Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: 911 Pentagon Attack (Full Episode)

Jesse blows the “official story” of the pentagon attacks on 9-11-2001 wide open. Aired 12-17-2010

Added: 17. December 2010


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The ultimate coincidence:

Matrix (1999): Neo’s Passport expires on September 11, 2001

The financial coup d’état coincidence:

Donald Rumsfeld on CBS NEWS: Pentagon Cannot Account For 2,3 TRILLION Dollars (MUST-SEE!!!)

Rumsfeld said this the day before 9/11. The very next day America was under attack and the $ 2.300.000.000.000 were forgotten.

See also:
Financial Coup d’Etat by Catherine Austin Fitts, Former Assistant Secretary of Housing.

4 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: 911 Pentagon Attack (Full Episode)”

  1. Booz Allen was the top corp.working on the TRAIL BLAZER office in the NRO (The office hit on 911.where evidence of miapropriations of TRAIL BLAZER was kept.).Dual ISRAELI NATIONAL James Woolsey is a,SIGNATORY to PNAC,SKULL & BONESMAN, X-DCI,& the HEAD of BOOZ ALLEN.He was in charge of TRAIL BLAZER……..It gets worse…….Records incriminating to BUSH CABAL to the ENRON scandal were in TRADE TOWER 7. THE BUSH CABAL HAD ME TORTURED .They threatened to kill me if I didn’t shut up……..IT GET MUCH WORSE,SO VERY MUCH WORSE !!! ..GOOGLE : DAVID FULTON TORTURE>>>READ ALL MY COMMENTS TO JESSE..THERE VERY MUCH MORE.

  2. “I WILL HAVE YOU AND ..*YOUR FAMILY* KILLED.IF YOU DON’T SHUT UP…YOU DON’T KNOW ME ,BUT I AM CONNECTED TO *EXTREMELY POWERFUL PEOPLE*.I CAN HAVE THIS DONE”,This was the quoted threat delivered to me….WHY DO YOU THINK MY FAMILY’s LIVES WERE THREATENED ?…IT IS BECAUSE THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO SILENCE THE TRUTH !!! SKULL & BONES is also known as THE SOCIETY OF DEATH ! It is A SECRET SOCIETY THAT JFK WARNED us ABOUT.They have been SABOTAGING JESSE VENTURA’s audience’s videos/recordings of his shows (TEVO,DVRs).My family knew nothing about the information I was aware.They are honest law abiding citizen,yet THEIR LIVES WERE THREATENED in an effort to silence me.Almost no one dares to go against this TREASONIST,CABAL OF TORTURERS. Those that do, usually acquiece in a short time frame,once they experience the effects of their shockingly,truely monstrous, torturous tactics.They will kill you without hesitation ,if they believe they have cover for their crime.THEIR ASSASINATIONs ARE CAREFULLY CRAFTED, they use our intelligence community and THEY USE PRIVATE INTEL CONTRACTORs to aid IN the EXECUTION OF their CRIMES..

  3. You know Jesse you didnt have a problem we were discussing it before and after the events… and you’re now saying that you don’t
    think a police state is a right idea??? I No the relist party had a split I didn’t think the people that are on that end we’re going against their own words…


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