Analyst: Obama, Biden Are War Criminals Under UN Charter

Obama, Biden are war criminals under UN Charter: Analyst (PressTV, Dec 18, 2012):

An award-winning American investigative journalist says US President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden should face charges of war crimes for the continuation of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Dave Lindorff, a contributor to Press TV website, quoted international law expert Francis Boyle as saying that President Obama and his administration are engaged in an “ongoing criminal conspiracy under international law” both to cover up and protect criminals like his predecessor George W. Bush.

He said Bush and many of his appointees were convicted at a tribunal in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, earlier this month of war crimes in connection with the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Under the Geneva Convention, failing to take action to prosecute those guilty of war crimes such as the “crime against peace” (invading a country that does not pose an imminent threat to the attacker), and torture, are war crimes in and of themselves,” wrote Lindorff, who has authored The Case for Impeachment about the Bush administration.

The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror.

The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but led to years of invasion and insecurity is rising across the country despite the presence of thousands of foreign troops in Afghanistan.

The US-led war in Afghanistan, which has caused record-high civilian and military casualties, has become the longest military conflict in the American history.

US-led forces also attacked Iraq in 2003 and toppled Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein on the pretext of possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMD), but no WMD was ever discovered in Iraq. At the peak of the US-led military operation in Iraq, there were 170,000 US troops and more than 500 bases in Iraq.

Lindorff went on to say that President Obama is practically a “war criminal” under the “UN Charter and the Nuremberg principles, which declare that covering up war crimes by government and military leaders, and failure to prosecute such war crimes, are in themselves war crimes.” 

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    The serve-satan-and-the-masonizers’ embærak husein ubæmah : The Coup d’État Pawn and the Asio-Afro-Euro-American Who Betrayed the Threeness of the Asians, the Africans, the Europeans, in Addition to the Americans Too !!!!

    First Part Title :– Is the “slavemason” & “pseudo-president”/ embærak ubæmah superficially performing a reality-television modified role for the character of the global controller & chief oppressor/ mustapha mond, in aldous huxley’s eerie dystopianistic fiction brave new world, by way of which he is hidingly helping a transfer of the Ashkenazim across the Atlantic to colonize and settle in the afraid old world ??!!
    An Investigative and Analytical Geopolitical Examination, Presented By : “Dis-Allow New World Dis-Order” [ “D.A.N.W.D.O.” ] – Electronic Concise First Part, Edited in: November; December, 2012

    Reshaping and Twisting War in the Age of “New World Dis-Order” : The Ald Equation Changeth
    ‘Peace for Humanity’, which is of great essentiality for living properly on earth, is despite that not sought nor pursued by all people continuously. That is a fact that is not new nor difficult to the laymen’s and laywomen’s understanding. But what seems to be new and difficult for them today to understand, is what is seeked and pursued by some enmity-loving people continuously, of ‘War on Humanity’. Acceleratingly now, Humanity is confronted with an accumulation of obstacles and set-backs, while enduring this momentous ongoing World War III. And Humanity, moreover, is even shockingly and dishearteningly undertaking sub-roles and part-tasks against itself and its own very existence !! – For thousands of years, the most usual case for this globe’s “old equation of war” remained almost constantly the same : The Authorities and their Armed Forces of ‘Nation/Country-A’ against The Authorities and their Armed Forces of ‘Nation/Country-B’. But in the late 20th century this was dramatically changed by the ultra-wicked blood-spilling masonizers of the “New World Dis-Order”, who decades ago had started their purposeful cruel implementing of a sharply reshaped and horribly twisted “modern equation of war”. They think that this will be crucial in the now-a-days fogged fulfilling of their exaggerated and unjust materialistic ambitions, that concern very much our victim-planet in a multiplicity of aspects and plenty places. Due to the vast dramatic change that occurred to the formulation of the ‘equation’, because of those who are responsible for smiting this betrayed planet with their “New World Dis-Order”, the catastrophically modernized ‘equation of war’ had become : The Authorities and their Armed Forces of ‘Nation/Country-A’ against Their Own People and The Authorities and their Armed Forces of ‘Nation/Country-B’ against Their Own People. – We can see clearly the latest and the current world-wide-scale implementations of this abhorring ‘new war-equation’, with an orchestration, a financing and a weaponization from a ‘Pseudo-Globalist Criminal Mob’, that is largely composed of some misequanimous, ultra-mean and disruptive ‘Un-Americanists’, who are literally contaminating with their minds and physiques the region of North-Eastern America, and literally attracting destructive mega-calamities to it.
    By way of changing, as above, the war-equation on a global scale, the hopelessly wicked ‘North Eastern American Un-Americanists’ have already managed to cause lots of losses and deteriorations to the globe, that is under their direct and indirect attacks, without being accused for being the directly and indirectly responsible aggressors. And that is Why [ a Big Why actually ] we are being so frequently shocked lately with an acutely heightened rate of largely unexplained artificial upheavals and man-made disasters . Some categorizations of the occurring examples, which seem to be styled differently according to the various general territorial placements, are namely : Wide Strikes and Street-Fights to Unneeded Geldings and Undeserved Austerities in some of the Economically Most Active Societies in the World, inside the North-of-the-Mediterranean Countries ; Massive Military Attacks over Harmless Civilian Quarters for No Understood Reasons, and Demolishings of Historically Traditional Buildings and Smugglings of Culturally Characteristic Artifacts, inside the East-of-the-Mediterranean Countries ; Revolutionizing Show-Downs against Stupid Measurements Made by the Longly Established Authorities, and Originless Engineered Inter-Conflicts, and Deprivations of Natural Resources, inside the South-of-the-Mediterranean Countries. – Clearly, as given, one at-least of these many kinds of artificial upheavals and man-made disasters is Represented Inland Beyond Every Country’s Shore, All Around the Mediterranean Sea, Specifically. Despite being catastrophic by themselves, a lot of such kinds of largely unexplained upheavals and disasters should be taken as infaust inflectuous symptoms that are designating the super-cruelties which are still held in-store for and against All the Mediterranean Basin peoples, their livestocks, their lands, their properties, their resources, and their cultures.

    Abandoning an Untold America that Awaits Her Ultimate Smitting : The ‘New Exodus Project’
    Many of those abovementioned very mean ‘North Eastern American Un-Americanists’ pretendingly paint themselves exaggeratingly with the shapes and colours of stars and stripes, to intendingly implicate the Country of America, its People, its Potentials and its Resources, into their ultra-selfish and gravely mischievous ‘globally distributed crimes’. America, the Great America, is used by them like a gigantic can-opener to satisfy their selfish greedy corruptive appetite. At the same time, the shapes and colours of stars and stripes are abundantly used to guilefully disguise their own fanatic Ashkenazi Tribal identities and connections ongoingly, and to slyfully conceal their ‘anti-Rest-of-Humanity’ real attitudes and inclinations all the way through. Deep in their difficult to straighten-up ‘inner minds’, generally, They Do Not Care about the Endurance and the Preservation of America for Too Long. And they are evidently treating her as if so-much of her will unescapeably be gravely smitten quite shortly, and will become somewhat like a modern-time vast “Sodom and Gomorrah”, which had suffered an up-side-down overturning in ancient history, or the new age super-big “Titanic”, which was sunken by an acute collision with an iceberg about a century ago. – In addition to their scandalous intense encouragements of the ‘ordinary’ Americans to wrongdo and practice sins, the intense and frequent sky shows of aero-sprayings and “contrailings”, which they believe they are helping to import evils from one place to another, have a lot to do with that expected very petrifying ‘Ultimate Smiting’ of America.
    Apparently, or maybe also Obviously, their triggered propaganda on an eminent super-catastrophe, that would be a ‘celestical-scale’ new version of the overturned “Sodom and Gomorrah”, or of the sunken “Titanic”, is fiercely propagating around to the globe’s human minds because of the following explanation : Accompanied by, no-doubt, the gathered-from-Americans [ during decades ] heavy and vast and expensive spoils-and-lootings which are arching-down their backs, they want to have a showable exoneration or ‘alibi’ for abandoning America and leaving her behind shortly, to meet what they conceive as Her Expected Miserable Fate. And hence disregardfully and indifferently they can yead with their ‘New Exodus Project’, which aims at a changingly re-situation of themselves elsewhere, East of the Atlantic Ocean. In a Tri-Continental very huge domain there, specifically, is where they conceive as the most wanted empire-like geographical next-home. Without waiting for this outstretched domain to be fully their’s, for decades they had been already practising there their “business as usual” and “parasitism as usual” and “draining-war as usual” lifestyles, at the expenses of the hundreds of millions of this outstretched domain’s legitemate inhabitants. This under-construction really massive ‘secret-state’ already has an erenow pre-occupied ‘nucleus’, in the form of the militarily constructed so-called Hebrew State, which is to a great extent an Ashkenazi State, in reality. Although till this moment is still of a limited area, it is used as a one important bridge-head for the multi-national conspirators of the ‘New Exodus Project’. Relying on their hyper-nocuous secret-wars tactics, they long stubbornly to acquire that conceived empire-like geo-domain, which may become later for them, ‘expectizingly’ in the near future, as of some : more Safe, more Commandable and more Prosperous conditions. And that is of-course after ‘making room’ for themselves in that elsewhere, East of the Atlantic Ocean, by their very various means of hard-wars and soft-wars.

    The Masonic ‘Sins-Bearer Device’ & the “Modern Time Trojan Horse” of the Un-Americanists
    Way erenow, a sly masonic old ‘Device’ was re-activated and subjected to serious adoption by the abovementioned masonized Un-Americanists, by which they Do Not Bear Their Massive Horrisonant Sins In Front Of The Public. For long, those really big sinners-and-traitors who are painting and disguising themselves ‘ritually’ with the American Flag, had been using that ‘Sins-Bearer Device’ plentifully and addictedly, and that enabled them to let their resounding committed super-crimes be hung on the shoulders of their most loyal ‘well-fed’ politicized agents. These masonically-posted politicized agents were and are scattered abundantly in multi-places of the American political arena, like the Congress, the Senate and the States Governorships, and one of the most ‘brilliant’ of these ‘Sins-Bearers’ in the 1990s was non other than the Asio-Euro-African embærak husein ubæma. Subtly and monitoredly, he was admitted into and followed-up under a ‘shadowed programme’, by which he would eventually ‘graduate’ in their special-bilaws underworld as a ‘Minor Sins-Bearer’, that was to become later a candidate ‘Major Sins-Bearer’. With so, he had been for years an In-Advance-Inslaved and In-Advance-Prepared secretive agent.
    Supporting and satisfying much of the Un-Americanists’ contemporaneous destructive aims, were the deceit-surrounded 2008 unleashing and 2012 repushing forward of that specific secretive agent, who is a kind of a “Modern Time Trojan Horse”, that years ahead had been pre-selected, pre-designed and pre-programmed to successfully breakthrough the Asian, European and African frontiers and domains, and fulfill over-all-there much of the needed extra-American tasks of the ‘New Exodus Project’. That “Modern Time Trojan Horse”, or the Asio-Euro-African embærak ubæma, is pushed on and out and ejected here and there at his masters’ service, like an ultra-mobile pawn on the global militarized political chessboard. With his multi-ethnic connections and multi-cultures learnings, in addition to his ingeniously deceitful oratory capabilities and techniques, that garrulous political ‘gleg’ looks really indespensible for them, as we can reckon about what they have decided from their invisible masonized gemot, which dwells in the inside of their dark-cave hub. Afraid about the future safety of his two daughters, his wife and himself, and being also very well payed for his degrading humanity-betrayals, he is rigidly tied to the service of his Ashkenazi superiors 365 days a-year.

