Arnie Gundersen: Health Effects From Fukushima Are Being Hidden – Japan Not Publishing Data On Stillbirths, Spontaneous Abortions, Cancers, And More Since 3/11

Gundersen: Health effects from Fukushima are being hidden — Japan not publishing data on stillbirths, spontaneous abortions, cancers, and more since 3/11 — Indicates they’re afraid to release it (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 15, 2013):

Fairewinds Podcast, Nov. 14, 2013 (at 15:45 in): If we leave it to the nuclear priesthood, they’ll circle the wagons and not tell us everything that’s going on there. I’m particularly concerned about he dose people in Fukushima prefecture are receiving and the health effects that are being presently hidden. […] Citizen oversight is the key […] The nuclear priesthood does not want information released. And I know that you appreciate this because you’re watching these videos. You can help us to continue to be that beacon in the fog in 2014. A donor stepped forward and has offered us $2 for every $1 that other people give us. That means that you’re $1 donation makes $3 when it’s matched by this donor. It’s an incredible opportunity.

Watch the Fairewinds video here

Fairewinds Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen, Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells, Nov. 9, 2013 (at 37:15 in): Before the accident, they had excellent statistics, prefecture by prefecture, about cancers and stillbirths and spontaneous abortions, and all that kind of stuff. They haven’t published anything in 2011 and 2012. So that’s an indication that the information’s out there, and they’re just afraid to release it.

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