” and a French executive said the film went too far. “Seth Rogen’s humor doesn’t really translate,” the executive said.

South Korean colleagues raised concerns over the potential political issues and inaccuracies in the North Korean accents used in the film, and said the leading actors were “weak”.

Sony staff in Taiwan said the film “didn’t stand a chance” in their market, according to the e-mails. Australian executives, however, enjoyed the film and requested lead actor Franco lead a promotional tour of the country.

British executives were less enthusiastic. “Tour-wise, our choice would be to have no one. However if this is not an option (and I suspect it isn’t) then we would like the lot,” Taylor said.  “Not just Rogen and (writer Evan) Goldberg, but God help us Franco as well.”

Ok great, it would have flopped, but as Chris Rock said, at least the American public would want “to CHOOSE” not to see the movie (or not as likely would be the case).

And now, due to what appears the most convoluted false flag affair in US history, it may be time to nuke North Korea for depriving the US public from its god-given right of seeing straight-to-DVD flops.

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  1. In my opinion, this is one more story to fill US airwaves to avoid the truth about the dollar, what Russia is really about, and Obamnation’s mad pursuit of more wars to feed greedy guts at public expense.
    Wars were always to fill public treasuries.
    Not these idiots, they give us the prices, they give their greedy gut friends the profits…….
    Even with Obama care…….the system is for profit, and the IRS does the collections…….if you don’t buy, you get fined to death……literally.
    The system is on the verge of collapse, but nobody wants to face it….


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