    The ‘Intangible Toys’ of those Who Think Themselves as the Coming “Masters of the Earth”
    Currently, the Leaders of the Ashkenazim are acting like they are in the now Big-Leap stage of their Pan-Earthian Masterplan, for which they shroudingly and over-repeatedly are continuously using the boring-but-luring terms of the sorts of “One World” and “Globalization”. With such ‘intangible toys’, they have been bent on approaching the lunatic goal of proclaiming themselves as the “Masters of the Earth”. This unbelievably dumb and over-fetched motive is currently pursued at a frenzy hasty pace, and this could be easily detected with many news-covered-and-uncovered phenomena.
    One very especially bizarre phenomenon of these phenomena, for an important instance, was already spoken about for years but without a decent rational scientific clarification to it till now, even when its December-21-2012 set date has become very near. On the eve of their mock-celestical 3D filmic show, of an alleged approaching of a meteoric-catastrophe from the Earth, it is expected that they want to infuse tremendous horror and anxiety widespreadingly, and show off how with their high command of advanced technology and their super control of space weaponry they will be able to save a Selected Lot of the Earth and a Selected Lot of its Earthlings. It looks like the Globe’s People will be given the chance to ‘compare’ between what the “Masters of the Earth” can astonishingly do and the overwhelming devastation and chaos that the Globe’s People could see in “2012”, the film. – Plus what else of their usual dreadfully awful goals ? Their frequent hideous surges of “Huge Evil Smugglings” into the planet and upon other peoples ? – At any case it is of course another new one of their pre-fabricated lieful and deceitful “911s”, and their satanic pre-prepared fake shows and tricky devices, that are always preparing to escalated murderous and demolitive incidents, and which they think will help them in terminating or subdueing more of the ‘alert’, or ‘still alert’, and resistant scores of the terra-inhabitants.

    The ‘Pseudo-Globalist Criminal Mob’ : Collections of Destructive Manifestations and Blows
    As a country of this world, that has to suffer like many other worldly countries, America has been and is being now sensitizingly-conditioned by the Ashkenazi-controlled media with the yet more ‘ubæma-endorsed’ lies and forgeries of the “Fiscal Cliff” purposeful myth [ together with the other minds-baffling ‘toys’ like the”Currency Conundrum” and all that ]. With so, the “Engineered Economic Coup d’État ” of 1/1/2013 may be easily passed through and along to diffuse into the troubled American life, and its hot oil of nasty inflictions may be densely poured into the laps of the helpless Americans, with all its new poverty-infusing pack, of more : cuts, geldings, robberies, confiscations and strippings. — Outside the U.S.A., with vast veiled incitements and intense hidden pressures from that super-dirty ‘Pseudo-Globalist Criminal Mob’, and on grounds of so many countries, now we can behold the successive dozens of calamities that were and are brought about to this planet by its members. That ‘Global Crimes Incorporated’ Organization Is Vividly responsible for the many current infra-nigrescent implementations of its ‘new global wars-equation’, which are seen upon various collections of interior-or-self-destructive blows and manifestations, like :–
    The Mass Murders, Physical Mutulations, Crazed Rapes, Compelled Deportations, Lootings of Citizens’ Properties, Massive Water Spillings, Annihilations of Useful Animals, Ruinings of Crops and Vegetations, Debarring of Equipments, and Structural Demolitions, seen in : Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Ivory-Coast, Nigeria, Zaire, Rwanda, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Myanmar ; The Retakings of Houses with Trapful Subtendings and Mortgages, Recoverings of Vehicles on Alleged Mechanical Defaults ; Confiscations of Citizens’ Properties, Tax Exaggerations, Loosely Rising Prices, Encouraged Strikes, Compelled Un-Employments, Un-Explained Jobs-and-Careers Terminations, Artificial Austerities, and Engineered Mock Economo-Collapses, seen in : America, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, France, England, Germany, Chilé, Japan, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Nigeria, and South Africa ; The Famine-Producing Interferences in Ecological Environments, Deliberate Incompetences and Failings in Disasters’ Rescue and Relief Endeavours, Purposeful Evadings of Repairing Catastrophes-Hit and Destroyed Sectors, and the Usages of Stricken-People’s Camps to Threaten and Suppress Citizens, seen in : America, Mexico, Haiti, Chilé, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Japan, Syria, Indonesia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Mali, Nigeria, Zaire, Rwanda, Brazil, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Somalia ; The Sprayals of Hazardous Materials that Include Bio-/Chemo-/Radio-Active Kinds, Contaminations of Fruits and Vegetables, Marrings of Imported-to Foods, Poisonings by Use of Drugs and Vaccines, and Infusions of Genetically Engineered Mutations, ‘Negative-Energies’ aerial-Attacks, seen in : America, Mexico, Chilé, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Austria, Germany, Scotland, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Indonesia, Sudan, Mali, Nigeria, and New Zealand ; The Depredations in Banking Assets and Stock-Exchange Papers, Sudden Losses of Underground-Extracted Minerals and Energies, Unpunished Huge Robberies, Smuglings of Artifacts and Treasures and Valuables, Breaking and Inflaming Public Buildings and Its Contents, and pre-Devised Chaotic Plunderous Surges, seen in : England, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, France, Ireland, Greece, Chilé, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Mali, and Nigeria ; The Freedom-Constricting Measures, Democracy-Cancelling Acts, Secret Hyper-Guidances and Intense-Surveillances of Media, Hamperings and Obstructions and Shutting-Downs of Media Units, Meant Assassinations of Media Workers, anti-Demonstrations’ over-Aggressions, and Increased from-Streets’ Detentions, seen in : America, Cuba, Venezuela, Chilé, Australia, England, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Russia, China, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.

    The Encrypted “B.N.W.” Orders-Transmission / Rare Coincidences of a Name, a Month, a Day !!!
    The encrypted transmission of criminal orders and corrupting directives from one generation to another is a known characteristic ‘habit’ of the masonics/masonizers, and “Brave New World” could be viewed well as largely just another tool of those encrypted-transmission tools, same as plenty of Nostradamos’s frightening quatrains and many of the petrifying lithic-reliefs on the facades of Gothic-architecture buildings. It is by such camouflaged means, specifically, the followers of masonism get to know What to do and When and Where, through many successive generations. – Evidently taken as another encrypted-transmission tool, the “B.N.W.” agenda-book proves that Aldous Huxley himself was implicated in this nefarious ongoing encoded-transmission process of masonic/masonized criminal orders and corrupting directives. This means that the ‘plugrazied’ term used in this current study should be taken by the reader in a ‘sarcastic’ sense.
    ‘Coincidents’ and ‘Coincidents-likes’ do some important roles in our lives. Of that, they direct our normally over-blurred or over-tangled alert nesses to ‘possible connections’, that may pass unnoticed with ordinary levels of knowledge and intelligence. Applyingly, and right before we seem to be getting more serious : Could it be just a weirdly very rare coincidence, that in the Brave New World novel we find that aldous huxley’s new society has taken the blasphemy “Ford” Character as a new origin for re-formation, re-establishment and re-dating, .. while as well, the horse-cubicle-gate that leads to the superficial presidency race-track was first opened in 2008 for husein ubæma to ‘run’ pseudo-debatingly against john mc-cain, to intrigue the Americans with his ‘running’ elegance and cospicuity, at the University-of-Mississippi’s “Ford” Center !?! Also, almost incredibly, could it be just another weirdly very rare coincidence, that the “Ford”-charactered Brave New World novel became on the public domain in September 2008, .. while as well, the mock-debate of ubæma/mc-cain was held at the University-of-Mississippi’s “Ford” center also in the very same month September 2008 !?! – Maybe they are just a couple of those magic games that the playful naughty Ashkenazim like to play with us, and make them groundlessly optimistic with respect to their nefarious plans. – An indeed very exceptionally rare coincidence, is that the man who was responsible for writing down the initial script of this later-plugraized eccentric World-disrupting agenda, who is aldous huxley, Got Dead on the day of the 22nd of November 1963, .. and the man who was responsible for writing down the initial script of this later-plugraized eccentric World-disrupting agenda, who is john fitzgerald kennedy, Got Dead on the very same day, which was the 22nd of November 1963 !!

