Coghlan Capital & Silver Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Launch Precious Metals Service

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Press release:

Coghlan Capital & Andrew Maguire Launch Precious Metals Service

Guarantee backed service provides real time access to calls by professional trader.

New York and London, Feb. 23rd, 2011: Coghlan Capital today announced the launch of MetalsTrades, a unique service for gold and silver traders and investors. In addition to intraday traders this specialist service is ideally suited for traders or institutions that have or are looking to establish core positions in gold or silver and would like to hedge or capitalize on intraday moves in these highly volatile instruments. The service provides access to real-time calls and commentary from well known metals trader, Andrew Maguire.

Speaking at the launch, Paul Coghlan, founder of Coghlan Capital, said “This is a unique opportunity to follow a highly successful trader in real time. The most unusual aspect is the inclusion of a guarantee. If posted trades in any month result in a loss then membership fees for that month will be refunded. I believe that there are no services that provide such an iron clad guarantee. Andrew is a truly exceptional trader and we are showing our confidence in him and his methods by providing this guarantee.”

Launching March 1st, the service will provide members with real-time calls made by Maguire through an encrypted, secure web site supported by configurable alerts via email and text messaging.

Applications for membership are now being taken on a first come first served basis. Membership costs $500 per calendar month. For more information on the service please visit

About Coghlan Capital

Founded by professional trader and market analyst, Paul Coghlan, Coghlan Capital provides traders, fund managers and long term investors with expert analysis of the precious metals and FX markets based upon technical analysis. A serial entrepreneur, Paul Coghlan has business experience in both Europe and the US, having co-founded one public company and two that were successfully sold.

About Andrew Maguire

Andrew Maguire is a world renowned metals trader. With more than 30 years experience as an institutional trader and 19 trading solely Gold and Silver Andrew possesses an unparalleled level of expertise in the precious metals markets.

SOURCE Coghlan Capital LLC

Paul Coghlan
UK: +44 208 144 1521
US: +1 917 310 3422

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