EARTHQUAKES: Mag 6.6 Valparaiso, Chile, Mag. 5.3 Iceland (Video)

Aug 23, 2014

Mag. 6.6 Valparaiso, Chile and Mag. 5.3 Hofn, Iceland….

Source credit: USA Today, USGS
Map credit: USGS
Photography credit: belongs to their respective owner(s) and not to me..
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1 thought on “EARTHQUAKES: Mag 6.6 Valparaiso, Chile, Mag. 5.3 Iceland (Video)”

  1. What is interesting to note is that when the quake hit here in Northern CA at 3:25am, it was a 6.0. At the same time, a 4.3 quake was hitting Japan. Iceland was having a volcanic eruption. Now, you add this information.

    The entire globe is very alive and all this has to be inter-related. I wish we knew more about things like this. We can send probes to Mars, but still cannot predict an earthquake……..

    Chile is also in the “ring of fire, isn’t it?


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