Andy Hoffman: Money Printing Ending? Gold-Silver Not An Investment, Negative Interest Rates & More! (Video)

Added: Jun 8, 2014

Description:… – Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin warns the negative interest rates installed by the ECB last week signals big trouble. This is a major alarm bell for everyone and a major inflection point. Now, the central banks have dared go where even the Bank of Japan has not gone, which is to take rates to a negative level. You can’t go lower than negative. You go too negative, and people realize it doesn’t work, and people realize there is nothing left.”

How will we know when the money printing game is coming to an end? Hoffman says, “The biggest alarm bell is the Fed. Forget what they are doing behind closed doors with the fake ‘tapering.’ When Janet Yellen is forced to come out and say we got to stop the taper, or we got to reverse it because of the failing U.S. economy, that will be the final alarm bell. After that, there will be no way shape or form that the mainstream media, Washington or Wall Street, can pretend that it is anything other than what it is–failed central bank policy.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Andy Hoffman, Media Director at Miles Franklin, precious metal specialists.

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