    The Deceptive Ideas that were ‘Plugiarized’ by the “Dis-Orderians” from the “Brave New World”
    BUT WHAT DO THOSE CRAZED MEMBERS OF THAT “DIS-ORDERIAN” MOB WANT FROM US, THE LANDSLIDING MAJORITY OF THIS PLANET’S INHABITANTS ?! OR, WHAT ARE THE REAL AGENDAS AND GOALS OF THOSE INSANE “DIS-ORDERIANS” THAT THEY WANT TO FULFIL WITH THEIR MASSACRES, INJURIES, RAPES, HOMOSEXUALITIES, DEPORTATIONS, UPHEAVALS, DEMOLITIONS, THEFTS, UNEMPLOYMENTS, TAXES … ETC. ?! — Before We ‘Jump’ to their Viewed REAL-ENDMOST Agendas and Goals, We May, Irregularly and Queerly, Get to Know about some of the Deceptive Openly-‘Plugiarized’ Ideas that Were Stolen by their Dark-Cave Gomot for their TRANSITORY And MOCK Agendas and Goals, by Reading some ‘Key’ Quotations from the Dreadful 1930s Futuristic Fiction, which was Deceit ly Titled with a Luringly Attractive Formula, that was “Brave New World” :–
    “ ‘We have the World State now. And Ford’s Day celebration, (….)’ ”.
    “ ‘Ending is better than mending, ending is better than mending.’ ”.
    “ ‘Ending is better than mending. The more stitches, the less riches; the more stitches …’ ”.
    “ ‘The more stitches the less riches; the more stitches the less …’ ”.
    “ ‘The Nine Years’ War began in A.F. 141.’ ”.
    “ ‘The Nine Years’ War, the Great Economic Collapse. There was a choice between World Control and destruction. ’ ”.
    “ Stop all the wheels. In a hundred and fifty weeks there are once more only a thousand millions; a thousand thousand thousand men and women have starved to death. ”.
    “ ‘Eight hundred simple Lifers were mowed down by machine guns at Golders Green.’ ”.
    “ ‘Then came the famous British Museum Massacre. Two thousand culture fans gassed with dichlorethyl sulphide.’ ”.
    “ ‘The Russian technique for infecting water supplies was particularly ingenious.’ ”.
    “ ‘ There was something called Christianity. Women were forced to go viviparous. ’ ”.
    “ ‘ There was a thing, as I’ve said before, called Christianity.’ ”.
    “ ‘ At twenty past nine they walked across the street to the newly opened Westminster Abbey Cabaret. ’ ”.
    “ ‘ There was something called democracy. As though men were more than physico-chemically equal.’ ”.
    “ ‘ There was something called liberalism. (……) Liberalism, of course, was dead of anthrax, (….)’ ”.
    “ ‘ The records survive. Speeches about liberty of the subject. Liberty to be inefficient and miserable. Freedom to be a round peg in a square hole.’ ”.
    “ ‘There were some things called the pyramids, for example.’ (….) ‘And a man called Shakespeare.’ ”.
    “ ‘you all remember, I suppose, that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford’s: History is bunk. History,’ he repeated slowly, ‘is bunk.’ ”.
    “ ‘Accompanied by a campaign against the Past; by the closing of museums, the blowing up of historical monuments (luckily most of them had already been destroyed during the Nine Years’ War); by the suppression of all books published before A.F. 150.’ ”.
    “ (….) Whisk, the Cathedrals; whisk, whisk, King Lear and the Thoughts of Pascal. Whisk, Passion; whisk, Requiem, whisk, (….) ”.
    “ (….) Whisk — the place where Italy had been is empty. (….) ”.
    “ ‘ The result of the Cyprus experiment was convincing.’ (….) ‘ The Controllers had the island of Cyprus cleared of all its existing inhabitants and re-colonized with a specially prepared batch of twenty-two thousand Alphas. ’ ”.
    “ The Director interrupted himself. ‘You know what Polish is, I suppose?’ ‘A dead language.’ ‘Like French and German.’ ”.
    “ ‘The ethics and philosophy of under-consumption …’ ”.
    “ A space of dust and rubbish separated it from the village. Two famine-stricken dogs were nosing obscenely in the garbage at its door. Insider, when they entered, the twilight stank and was loud with flies. ”.
    “ The Head Nurse, who was standing by a switchboard at the other end of the room, pressed down a little lever. There was a violent explosion. Shriller and ever shriller, a siren shrieked. Alarm bells maddeningly sounded. The children started, screamed; their faces were started with terror. (….) Their little bodies twitched and stiffened; their limbs moved jerkily as if to the tug of unseen wires. ”.
    “ ‘. . . five hundred and sixty thousand square kilometres, divided into four distinct Sub-Reservations, each surrounded by a high-tension wire fence.’ (….) ‘. . . supplied with current from the Grand Canyon hydroelectric station.’ (….) ‘. . . upwards of five thousand kilometres of fencing at sixty thousand volts.’ (….) ‘To touch the fence is instant death,’ pronounced the Warden solemnly. ‘There is no escape from a Savage Reservation.’ ”.
    “ ‘(….) the majestic buildings of the Slough Crematoriun. For the safety of night-flying planes, its four tall chimneys were floodlighted and tipped with crimson danger signs. It was a landmark. (….) More than a kilo and a half per adult corpse. Which makes the best part of four hundred tons of phosphorus every year from England alone.’ ”.
    “ ‘ The greater a man’s talents, the greater his power to lead astray. It is better that one should suffer than that many should be corrupted. Consider the matter dispassionately (….). Murder kills only the individual — and, after all, what is an individual?’ (….). ‘We can make a new one with the greatest ease — as many as we like. ’ ”.
    “ ‘ (….) he has proved himself an enemy of Society, a subverter, ladies and gentlemen, of all Order and Stability, a conspirator against Civilization itself. For this reason I propose to dismiss him, to dismiss him with ignomity from the post he has held in this Centre; I propose forthwith to apply for his transference to a Sub-Centre of the lowest order (….). ’ ”.
    “ Beneath them lay (….) the huge lower-caste barracks and, on the other side of a dividing wall , the smaller houses reserved for Alpha and Beta members. The approaches to the monorail station were black with ant-like pollulation of lower-caste activity. ”.
    “ He stood eight centimeters short of the standard Alpha height and was slender in proportion. (….)Would the creature treat him with the respect due to his cast? The question haunted him. Not without reason. For Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons had been to some extent conditioned to associate corporal mass with social superiority. ”.
    “ (….) In a forcible emphatic way, he was handsome and looked, as his secretary was never tired of repeating, every centimeter an Alpha-Plus. (….) He wrote regularly for The Hourly Radio, composed feely scenarios, and had the happiest knack for slogans and hypnopædic rhymes. (….)This Escalator-Squash champion, this indefatigable lover (it was said that he had had six-hundred and forty different girls in under four years), this admirable committee man and best mixer (….). Three charming girls from the Bureau of Propaganda by Synthetic Voice waylaid him as he stepped out of the lift. ‘Oh, Helmholtz darling, do come and have a picnic supper with us on Exmoor.’ They clung around him imploringly. ”.
    “ ‘And I had six girls last week,’ he confided to Helmholtz Watson. ‘One on Monday, two on Tuesday, two more on Friday, and one on Saturday. And if I’d had the time or the inclination, there were at least a dozen more who were only too anxious …’ ”.
    “ And round her waist she wore a silver-mounted green morroco-surrogate cartridge belt, bulging (….) with the regulation supply of contraceptives. ”.
    “ ‘Gonadal hormones, transfusion of young blood, (….)’ ”.
    “ ‘The feet of the Greater Being,’ it went on and repeated the words: ‘The feet of the Greater Being.’ The whisper almost expired. ‘The feet of the Greater Being are on the stairs.’ (….) Her eyes staring, her lips parted, Morgana Rothschild sprang to her feet. ‘I hear him,’ she cried. ‘I hear him.’ ”.

    The ‘Hyper-Suppression Oligarchic Elite’ as Anti-Humanity Conception-Receivers/Implementors
    The abovementioned delirious “Brave New World” quotations tell about a mentally-sick call and an over-brutalitized imagination, that are ‘devoted’ to a heartless demolishing process against our “Afraid Current World”, and a process of forming a substitute unjustly-seggregated world that is dominated by a global ‘Hyper-Suppression Oligarchic Elite’, which is plainly presented as a planet-ruling body of : Belief-Denyers, Mass-Murderers, Power-Usurpers, Lessers-Subduers, Wealth-Deprivers, Energy-Manipulators, Culture-Destroyers, Punishing-Surveillers, Sensitizing-Conditioners, Birth-Controllers, Women-Pickers, Devils-Worshipers, and Crazed-Sinners. — All of them came in that 1930s ‘Crave’ New World Agenda/Goals Book, which was written by the Anti-Humanity conception-devisor aldous huxley, and Not by any of the Anti-Humanity conception-receivers/implementors : henry kissinger, william haig, brezinsky, john mc-cain, wolfowitz, richard chenney, john kerry, william clinton, george bush, condolezza rice, louis panetta, david petreus, john allen, hillary rodham clinton, susan rice nor embærak husein ubæma. These vomitizing members of the North-Eastern America Mob of Global Control, have other unconscientious wrotten-work colleagues inside and outside America who have been subdued and subsidized by the hideous Ashkenazim leaders, who are the chief planners and implementors of the THE MODERN EXODUS, like : Pan {“Po”} Kee Mon, Christine Laguarde, Mario Draghi, Elizabeth the Second, Juan Carlos, Francois Holland, Mario Monti and Angela Merkel. The bulk of all those pseudo-Americans and non-Americans actually stole aldous huxley’s demolishing conception-ideas and just criminally implemented them one after another, here and there, in our victim-world. They are so committing obviously so as to ‘Ongoingly Cover-Up’ their more-serious and more-demanded Agendas and Goals, that are concerned with realizing their MODERN EXODUS.

    The “Mediterranean-Sorrounding Mega-State” & the Destruction of the Basin Countries
    In our Afraid Old World those so-thought ‘Endmost’ Agendas and Goals, of all those multi-national satan-servants combined, are now : more visible, more shocking, more inflicting and more painful than ever. Using a little examination and a swift pondering, anybody on Earth with a modest intelligence can currently see that they are really preparing to ‘move back’ the Newer World Ashkenazim to the Older World of Asia-plus-Europe-plus-Africa. And that they are actually forming and assembling there, as a primary stage, a “Mediterranean-Sorrounding Mega-State”, or an “M.-S. M.-S.” !!!! — Bearing this well on minds, people everywhere can instantly understand why in the last dozen years they hyper-artificially and accumulatively were and are destroying the mostly-peaceful and partly-prosperous conditions in All of : Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, North Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritria and Somalia.
    In the Ashkenazim-targeted series of Alt Welt countries, that are stated above : The countries from Portugal-to-Cyprus are suffering from a categorization of “ Wide Strikes and Street-Fights in response to Unneeded Geldings and Undeserved Austirities ” ; The countries from Turkey-to-Afghanistan-to-Yemen are suffering from a categorization of “ Massive Military Attacks over Harmless Civilian Quarters for No Understood Reasons, and Demolishings of Historically Traditional Buildings and Smugglings of Culturally Characteristic Artifacts ” ; The countries from Egypt-to-Mauritania-to-Somalia are suffering from a categorization of “ Revolutionizing Show-Downs against Stupid Measurements by the Longly Established Authorities, and Originless Engineered Inter-Conflicts, and Deprivations of Natural Resources ”.

    The “Invisible Suppressive Inside Hub” & the Tidious Continuous Pseudo-Democracy “Show-Biz”
    Synchronously, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the Ashkenazim leaders there plainly and without shame tell the Simple-Minded Americans : You are entitled to leave behind your concerns, businesses and jobs, and dissipate your time as You go practicing your democracy-guaranteed right to Poll, but on the other side, We are entitled to fulfill ahead our concerns, businesses and jobs, and dissipate your time as We go practicing our oligarchy-guaranteed right to Assign. — It is not at all a new information that an “Invisible Suppressive Inside Hub” is what in-truth decides who will ‘serve it’ and be driven to superficially sit for four years in the “oval bureau” of the White House. So it is not righteously done by the simple-minded American Masses who uselessly go and stand in long queues to vote, thinking ‘over-innocently’ that their opinions are being taken into consideration, and seem to overlook that they don’t have actually a role in the earlier ‘selective-breeding-and-ascending’ slow process of the “oval bureau” nominees that is manipulated secretly by the guileful “Suppressive Inside Hub”.
    Borrowing from the honest description of a patriotic former U.S.A. state-governer, we say that what happen openly between the alleged “Republicans” and the alleged “Democrats” of mutual: fussing, insulting, accusing, threatening, degrading and fighting, are greatly some manifestations of a tidious continuous “Show-Biz” of a pseudo-democracy, that is implied and directed by the “Invisible Suppressive Inside Hub”. Many of the better-informed Americans already know that They Did Not Formerly And They Do Not Now actually ‘elect’ that Arabo-Afro-American “ubæma” to be an alleged president for the so-called “Den Of Democracy” of the United States of America. That possibly Good “D.O.D.” is no more now, and that is chiefly in-consequence of the criminal acute surges, done in the period 1963-1988, of the ongoing and relentless masonized Coup d’État, which had managed to enforce a terrifying invisible siege around the post of the American Presidency.

