Radiation Expert: It’s Terrifying How Pacific Ecosystem Has Collapsed Since Fukushima (Video)

Radiation Expert: It’s terrifying how Pacific ecosystem has collapsed since Fukushima — Plutonium and uranium suspected of spreading through food chain (VIDEO) (ENENews, Jan 8, 2014):

Interview with Dr. Christopher Busby, Jan. 7, 2014:

Dr. Busby obtained First Class Honours BSc (Special) in Chemistry from the University of London and researched spectro-electrochemistry at the University of Kent, gaining a PhD.. He was a member of the UK Ministry of Defence Oversight Committee on Depleted Uranium and was elected a Fellow of the University of Liverpool in the Faculty of Medicine. (Source: CERRIE)


Watch part I of the interview here and watch part II here

From Sunday: L.A. Times: Alarming West Coast sardine crash likely radiating through ecosystem — Experts warn marine mammals and seabirds are starving, may suffer for years to come — Boats return without a single fish — Monterey Bay: Hard to resist idea that humpback whales are trying to tell us something

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