Drama About Dr. Andrew Wakefield & The Parents Of Vaccine Injured Children (Video)

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Recently Kathleen Yazbak recalled her involvement in the film:

“Our family’s autism journey has been challenging and humbling, like that of the many who have tread the same path. We were fortunate to have the ear of an amazing screenwriter [Tim Prager] who also dug deep with his own independent research of the situation and engaged countless others so this story could be told and the movie created. It is our hope that parents and grandparents try to make a difference in the dialogue about autism.”

When it was first screened the British radical investigative journalist, Paul Foot, wrote in the Guardian:

“Last week’s Channel Five programme Hear the Silence about the MMR controversy was one of the best dramas I have seen. It was not just a moving true story, beautifully acted. It was also a shocking indictment of the medical establishment. A group of parents were confronted with the fear that their children had become autistic after having the triple vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella. A responsible authority should surely take such fears seriously and deploy the full extent of scientific research to testing the fears, if only to allay them. The reaction of the authorities was exactly the opposite.

“The one senior doctor who took the parents seriously, Andrew Wakefield, had his research stopped and was effectively banished to the US. Despite his record as an often published scientist, he was widely smeared. Legal aid for the parents to sue the government was cut off.

“On the programme, the two sides confronted each other. On the parents’ side there was anguished concern, backed by sober science from Wakefield. On the other was outraged impatience, led by two slightly fanatical GPs, including Evan Harris, the Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West. He insisted there was no link between autism and MMR, and loudly failed to prove that this was so. Instead, he went some way to proving the time-honoured medical principle that doctors know everything, and patients nothing.”

Very sadly, a few months later Foot died and our children were not only ruthlessly abandoned by the Guardian newspaper but by Private Eye, the journal with which Foot was also closely associated.

As a parent of a child given autism following vaccination I hope this film helps other parents to research & discover the TRUTH before allowing their children to be vaccinated.

Love & respect to Dr Andrew Wakefield, the parents & film makers for their compassion, courage & integrity.


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Please watch these videos & share with parents & parents to be. Thank you.

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