    Shedding Some American Presidential Blood : The Presidents Who Fell Victims to the C. d’É. Gang
    The earliest and also the bloodiest ‘anchors’ of the abovementioned terrifying invisible siege were the especially-chaotic mortiferous spikes of November-1963 and June-1968, when the Coup d’État Gang casually disposed of the two assassinated pro-public war-hampering Kennedys, John and Robert, and largely usurped their respectable popular-social dominations. The reformative and quite keen anti-Ashkenazi-speculation Richard Nixon also was attacked and besieged by a sub-Gang of the C. d’É. top-Gang, with some ‘breaking and entering’ and ‘press-like’ dirty series of jobs between June-1972 and August-1974, in which four of the implicated Ashkenazim names were richard g. kleindienst, h. robert haldeman, john d. ehrlichman, and carl bernstein (!!!!), and it looks like he felt ‘lucky and grateful’ that he did not suffer the sad ‘perforation’ fate of the two brave Irish brothers. In March-1981, the ‘Very American’ Ronald Reagon was also bullet-spiked right near his heart right after the start of his first term, and then when he yeaded to untax the community and pacify the military and quinch the Ashkenazimism, he proved to be also ‘Too American’ in the eyes of the C. d’É. Gang, and before the end of his second term he was greatly shelved with respect to his office duties, due to the easily ‘induceable’ Alzeheimer desease. – The severe and mostly bloody exclusionism that had happened to John, Robert, Richard, Ronald, and more of those ‘True-American’ top politicians, had formed an important crucial constituent of the sub-effects of the pavlovian-conditioning-like process, that had caused a huge layer of American politicians to be strictly obedient and even succumbing to the presidents-terrorizing C. d’É. Gang. Likewise, a more huge layer of Earthian politicians were caused to be strictly obedient and even succumbing also to the presidents-terrorizing C. d’É. Gang, and that is why we are beholding them presently as they are overwhelmingly acting, usually in some probrosus or ignominious conducts, against the interests of their own nations, and sometimes even bringing retardation, chaos, or bloodshedding, to their own societies with their own tongues and palms.

    Slogans for Killing in Millions : “Globalization” & “One World State” & “Depopulation”
    To achieve their worldwide nefarious selfish goals, the Diaboloical ‘Coup’ Gangsters have pretended that they are seeking an implementation of their “Globalization” myth, and have lectured many Key-Positions personalities in the U.S.A. and around the World about their fake neccessity to kill and insicken and sterilize humans, on their diabolical way towards their forged “One World State” deceptive goal. Through this non-human “Depopulation” policy, they decieved themselves and thought that their savagery will pay in the end and that as the time advances the others’ world will fall into their red-stained hands, like some ripe fruits falling from a tree. The certainly Bad “D.O.D.”, which is the “Department Of Defence”, was among the worst used of many U.S.A. militarized organizations and installments, usurpingly behind the back of the supposed ‘owning’ American People, so as to serve satan’s ‘Coup’ Gang and work as makers of numerous hideous filthy wars, in action In All Continents including North America itself. For their serial-killing hideous filthy wars, the shamefully obedient militarized organizations and installments had made abundant usings of a wide spectrum of various types of lethal weapons, including the types : BIOLOGICAL; VEGETATIONAL; GENETICALLY-ENGINEERED; PHARMACOLOGICAL; CHEMICAL; RADIOACTIVE; HEAT-GUIDED; SATELLITE-GUIDED; NATURAL-DISASTERS-LIKE; & SUPER-NATURAL-DISASTERS-LIKE. And so many of the thousands of mentionable examples are prohibited even for combat purposes ! — It may sound crazy but It Is True that even the American Soils themselves are not exempted of being ‘attacked’ by a big percentage of these various types of lethal weapons. Why ? Because they are dealing with America like a “Potential Titanic Ship” that may be abandoned and left to sink at some most suitable later time. And That Is Why They Are Now Creating A Vast Geographical Domain For Themselves To Emigrate-To, In The Mediterranean’s East and South and North, Through The Current Ruthless Under-Covered Mass-Murders, Deportations, Destructions, Wealth-Confiscations, Expulsions-From-Jobs And Political-Dismantlings, That Are Mercilessly Executed In The ‘Places’ Of : Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Eastern-Palestinian, Ghazza, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudia, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Mali, Morocco, Greece, Italy, Spain And Portugal. When they are finished with all that abhorrence-causing wide-sacle ‘agenda’, and they are ready to jump from the “Now Sinkable U.S.A. Ship”, it would be quite easy for those mentally-stricken global gangsters to let the then useless and burdensome ‘AMERICA’ suffer a termination fate, of the kind shown in “The Day After Tomorrow” or “The Perfect Storm”.

    Is “embærak ubæmah” Performing a Modified Role for aldous huxley’s “mustapha mond” ?!
    On coming to partly explain why the Asio-Euro-Afro “embærak ubæmah” had to be in-reality ‘driven’ into the White House, in this pivotal stage of modern history, by the “Invisible Suppressive Inside Hub” of the ‘Coup’ Gang [ and certainly not by the ‘Always-Dreaming’ Ordinary Americans ], we find that he was ‘picked out’ so as to be a “DIRECTIVES-TRANSMITTER/CONTROLLER” for that vile destructive Gang, just like a number of his predecessors, but for a certain accelerated stage of the on-going over-greedy Globalist Agenda of the “I.S.I.H.”. This is strikingly reminding of the imagined character, position and role of the so-called His Fordship/ “mustapha mond”, One of the Ten World Controllers in aldous huxley’s 1930s ultra-depressive futuristic fiction BRAVE NEW WORLD, as if this acting-strangely husein ubæma is performing a Reality-Television Modified Role for the Global Oppressor-Controller/ “mustapha mond”. In that awfully eccentric guiding manual-book of the I.S.I.H.-members, The World State’s Resident Controller/ mustapha mond orates, in a steady and stressful and unregretful manner like “embærak ubæma” exactly does, about the already occurred and occurring deterioration and destruction in much of the civilizational world and about his crazy World-Controllers-Gang’s view of this destruction as a means of founding a Crave New World that suits their Mad New Thought And Practice. And also, the strict and punishing “Mond” orates in the same minds-deceiving way about the abolishment of so much of the Usual/Traditional World’s beliefs, values, ethics, respects, traditions and emotions. This bears a lot in common with the Mad New Thought And Practice of the “bush-clinton-bush-ubæma” Era, in the ‘horriblized’ aspects of : their Anti-Religionism, their aethiest-Compulsionism, their Devil-Worshipism, their Blood-Spillism, their Humans-Sacrificism, their Killers-Hirism, their Enjoyed-Torturism, their Mass-Depopulationism, their Food-Shortagism, their Heartless-Starvationism, their Ecology-Contaminationism, their Warring-Ignitionism, their Nations-Dispersionism, their Social-Structure-Decompositionism, their On-Masses-Experimentationism, their Atmospheric-Contrailism, their Pseudo-Oppositionism, their Warning-Like-Threatenism, their News-Forgerism, their Media-Supervisionism, their Logic-Inversionism, their Conditioning-Oppressionism, their Freedom-Prohibitionism, their Economic-Collapsism, their Love-Constrictionism, their Hate-Distributionism, their Merciless-Cruelism, their Unstraight-Sexism, their Biological-Corruptionism, their Juriditional-Manipulationism, their Others-Health-Impairism, their Others-Wealth-Drainism, their Weather-Destabilizism, their Sins-Addictionism, their Adultry-Teasism, their Conspiratorial-Eccentrism, their Enemity-Proliferationism, their Chaos-Encouragism, their Austirity-Super-Impositionism, their Fiscal-Cliffism, their Vehicles-Withdrawism, their Talents-Dissipationism, their Jobs-Subtractionism, their Services-Suspentionism, their Cultures-Anti-Distinctionism, their Readings-Banism, their Arts-Confiscationism, their Cowardly-Under-Coverism, their Deceitful-Masqueridism, their Blunt-Deceptionism, their Roles-Inter-Substitutionism, their Snareful-Seductionism, their Deceitful-Resignationism, their Scandals-Exhibitionism, their Concentration-Campism, and their Punishment-Extremism. As stinging examples from the minds-astraying pages of this eerie dystopianistic book, the blasphemous oligarchist writer aldous huxley says :
    “ ‘ People believe in God because they’ve been conditioned to believe in God.’ (….) ‘ But people are never alone now,’ said Mustapha Mond. ”.
    “ Mustapha Mond shut the book and leaned back in his chair. ‘ (….) Well, we’ve now got youth and prosperty right up to the end. What follows? Evidently, that we can be independent of God. ’ ”.
    “ ‘The optimum population,’ said Mustapha Mond, ‘is modelled on the iceberg — eight-ninths below the water line, one-ninth above’. ”.
    “ ‘ The result of the Cyprus experiment was convincing.’ (….) Mustapha Mond smiled. ‘Well, you can call it an experiment in rebottling if you like. It began in A.F. 473. The Controllers had the island of Cyprus cleared of all its existing inhabitants and re-colonized with a specially prepared batch of twenty-two thousand Alphas. ’ ”.
    “ ‘ Only an Epsilon can be expected to make Epsilon sacrifices, for the good reason that for him they aren’t sacrifices; they’re the line of least resistance. His conditioning has laid down rails along which he’s got to run. He can’t help himself; he’s fore-doomed. ’ ”.
    “ ‘In the end,’ said Mustapha Mond, ‘(….) The slower but infinitely surer methods of ectogenesis, neo-Pavlovian conditioning and hypnopaedia . . .’ ”.
    “ (….) said Mustapha Mond, ‘civilization has absolutely no need of noblitiy or heroism. These things are symptoms of political inefficiency. In a properly organized society like ours, nobody has any opportunities for being noble or heroic. (….) ’ ”.
    “ ‘ (….) he has proved himself an enemy of Society, a subverter, ladies and gentlemen, of all Order and Stability, a conspirator against Civilization itself. For this reason I propose to dismiss him, to dismiss him with ignomity from the post he has held in this Centre; I propose forthwith to apply for his transference to a Sub-Centre of the lowest order (….). ’ ”.
    “ ‘You all remember,’ said the Controller, in his strong deep voice, ‘you all remember, I suppose, that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford’s: History is bunk. History,’ he repeated slowly, ‘is bunk.’ ”.
    “ Mustapha Mond’s anger gave place almost at once to mirth. The idea of this creature solemnly lecturing him — him — about the social order was really too grotesque. The man must have gone mad. ‘I ought to give him a lesson, ’ he said to himself (….). ”.
    “ (….) The Controller agreed. ‘But that’s the price we have to pay for stability. You’ve got to choose between happiness and what people used to call high art. We’ve sacrificed the high art. ’ ”.
    “ ‘Yes,’ said Mustapha Mond, nodding his head, ‘You may well shudder.’ ”.

    The ‘Pawn’ of a hyper-Dangerous Malignant Tumour inside America & Its Crimes against America
    Like an easy-to-move ‘Pawn’, the ‘Mock President’/ husein ubæma is used and abused, same as his nearer predecessors, to do the degraded role of painting the mean Agenda-Based Directives of that Gangsters-Hub with the pseudo-legitimacy colours and shapes of the stars and stripes, in front of millions of simple-minded Americans and Non-Americans, alike. The idea is to globally make “America” – in the senses of its leadership and its general people and its country – always in the foreground of widespread accusations, and not the disguising disgusting Group of pseudo-American gangsters, that have formed together a hyper-Dangerous Malignant Tumour inside America. They are using and abusing America, from inside like a submarine, in their purely selfish under-cover schemes, and they are letting the American Nation ‘clasp’ upon themselves the intense accusations instead of them, and all that may not stop till they reach their disastrous goals and they move themselves and their lootings to the Three Older Continents. When this happens, whatever wide-scale destruction that is now expected to occur in one or more of the Three Newer Continents will simply not harm them very much. — It is very easy to see that husein ubæma is in fact an obedient servent of the Coup d’État Mobbers, that have taken the ‘real’ American people as their “lame-ducks” kind of victims.
    During five decades, what those insatiable Ashkenazi Mobbers, did against the Americans is already far from little. They, who have been running the “Deep State” continuously, have killed a lot of the Americans, injured a lot of them, detained a lot of them, stolen a lot of their money, grabbed a lot of their properties, deprived them of a lot of their energies, suppressed their freedom, cancelled their liberty, abolished the democracy, and abraded their ethics. — And they planningly spotted husein ubæma and brought him to be their apparent advanced pawn, and do a lot of their ‘agenda-jobs’ for them. And that is why : For four years husein ubæma’s ‘shoulders’ were always available for any hanging-ons of any dirty or stainy coats, that were to be hung by his treacherous superiors and colleagues from the super-nefarious “Invisible Hub”.

    The Terrorized-Subdued World Oligarchies / Primary Stage of an a.huxleyan-Type “World State”
    On their way to jump from the ‘sinkable’ transitory ship that is called America, and in only 11 years, the mortiferous “Invisible Hubbers” have already ultra-terrorized and majorly subdued the world wider-scopes’ oligarchies of numerous old-world countries, and thereby are turning these countries gradually into some ‘surrendering/annexable’ territories. These include : Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Eastern-Palestine, Ghazza, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and more. Currently in these specific countries, we are witnessing also a crazy heartless vast-ranges process of also ultra-terrorizing and majorly subduing the ordinary peoples of all of them, by use of a dystopianistic pavlovian-conditioning programme, which is of course intelligence-guided by the criminal “Invisible Hubbers”.
    The very most of these mentioned central-world countries are essentially formative for the Hubbers’ Immigration Haven/Empire, that is projected for a near-future, which is itself of course the aforementioned “Mediterranean-Sorrounding Mega-State”. This “M.-S. M.-S.” Haven/Empire may greatly look like it would come out as a primary stage of an aldous-huxleyan-style “World State”, but that is by-far not the whole story. Here come two of the massive signs that there Is Indeed a hidden hideous malignant major devisal, beyond the lately and currently undertaken aldous-huxleyan planetary crimes : First, If we connect the abovementioned countries together, we are faced geographically with something like an enated elongated Roman-Empire dominion, that is stretched far eastwards till the borders of China and India. So the geographical “center of gravity” of this imagined Hubbers’ new empery, that would be very long latitudely, is not going to be near or at a central-mediterranean city like Rome or Bani-Ghazi, but near or at the eastern-mediterranean city of Jerusalem. Second, when the acutely ruthless and sly hubbers lay their hands on the very most of these lands, they not necessarily would be satisfied by committing only the atrocities mentioned by aldous huxley as they are. What we can naturally expect here, from the Humanity’s experiences with their usual over-brutal Ashkenazim-Led horrors, is that they might possibly commit even worse atrocities than the ill imagination of huxley could reach in his Crave New World guiding-book. – Mentionable as two recent proving-examples on this, that are obvious like a summer mid-day sun, we find the revolting atrocious mortiferous cases of what happened and still happening to the Iraqi and Syrian Peoples.

    “Ending is Better than Mending” of the ‘thinker’/ a. huxley : The Iraqi and Syrian Atrocious Cases
    Allover more than nine years in Iraq, a lot of the unbounded criminal capabilities of those professionally odious mentioned aggressors had been already quite apparent to the Earth’s peoples everywhere. Through the ‘exemplar’ happenings of the ruthless-hubbers’ invasion of Iraq and the Iraqis, who’s lands are part of the projected hubbers’ Old-World New-Empery, billions of peoples where given the chances to know the petrifying extents that this gang can go-for in their over-energetic “Distribution of Suffering Lots” over the other helpless Humans. During the ‘sitting’ time of serve-satan-and-the-masonizers’ george bush, we have beheld those havoc-loving morons as they practiced : their pulverizing shellings over civilian buildings in Baghdad, the vomitizing torturings and humiliations in abu-Ghoraib, the unprovoked sniping-down of civilians in al-Nosour square, and the savage massacre of children and women in al-Hadeetha. Before and after the withdrawal of on-ground invasion troops, hundreds of bloody exploding-attacks have targeted civilian places in a number of major Iraqi cities. They were about always attributed forgingly to Iraqi-factions and ground levels’ detonation means, in the sly-hubbers’ hypercontrolled global media, but in-reality many of them showed the signs of drones/smart-bombs usings. They killed tens of thousands of innocent people with such over-brutal means, thinking that the Iraqi factions will fall to the disgusting fabricated trap and just war against each other accordingly. But the Iraqis were clever enough, and they never did so deliberately. And addedly, even more than they are intense crimes by themselves, they were used to sensitizingly-condition the Iraqi people to be fearful and obedient. This aldous-huxleyan-guided processes of brutalized-deterging and of sensitizingly-conditioning the Iraqi nation Did Not Cease-Off when the self-disgracing embærak ubæma took office in Washington, and since then the drones/smart-bombs symptoms are still pounding over the inhabitants and their properties in a number of Iraqi cities. All these actual-atrocities’ levels of brutality, are far beyond the terrifying levels of the atrocities kinds stated by the masonic-orders transmitter aldous huxley in his famous novel which is widely known by the criminally deceptive name:”Brave New World” , where he criminally said plainly: “Ending is Better than Mending”.
    Of the many Humanity Members that are and were subjected to beyond-imaginable sufferings, which are themselves some petrifying impendences for more beyond-imaginable sufferings, from those Hubbers’ very heinous acts, we find the Syrian People Of The Past Eighteen Months, who’s lands are part of the projected hubbers’ Old-World New-Empery. What they horrificly have endured and are still enduring is undeniably an utterly unique historic experience, that has produced and is still producing a most expressive “saga” on the mankindish meanings of Human Bearing, Human Patience and Human Heroism. The over-odious-hubbers’ orchestration in manipulating the over-revolting Syrian-Syrian over-fabricated clash is over-obvious. The very theatrical luring-movements of the hubbers’ pro-Zionist American and French ambassadors to Damascus, when they both ‘visited’ some of the Syrians early demonstrations, were of-course done to play on the board of the ordinary Syrians’ innocent mentality, and let them wrongly think that the political ‘authoritarians’ of the Ashkenazim in Washington and Paris are on their side, and that the NATO/OTAN will hammer Bashshaar el-Asad’s palace with air-strikes eventually and shortly. This same loathful goal of deceiving the revolution of al-Sham country, and draging its longing-for-freedom demonstrators and their families to horrible massacres, was also apparent in the slyly encouraging speeches of the Three ‘Carnivorous’ Lionesses: hillary rodham clinton, victoria noland and susan rice, and the Three Acts of the Play that had been on-show over the platform of the U.N. Security Council. The strategical lethal idea of the acutely nefarious hubbers consisted of a track of supervising and spying on the revolutionaries through the void hope-selling to them and the gaining of the undeserved trusting of them, and at the same time another track of subsidizing the ruling oligarchy in starting and running an intense widespread internal multi-weaponry bloodbath and an artificial military earthquake in the most of the inhabited/built Syria. Unlike the ‘combining of two theories of war’ in the Iraqi case, the theory of “War by Remote Control” was here overwhelmingly and abhorringly used for more than a full year and a half by the feelings-less guileful hubbers. After the early start of this unbearably filthy war, the Invisible-Hub’s drones and fighters quickly started to take parts in the killings of humans, the demolitions of structures and the destructions of weapons, against both factions, that are at-war by ignition from the pre-devising Ashkenazi mob. Like the preceding example, all these actual-atrocities’ levels of brutality, are far beyond the terrifying levels of the atrocities kinds stated by the masonic-orders transmitter aldous huxley in his “Ending is Better than Mending” famous novel, which is widely known by the criminally deceptive name:”Brave New World” .

    The Self-Humiliating “Slavemason”/ e. h. ubæma’s Collaborative Partakings in Asia’s West & East
    We are now in the second year of a pre-devised ‘War on Humans’, that is presented in the international media as if implemented by a Lunatic Neronic Arab Tyrant, who is wiselessly and crazily turned on ‘his own people’. It is actually just another ‘plan-serving’ huge lie of the mass manslaughterers Ashkenazim-leaders, and in reality that supposed president ‘bashshaar’ has turned out to be initially of “al-Wahsh”/”the Beast” family, of Asfahaan in Iran, which is the same city of “al-Dajjaal”/”the Beast” of the “Before Doomsday” time !! That flesh-cutting-and-tearing war that is being used to annex Syria to the now rising “M.-S. M.-S.” is obviously led and fed by the un-human Ashkenazi-leaders mentality and it surely is drastically devastating and deconstructing the once prosperous Syrian country and state-union. It looks as if this horrorizing war is substituting this country and this state-union with a dystopian cluster of fragile separated provinces, that are : needful, obedient and deprived of anti-armies weapons. To supply a political cover-up for what is horribly intended afterwards for Syria, right now there is an occidental-world leaders’ preparation of a puppet pseudo-opposition government that is largely detached from the Syrian liberation fighters and the Syrian ordinary people. It is largely just a typical Ashkenazi deceptional ‘gag’, by which they may be able to lie to the world later and say : “ You all saw, peoples of the world, that we had had good intentions towards Syria and the Syrians, and that we had even helped them stand again on their feet ( !! ) ”. But when their moment of direct military attack-on and occupation-of Syrian lands comes about, and that is according to ‘leaks’ from the American press, they have got themselves ready to again be able to lie to the world later and say : “ Oh, we just have to overtake it “now”, because we simply cannot carelessly leave-alone a country that is full of “al-Qaeda” insurgents, at the door-steps of the Hebrew State. It is an ‘evil that we cannot escape from’ ( !! ) ”. To appear undeservedly as convincing as possible, these two expected ‘quotations-likes’ that are full of falseness and unfairness are most suitably can be orated by non other than the “Slavemason”/ husein ubæma. By humanlessly following this according-to-plan diabolical path, most of Syria has become already ready to receive its share of Ashkenazim ‘Emigrants’, that may be transferred from West of the Atlantic by the great partakings of the “Slavemason”, who had accepted to humiliate himself by doing the role of their collaborating pre-paid Trans-Atlantic Ferryman. Like his Ashkenazi colleague and the humans-flesh-muncher/ hillary rodham clinton, that Ashkenazim pseudo-kinged Arab, by use of his so-named and alleged presidential office, is gravely implicated and is immersed upto his shoulders in the reddened mud of collaborating in all these disasters that are happening to his distant Arabian tribal relatives, in Syria and also in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Bahrain. — Hooks or crooks, his pre-readiness to perform his betrayful New Exodus role is evident and compatible with his discarding of his Arabic name “embærak”, in favour of the Hebrew name “bar?k”.
    Very lately, the typical insane and horrorizing ‘style’, in life-terminations; deportations; confiscations; burnings; and demolitions, of those overly nefarious “Invisible Hubbers”, just ‘looked on’ in Myanmar. They have casually orchestrated and pressed for such unhuman purges to happen in tens of places during decades, and in many cases they supplied the ‘apparent doers’ with training, finance and weaponry too. While the petrifying atrocities were going on in the Burmese territories, the supposed humanitarian “her people’s friend” suu chee was about to be brought to the presence of one of the ‘World Controllers’, by the name of ubæma in Washington, thousands of miles away, to receive there her ‘Price-of-Silence’, which was a ‘Bounty’ that seemed like it made her feel great and very much content. And then, shamelessly to an incredible extent, when the ‘World Controller’ himself went to Burma, he deceptiously called for the cessation of ‘his mob’s style’ atrocities against the poor armsless Rohingya people !! — And especially annoying, was that a fair chance was not given to the World Controller’s audience to ‘inform’ him about how strange-and-illogical is his promised American financing to the Myanmaran economy-enhancing projects [ as a prize, ubaema, for killing and expelling the Rohingya ?! Huh ?! ], instead of using that same available financing-money for a financing to the American economy-enhancing projects, in view of the said to be eminent “Fiscal Cliff” !!!

    The “Before Doomsday” Situation & the Western-Zionist Copy of the French “Main Rouge”
    But why the Arabo-African “ubæma” was pre-chosen and pre-prepared specifically for this recent ‘hot’ and ‘crucial’ stage namely ?! On answering, we should better take some important notice on the region that is the ‘Center-Of-Attention’ amidst all regions that are ‘warred-in’ and ‘warred-on’ by the bloodshedding tyrannous Gang allover All Continents. Namely, it is of course the Near East, with its geopolitical and ‘tribal’ importances to the Masonic Power-Grabbing Clans on the American soils and outside, and to their ‘Relatives’ in the Near East itself. They all always bear fervently their unethical twisted “Before Doomsday” plans deep inside their conspiratorial minds, as it is widely known about them, and they don’t mind killing even infants and children to reach what they are longing for with these hyper-dystopian bloody plans in the region. Geographically, historically, linguistically and demographically the Near East is mostly “Arabian”. This difficulty-posing factor had to be overcomed to install a massive cancerous “Super Satellite State” for the Coup’s Regime in this edgy region, by the agents and forces of the Gang’s Hub and according to its covert sabotageous and chaotic plans, so as to surround amoebically the Hebrew State. To reach that targeted “Before Doomsday” Situation, a wide buffer space has to be created first around the Hebrew State, over which this neighbours-destroying entity can expand freely in the near future.
    Before fifty years from now, when the Colonialist-French Intelligence Elite formed their “Main Rouge” fake organization of under-cover hired killers, they effectively managed to commit an intense surge of assassinations against numerous people in Europe who were helpful to the Algerian Independence Strife, and at the same time they could somehow keep the glittering names of the post-WW2 Republic away from assured implication and public embarassement. The idea of the “Main Rouge” [ = “Red Hand” ] as a secret “Crimes-Hanger” was then modifyingly copied when the Americanized Ashkenazi Intelligence Elite formed their Western-Zionist “al-Q?edah” fake organization of under-cover hired killers and ‘also’ of secret “wars-ignitors”. The creation of this mob of “wars-ignitors” helped the Invisible Suppressive Inside Hub a lot to justify the frequent go-outs for the “Interest-Wars” of the I.S.I.H. in front of the bewildered and questioning American public. The addicted-to-killing-members of the I.S.I.H. always have itches to start a number of new wars in the Arab and semi-Arab world, for goals of depopulation, deprivation and re-colonization. With that new deceptive “al-Q?edah” global-device at their hands, all they had to do in a great part is to drop a few “al-Q?edah” agents inside wherever country they wanted to militarily attack later, and then let its innocent people think that these double-agent “Q?edan

  2. With that new deceptive “al-Q?edah” global-device at their hands, all they had to do in a great part is to drop a few “al-Q?edah” agents inside wherever country they wanted to militarily attack later, and then let its innocent people think that these double-agent “Q?edans” have come to lead them on a true fight against the tyranny of the Zionist-Assassins who dwell on the western side of the Atlantic and on the eastern side of the Mediterranian. Examples on such kinds of widescale criminal adoptings of the “Crimes-Hanger” concept, under the over-used “Q?edah” title or else, include the ‘engineered catastrophes’ that happened in: Nigeria, Mali, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. — It looks really strange if any red-stained member of that Suppressive Inside Hub would reveal that he feels ‘surprized’ because their main headquarters were hit by an Oceanic Hurricane, and then an Icy Storm ! What do these blood-sucking global-criminals expect less than that which they brought upon themselves and totally deserve, we don’t know ?! Logically, it shouldn’t be taken as an unmeaningful coincidence that the “Sandy” Oceanic Hurricane did havocfully hit their headquarters and bureaux in North-East America, in the very same hour during which the Global Murders Dealing Machine, ‘hillary rodham clinton’, was trying insistingly to outbreak another new global war in the region of Algeria-Mali combination of countries !!

    ‘Ferryman’ ubæma after ‘Ferryman’ usæma : Plan of ‘King an Arab, and Kill Many More Arabs’
    Somewhat on the model of “Lawrence of the Arabs”, the I.S.I.H. found great success with the modified copy usage of an Arabo-American double-agent, under the name of Usamah ben Laden, within the sabotageous-intelligence activities of their so called “al-Q?edah”. Usamah ben Laden is a man from the family that is a petroleum co-partner of George Bush’s family, and his acceptance of the disgusting roles that he had played in serving the ‘Coup’ masonics might be attributable to the ‘hoped’ goal of preserving his family’s high oily revenues, in America. The bloody sick mentality, which launched the diabolical plan of ‘King an Arab, and Kill Many More Arabs’ , became very fashionable among the polluted minds of those tyrannous huxleyan-masonizers, as it appears to our analysis now. Now, if the seeming ‘kinging’ of an Arab atop of just an intelligence-guided deceptious mob called”al-Q?edah” was so tremendously effective already, then how tremendously effective will matters be if instead there is to be a seeming ‘kinging’ of an Arab atop of a whole power called”United States of America” ?!! With a probing-question like that, we can easily come to understand why then: when they hired “ubæma”, “usæma” all of a ‘sudden’ became approximately unneaded, to the extent that they made-up a fictional operation for his assassination, and stupidly and exposingly tried to photoshop a photograph for him as a bloodstained killed man !! Also, they stupidly and exposingly tried to come out of the intelligence-guided operation without a recognizable corpse, when they said they had dropped his body into the sea !! — Despite this mean couple of fiasco-acts and plenty other similar acts that generate suspicion and distrust, ‘they still think’ or ‘they pretend that they still think’ themselves as cunning and clever guys !! — Moreover, thinking that it would be an ingenious public-convincing idea, they shot theatrical photographs for a number of faces of the ubæma-administration gangsters, as if they were taken while watching a real assassination-of-usæma operation. This also loudly backfired into the gangs faces, because the photographed gangsters evidently proved that they are really bad actors, and that they were actually acting, without the supervision of a professional director !!
    After all the above and more, of what may be recalled by an informed Normal Citizen of the World, an interesting question may arise : Did embærak husein ubæma demand from his superiors in the hubbers-gang, by his free will, a second term in Washington’s oval/awful-office ?! If ‘yes’, then who knows !? : Maybe he has temporarily forgoten that the traditions that are being adopted on him by his served superior masonizers plainly call for disposing-of the greatest collaborators, like him, before many others !! If ‘no’, then who knows !? : Maybe he has temporarily remembered that the criminations that are being sticked on him by his served masonizers plainly call for degrading-of the greatest collabrators, like him, before many others !! To be just with this self-destroying miserable man, there is indeed a recent surprizing incident that may turn-out to be a possible clue on a delayed regretting/repenting inclination on ubama’s behalf. A regretting/repenting for much of what he was used-and-abused for by the Diaboloical ‘Coup’ Gang during the past decade : Right after He was Given a Second Term, He Has Shed Real Unpreventable Tears !! Later, when the ruthless Hubbers ‘uneashed’ about the Connecticut primary school ‘affair’, he could not as well repeat the same influencive ‘tears-show’, artificially this time. The stupid C. d’É. Hubbers made one of their big mistakes and prematurely triggered their “Slavemason” at once so as to start right away to speak about their pre-wanted ‘gathering of weapons from the hands of the Americans’, so as to continue subduing them of course. This stupid mistake drove some people to think that this mean sly ‘weapons-gathering’ call had been pre-prepared from before the massacre, and to think about the most-probable unrevealed real committer of the massacre itself who had wanted to make advantage of it so fast. With respect to this last matter, it seems also very stupid to include the father and the mother of the alleged killer in the massacre, because this could be easily understood in the sense of “silencing some key-witnesses”.
    O.K., as an Ashkenazim’s trans-Atlantic Ferryman, he is definitely gravely entangled in an intense record of “Global Crimes” by way of his pivotal deceptive role in the “End of Time” Ashkenazi project. But nevertheless let us try and pass-along to him a helpful tip : Slavemason/ ubæma, If You Don’t Want to Lose Your Life and Your After-Life altogether, Do Regret/Repent over the Horrible Crimes that You Were Indulged into, and Do Start Resisting against the Inside-Hub Gangsters and their Global Tyranny, and Do Begin Disobeying their Hyper-Evil Orders, at Least on basis of a ‘Psychological Disability’ to Continue Going on with them. Don’t Be Very Afraid that They Will Punish You By Killing One of Your Dear-to-You Daughters, Because They Know , Will Not Be Able to Justify It Americanly and Globally, in Addition to the Fact that They Will Instantly Hamper the Implementation of their Own Hyper-Criminal Agenda, Worldwide.

    ‘Take their Money away’ Economics : Made in-Effect by the Unsuables & almost Untouchables
    Ever since the 1960s-80s years of rigorous presidents’ persecution, and its Pavlovianizing harsh subduing sub-effects, nearly no beholdable ‘real-serious’ candidates for the American Pseudo-Presidency were left alone to be politically independent nor socially unmonitored nor economically unabiding, by the presidents’ enslaving programme of the C. d’É. Gang. After John Kennedy’s printing of a few billion U.S. dollars outside the federal reserve ‘gank ’ of the ‘ganking’ families, like Rockefeller and Carnegie, and Richard Nixon’s televised strict threatening to the money-sucking financial “Speculators”, it looked like the C. d’É. Mob and its illegal money hunters/gatherers were not to tolerate such nationalist ‘presidential interferences’ any more. And ever since, a rights-constricting and freedom-suffocating Oligarchic Dystopianism just took-over the American rule and politics and economics, at an accumulating-accelerated fashion. The installation of some economic conspiracy partaking “Slavemasons”, like bill clinton and george w. bush and husein ubæma, was nearly ideal to the greedy money-sucking C. d’É. Mob and much more conforming to its nefarious money-draining “Neo-Communism” plans. Thereat, the gang-interests’ wars were much easier to be ignited, and also so-so-much of the total wealth and possessions of Americans and non-Americans got much easier to be stolen from them and stacked-away by the Masonic ‘Coup’ Gangsters and their ordered-inferiors, who remained for long as unsuables and almost untouchables. And that is partly why those ‘Coup’ Gangsters amazingly just let their ‘stealing squads’, that dwell in their ‘stealing stations’ like Lehman Brothers and A.I.G. and Bear Stearns , do very daringly their mega-robberies of very large sums of people’s money and properties, and get away with all that in bright daylight. The should-be financial supervision firms, like S&P and Moody’s are implicatedly used also by ‘scattering’ the rest-assuring and trapping “Tripple-A” rating evaluations here and there on those ‘stealing-stations’, and thereby their offices-residing ‘stealing squads’, as well. Moreover, simultaneously, they let their hundreds of millions of victims know that these Are Indeed stealing squads and stealing stations Of the wealth-swallowing rabiosus I.S.I.H. [ the Invisible Suppressive Inside Hub ], and that they are effectively unsuables and almost untouchables. Next here are some very telling angry-or-frustrated-language comments, from 2009, on that people-subduing financial conspiracy, that in their most have came-out from people who are aware that the ‘Ordinary Americans’ are indeed being played-on and toyed-with financially — And that is in addition to being comments that are very expressive of how titanic-sized fiscal scandals, like those of Lehman Brothers and A.I.G. and Bear Stearns, are themselves used like preliminary-and-partial detonators, to introduce an Engineered Economic Crash ( and an Engineered “Fiscal Cliff” ), which in turn is set in-place to aid in subduing people, even more and more : —

    March 21st, ’09 at 12:26 am : “ ( … ) It is worth noting, however, that of the politicians in Congress who voted for the $850B TARP fiasco, most won re-election last November. So until people start voting for politicians who oppose bailouts, more bailouts is what we’re likely to get. ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 1:21 am : “ Long term deflation won’t end until the wage arbitrage issue is addressed and solved. Inflation will carry little water as long as it is cheaper to employ outside of the US and yes that includes WHITE COLLAR JOBS! The internet is amazing in its ability to provide cheaper labor for a whole slew of jobs that were once thought protected. If your job can be done in India over the internet, it is vulnerable to wage arbitrage, that includes previously thought protected jobs in the financial and legal industries. ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 3:23 am : “ ( … ) The guys that picked up the Tulips at fire-sale prices after the crash and grew for export probably cleaned up. Not sure where you are sterring your clients these days (do you have clients?), but some of the dividend yields on less popular domestic gas and oil plays are 30% and higher. This crash is just an amazing boon IMO. ( … ) Just seems like the buy-and-hold opportunities are getting palpably tasty. Buy them Tulips boys, they’s cheap! ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 4:55 am : “ ( … ) >> I think it may be a year or two before the inflation kicks in but when it does it will mark a decrease in American living standards as wages will struggle to keep up in many fields. There will be more of that in the future. But, it’s already happened and it’s already happening. Our living standards have been going down the past few years. And, now that all the home equity (savings) are tapped out, our impoverishment is accelerating with deflation. Inflation will hurt us badly if deflation, 25% U-6 joblessness, starvation, or no health care don’t kill us first. ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 5:16 am : “ And now the CEO’s of the 3 Sisters are complaining that taxing bonuses is unfair. Agg’s RS extract was right on the money, they just don’t get it, even now. It was presumably fair to almost cause the collapse of the global financial system and in the process shatter the retirement plans of millions. But to deprive bankrupt banks of the bonuses for the same bankers that caused them to need Government bailouts, that’s just not fair! What annoys me is that they are all talking about “Retention” of talent as the latest mantra. Frankly this “Talent” should have been kicked out on the street on its as* already not retained. And in case they hadn’t noticed nobody is recruiting right now so where would they go? I suspect that in particular nobody is interested in recruiting these very same people who need to be “Retained”. This is just more new BS after old, but the bottom line is they are living in the past. What does it take to make these guys wake up to a new reality? ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 7:09 am : “ Sham time -The NYT says US will kick in 97% of funding for toxic assets purchase for a “share” of the profits – on a non-recourse basis. Fewer details on the pricing. Why all the bother to get 3% private participation? Something tells me the private investors weren’t very enthusiastic about this. I thought the idea was to leverage dwindling Treasury funds with private funds, all this for 3% “new” money ( … )! Once the Treasury creates at least a semi active market for these assets the banks won’t be able to argue MTM isn’t fair and they need a mark to model or MTM lite. I suspect these private investors will become ultra wealthy stripping out the valuable assets and dumping the rest on Uncle Sap. I’m sure Congress will get into the details of the agreement after the fact. I guess it really doesn’t matter, eventually the US will either formally default on their debt or hyperinflate the dollar into a complete junk currency – at that point without foreign creditors we’ll be forced to live within our means, ( … ), it was bound to happen – it’s just the speed thats surprising. ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 7:50 am : “ it’s the old “Super-SIV” idea that was hooted-down during 43.. (name-)change we can believe in.. ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 8:00 am : “ Tiny Tim’s Toxic Plan. So we have at least a half trillion of toxic guarantees outstanding ($300B for CITI, $100B for BAC and $100B for AIG) and we will pick up about 90% of CITI’s losses (not counting our equity portion of CITI). So the US could be picking up over 90% of CITI’s losses for these auction sales and a portion of any gains on sales to these toxic vultures who are 97% funded by us on a non-recourse basi0s? The US is either going to default on it’s national debt or embark on a drastic devaluation of the dollar by hyperinflation. ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 8:08 am : “ The toughest nut still isn’t cracked, the pricing of these sales. The banks don’t want to sell for less than their optimistic marks and it’s tough to justify prices above auction prices without a direct US subsidy, meanwhile the prices of homes and mortgages underlying these toxic assets in the bubble states keep plummeting – these toxic vultures and the terminal banks will both be lobbying furiously for better deals and bigger subsidies while the underlying values tank. ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 8:21 am : “ I’m with R. Timm. The govt. will get money in circulation if they have to literally drop it out of helicopters. Yes, there is deflation in real estate and commodities. But where do you see it in everyday commerce? And this is before the stimulus kicks in. We are going to have inflation, probably very bad inflation. At the end of the day, it’s the only trick govt. knows. ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 8:42 am : “ ….. Meanwhile back at pessimism central….Sure they’re flooding the economy with liquidity at the moment and have been for months….the big fear at the moment is deflation not inflation……sure there’s a possibility inflation could take off in 12-18 months but the fed can destroy money as well as create it and will if required….the same folks forecasting the end of the world six months ago are now forecasting defaults on sovereign debt or hyperinflation….( … ) ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 8:51 am : “ I assert that there is a difference between 43 and 44. That differences can be found in the distinct levels of coherence each achieves. “I’m going to put people in my place, so when the history of this administration is written at least there’s an authoritarian voice saying exactly what happened,” – George W. Bush on his plans for his memoir. I understood what the game was when they trotted out Salazar in his widdle cowboy hat. But I feel confident that at least 44 knows the definition of the word ‘authoritarian’ and when to bury it as he pauses… Don’t know whether the Teleprompter gives him the ole (…) or an ‘uuuhh’ or a pause here. At least he can read. Do you recall the famous reading contest between 43 and his own brain? Dubya boasted of his recent disgestion of The Stranger – I think he may have confused it with The Arab Mind. Speaking of that book, do you think that 44 will pursue a policy of enacting sexual humilliation on the Arab subject to achieve foreign policy goals for one of the Hunt brothers? ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 8:57 am : “ ( … ) “Long term deflation won’t end until the wage arbitrage issue is addressed and solved.” I agree. As far as QE and inflation expectations – what will be the trigger to start demand. You can have all the money in the world laying around but if there is no demand for the products and services that money will buy – than ( = then ) who cares? ”.

    March 21st, ’09 at 9:50 am : “ ( … ) And, speaking of the Hunt brothers, I wouldn’t know, I’d be more concerned about AIPAC, as Mearsheimer and Walt, well, delineated in their book ( … ) Foreign entanglements, no matter the stripe, as we were well warned, are bad news.. Past that, are BHO & GWB two different people? of course. Will they enact the exact same policies, and execute them the same way? No. here’s a change: “Senator Obama was nearly 17 minutes into his July 2 speech (yet another one where naming Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was required) in Colorado Springs, Colorado when he deviated from his pre-released script and performed without the teleprompter net saying,“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” (emphasis added) The immediate context for that amazing statement was a preview of parts of his plan to vastly expand community service opportunities for Americans of nearly all ages. He said, “People of all ages, stations, and skills will be asked to serve.” The range of his community service initiatives was outlined in an earlier American Thinker article. In his campaign document entitled “The Blueprint for Change: Barack Obama’s Plan For America,” Obama’s “Service” section runs a close second to “Education” in complexity. But, with his Colorado Springs’ statement, it grabbed first place in its projected costs to taxpayers. Obama did the cost projection himself. He plans to double the Peace Corps’ budget by 2011, and expand AmeriCorps, USA Freedom Corps, VISTA, YouthBuild Program, and the Senior Corps. Plus, he proposes to form a Classroom Corps, Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, Veterans Corps, Homeland Security Corps, Global Energy Corps, and a Green Jobs Corps. Here a corps – there a corps – everywhere a corps corps. ”.
    March 22nd, ’09 at 7:38 pm : “ “It’s not like the central banks don’t know how much they have to print and distribute (and to whom) to get out of this.” ( … ) The Shadow Banking System allowed credit expansion to go beyond all reasonable bounds – and being non-regulated all that debt creation was opaque. I doubt if the central banks of the world have the slightest clue how much insolvent debt there is or how much is still hidden in level 3 assets. ”.
    March 22nd, ’09 at 7:38 pm : “ We already have deflation – it’s not a prediciton. Houses, stocks, autos, electronics, clothing and, gas. All down. Too many goods chasing too few dollars. ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 8:51 pm : “ “The Shadow Banking System allowed credit expansion to go beyond all reasonable bounds – and being non-regulated all that debt creation was opaque. I doubt if the central banks of the world have the slightest clue how much insolvent debt there is or how much is still hidden in level 3 assets.” — Winston Munn. ( … ) All would be accounted for at some point, presumably to the benefit of the party cashing out. Now that the souffle has fallen, it is a real problem of the Rumsfeld Type Three: “an unknowable unknowable.” ( … ) I’m still trying to learn this stuff. ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 9:11 pm : “ They might not know the exact amount, but I’m sure they have a pretty good guess (even considering the opacity of the debt created). Even if they haven’t a clue (and I can’t see that being the case, but it would help them to be able to plausibly claim ignorance), I’m sure the number dwarfs the amount currently being distributed at the top of the food chain. The point is, we know our GDP ( ) is roughly $14 trillion (other countries know theirs, too) , and we know our national debt is roughly $10.5 trillion (again, other countries know theirs, too). Assuming a 50% tax rate on money distributed at a level that would cancel the national debt, we would certainly be able to pay down (or pay off completely) our private debt (for the vast majority of the middle class), and provide the Fed Gov enough to retire the national debt. I figure the number would be around $150K, but more would be better (why take half-assed measures when you have fiat and are ‘printing’ dollars any ( … ) way). By some estimates, we’ve already spent close to that amount on bail outs (On 11/28/08, BR estimated it at $4.6165 trillion, and Bloomberg at $7.76 trillion). If that money had been sent to Joe Palooka to pay his debts, the banks, Joe, and the Federal government would be untangled and largely debt free. Anything less, applied anywhere else, only increases the debt in perpetuity, and pushes judgement day off – for a while. Money applied to the top is a ( ) stupid thing to do – as it does not retire any underlying debt. ( … ) that’s why the middle class is getting crushed. The dollar gets devalued under this scenario, but that will happen anyway. ”.
    March 22nd, ’09 at 10:45 pm : “ Though, past that, Machiavelli, or no, Obama will tell all you need to know with his G-20 actions, and policies like the ‘GIVE Act’, for starters.. “The summit of the Group of 20 rich and emerging nations in London on April 2 must give the highest priority for building a new global financial architecture,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Tuesday. In a joint letter to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, both leaders said, “We are deeply convinced that we must use this unique and historic opportunity to fight the causes of the global crisis.” “We are determined to achieve from the London summit concrete results for the reinforcement of international financial regulation,” Merkel and Sarkozy wrote.”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 10:47 pm : “ We the People? We have been relabeled, it’s now, We the American Consumer. ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 10:51 pm : “ March 22nd, 2009 at 10:40 pm: “Obama’s . . . in way over his head and is relying on “experts” to guide him. My impression is that the “experts” do understand the desperate state we are in and will throw any amount of money at it in the hope that it will make even the smallest difference. We are in for tough times.” _______ I don’t think were on the charts anymore. Here be monsters. I feel for Obama – no President since FDR (and before him, Lincoln) has had to deal with such big, intractable, systemic problems. That he doesn’t know exactly what to do is not surprising, nor does it say much about him ( … ). You are right, in spades, about the hard times a’comin’. ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 11:05 pm : “ my concern about Obama ( …). Where is the populist? ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 11:11 pm : “ I keep seeing myself in the movie, “The Untouchables”, and Sean Connery is asking me, “And what are you prepared to do, now?” ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 11:12 pm : “ “( … ) : I don’t think he’s as tone deaf as he seems right now (he sure had his finger on the pulse during the campaign) but I think he’s being sucked into the powerful vortex of the elite by allowing himself to essentially be extorted by them (“give us what we want or we’ll walk and it will all blow”…..the metaphorical bomb strapped to one’s chest) to do what is in their best interests as opposed to the country’s.” — Well said. Ethical campaign donors know that giving to a campaign does not mean a revolving door. Nobody is immune to this type of donor influence ( … ). Obama had a massive # of small donors. ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 11:23 pm : “ My wife and I had little conversation on the way home from bald eagle-watching and we both kept trying to rack our brains (as we counted the “for lease” and “for sale” signs that dotted the road) on what industry(ies) would bring the U.S. out of this (e.g. with a production of real, sustainable, good paying jobs) and neither of us could come up with an answer. I then joked that we should get a divorce, marry separate foreigners an’ then re-unite in that country to live happily ever after. The problem is I couldn’t think of another country that isn’t at least as screwed as our is…….. Mars anyone? ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 11:34 pm : “ I’m an algorithmic, FX maket-maker. On the Sunday night that Lehman collapsed I was busy but things were manageable. Two nights later, however, when AIG “collapsed”, the normally very liquid FX market basically grounded to a halt. The basis on my small hedged $20mm position in USD/JPY exploded in my face, quickly giving me a $110,000 paper loss before reverting back to the small profit. The FX market was unbelievable, nothing like the previous multitude of “Sunday Night Massacres” involving Bear Stearns, FNMA, Lehman, Merrill Lynch, etc. . Colleagues to take the rest of the week off, which we happily did. ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 11:37 pm : “ In a well-functioning economy, supply and demand should balance. In a well functioning society, people should not be considered a hindrance. One of the key asymmetries of modern economies, which is rarely accounted for, is the “fossil economy”. The fossil economy is the rapid and total liquidation and sale of a natural resource which has taken millennia to accrue and will be exhausted within a century or two. ( … ) Most of the economies of the world are based on the exploitation of fossil resources like whales, or old growth forests, or enormous swaths of land to build plantations or hydro dams, or to extract oil and natural gas. These economies are not converting present labor and present productivity into a saleable commodity. They are mining fossil energy and resources that we did not create into, often, “burnable” assets (ie. whale oil and crude oil). They are literally mining the past. Our economists’ books have been always skewed to forget that these fossil assets are finite and are not being renewed. But in reality, our entire economic model is dependent on their continued free availability, minus extraction costs. ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 11:49 pm : “ ( … ) Over the years my optimism has been replaced by well-earned cynasism, so it may only be me. But I’m not betting on any change – other than change show purposes only. ( … ) A seeming embrace of the status quo. That exactly defines my problem with this President thus far. ”.

    March 22nd, ’09 at 11:52 pm : “ What happened to Lehman can happen to the Fed. Lehman Brothers used JP Morgan for tri-party repos. Two weeks before their collapse JP Morgan issued a $5 billion collateral call on Lehman, who stalled for time. The next week JPM demanded a $5 billion all cash redemption from LEH. Between Sept 11-12th Lehman refunded $8 billion in cash. On September 15th they were out of business. The inherent weakness of tri-party repos is that the counter-party risks of billions worth of funding agreements are shouldered by essentially two players – Federal Bank of New York and JP Morgan Chase. Read more… “Our Engineered Meltdown: End of the Beginning”. ”.

    March 23rd, ’09 at 12:05 am : “ AIG and Lehman defaults were simultaneous events as they both got exposed as large risk takers when the market’s risk appetite went down. The real question is why save AIG and let Lehman die? Goverment may have planned all along. Right after Bear Stearns’ collapse, they knew Lehman was the next bank to go. They also knew that how players like Goldman or Deutsche “hedged” their risk exposure through AIG. ”.

    March 23rd, ’09 at 12:08 am : “ ( … ) : You know, I’ve wondered in recent months if this may have been gamed from the get-go. Here’s a quick story that turned this light on for me in my head even more vividly in recent days: ( … ) One contractor’s sales guy was previously in the mortgage biz right before the roof caved in. We got into a lengthy conversation about the mess and he said they couldn’t package enough ( ) loans to satisfy Wall Street’s ravenous appetite for them. He couldn’t believe how bad some of these loans were and that Wall Street would want them. ( … ) For me, that was almost an “ah-ha” moment and had me thinking ( … ) that maybe, just maybe some on Wall Street knew the housing market was going to come crashing down and were actually perpetuating it with this fraudulent activity (e.g. writing & packaging loans they knew for sure would default) so that they could subsequently cash in on it on the way down as they had on the way up. ”.

    March 23rd, ’09 at 1:12 am : “ ( … ) : “…until you take a look at predatory lending and predatory servicing aka Mortgage Servicing Fraud. Lehman’s BNC Mortgage, Aurora Loan Services (ALS) and Specialized Loan Servings (SLS) excelled at these. It’s long past time to reevaluate the causes of mortgage default and foreclosure. ( … ) Wall Street wants us to buy their spin on trailer trash home buyers so we don’t see past their BS and realize these subsidiary servicers were manufacturing bogus defaults in order to create ‘credit events’ for investment banks to cash in their rigged credit default swap bets on. This is why subprime ABX index became the hottest game in town. ( … ) Now wouldn’t that inspire confidence with obscenely leveraged bets. You can’t lose! Safe bets. Subsidiary servicers were only following orders even though many had been playing servicing fraud game for their own profit for years….” should be understood.. ”.

    March 23rd, ’09 at 2:05 am : “ But America is at risk in other ways, especially in the technical business of setting and executing policy. The presidency of Barack Obama has set out on a course that has no precedent in U.S. history. Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose New Deal transformed the U.S. economy during the Great Depression, pushed America off on a sharply different political and ideological course. The Obama administration is different in many ways, not least in its supreme self-confidence in its methods and objectives. Reform of health care, environmental policy, education, energy, banking, regulation — every nook and cranny of the U.S. economy has been put on alert for major change. Expansion of government spending, plunging the U.S. into unprecedented deficits, is without parallel. In economic policy, through regulation and control of energy output, financial services and monetary expansion, the U.S. government has embarked on a fundamental reshaping of America. It is designed, in short, to bring on the end of America… ”.

    March 23nd, ’09 at 3:09 am : “ There are always those whose house envy will exceed their grasp as there are those who come upon financial difficulty and can no longer make mortgage payments but there are far too many others who have had their homes literally stolen from them, even when they made ALL their mortgage payments on time. So why are we bailing out the thieves? ”.


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