Australia: Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan, Bob Katter And The Masonic Handshake

Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard greet Bob Katter, right, Tony Windsor, centre, and Rob Oakeshott. Picture: Gary Ramage Source: The Australian

More masonic handshakes:

Plastiki Skipper David De Rothschild Masonic Handshake
David de Rothschild (front right), Plastiki’s skipper, shakes hands with Ian Kiernan, founder and chair of Clean Up Australia and Clean Up the World.

Pope Benedict XVI and Tony Blair

Former PM Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas exchange a masonic handshake

Obama’s Freemason handshake at his graduation:obama-freemason-handshake-01


Obama’s masonic ring (Newsweek magazine):

(Click on image to enlarge.)




Obama’s satanic salute:




Change we can believe in !!!

And NO, this is not the “Go Horns” sign!

Picture from the Satanic Bible
This is a handsign of the devil worshippers (goat horns).

Horned Hand or The Mano Cornuto: this gesture is the Satanic salute, a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of Satanism or other unholy groups.

Meet his friends:




If you know what handsign Pope Benedict XVI is flashing here …pope-benedict-xvi_handsign_satan_666

… then you know why this makes perfect sense:

Chief exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth says Devil is in the Vatican (Times)

















42 thoughts on “Australia: Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan, Bob Katter And The Masonic Handshake”

    • @REN

      Helen Keller, who created, the hand sign system for the deaf was herself an occultist and Theosophist.

      Helen Keller was a devout student of Mr. Swedenborg, a Theosophist.

      Remember, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who founded the Theosophical Society in 1875, openly stated…

      “It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.” pages 215, 216, 220, 245, 255, 533, (VI)

      Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s most popular work was a two-volume book she wrote titled ‘The Secret Doctrine,’ in which she woefully states…

      “Lucifer represents.. Life.. Thought.. Progress.. Civilization.. Liberty.. Independence.. Lucifer is the Logos.. the Serpent, the Savior.” pages 171, 225, 255 (Volume II)

      “It is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God.” pages 215, 216, 220, 245, 255, 533, (VI)

      “The Celestial Virgin which thus becomes the Mother of Gods and Devils at one and the same time; for she is the ever-loving beneficent Deity…but in antiquity and reality Lucifer or Luciferius is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestrial Light, ‘the Holy Ghost’ and ‘Satan’ at one and the same time.” page 539

      Helena Petrovna Blavatsky 32° Co-Freemason
      The Secret Doctrine

      Clearly, Helena Blavatsky was a devout Satan worshipper. She is also one of the pioneers of today’s occult New Age Movement…

  1. This is satan work.May God bless you all and turn your self to Christ the savior…it is still have time for you all of you…tp ripent..The Chist is the way…And you know it….

  2. Guys, am so skeptical of these ‘scary’ horn signs, really. There is NO power in symbols, only a message to the subconscious. In these cases, if REAL, since we don’t have the ORIGINAL pictures to examine, the message is for the cowardly, superstitious, or ignorant sheeple. To keep them scared.

    As for Mme. Blavatsky a ‘satanist’, that’s pure vanilla BS. Lucifer, or Prometeus of the Greeks, is the Bearer of Light, and Light is Knowledge. And Knowledge frees man from bondage to Despotism.

    The Theosophists were persecuted by the Roman Church for awakening the sheeple into the hidden symbology of the sacred books, anathema to the tyranical Church Elite and their false dogmas and enslaving creeds.

    I have read Blavatsky’s books. NO ‘satan’, only ‘Lucifer’. Even if you find an edition with such change, you can bet it was most likely by the same Ziotic International Mafia who superimposed itself into Freemasonery to control it and its followers on the bottom degrees, and tried unsucessfully to hijack the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, in San Jose, California, but their dumb stupid agent Gary Stewart was made to flee after trying to steal several millions from the organizations funds, to destroy it.

    Also, symbolically, Lucifer was identified with the ‘morning star’, Venus. Symbolism, pure and simple. It’s the evil ‘chosenites’ who have perverted everything around us to confuse and destroy humanity from within. But have failed so far, and will be punished in their time.

    As for some of these photos and others, I have personally put ‘horns’ on several which first made the waves, then converted to ‘satanic’ by photoshopping their open hands into ‘horns’. ‘Believe’, and Yomama the illegal alien will be indicted for conspiracy with the Ziotics to destroy America.

  3. that’s an interesting question. my opinion is that illuminati have already infiltrated all churches and mosques and sinagogues, and it’s too late to change anything in that sense. but, we can make better world simply opposing the dark side of their pseudo-religion by sincere prayer and devotion to god.

  4. I agree with desval and debalazo, People or sheeple often look for the shadows to explain their fears. It is one thing to demonize everyone and everything around you just because you yourselves lack the ego, the ability to act on your own. The ability to reason out your environment and make decisions. You look to others to think for you, but infact if your ego is so small that you need to do that, I believe the people you want to do your thinking for you will think in thier own favour every time. People wake up…… If your ego is wrapped up in patriotism and false promises, so long as you… benefit from it. then don’t be surprised by the consequences. If you are not personaly involved in your development. then don’t be surprised of the outcome. Your faith in love and acts of love will be your only saviour. Be it christ ,buddha, mohamad, or any other diety you hide behind, only Love and shared knowledge will save anyone… don’t be duped by cheap imatations of life…Use your minds…If you can’t do the research yourself then don’t count on anyone else doing it for you. god bless you and keep you safe..oneearth

  5. I don’t get it… Is this guy trying to convert people to satanism? If so, he is doing it in a very poor way. I wouldn’t know a better way, since I am not satanist (nor ever will be), but I’m so not convinced, do you know how BAD this “religion” is? Worshiping satan is like guaranteeing eternal death because you’ve lost hope, if you have no hope you have no faith, if you have no faith you have no religion, if you have no religion you have no god, and if you have no god you have nothing to oppose him. This is a load of bull, it all starts with a little hope people, don’t worship demons because it sounds cool, it won’t sound cool in hell.

    • @The Worx and for those who don’t get it.

      If the leaders of the world are more or less satanists, then they obviously don’t do anything in the interest of the people, but everything in their and their elite masters interest.

      This is what I am telling you here. Maybe you understand George Carlin:

      George Carlin on “the American Dream”

      Barack Obama (Obama bin Bush), G. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan etc. are all puppets of the elite, who run the show.

      The elitists own all the money, they created the private(!) Federal Reserve, they suppress gold and silver and they own all the media. They only tell you what they want you to hear.

      And they are the ones that created the ‘hell’ people believe in their religions.

      They don’t go to hell, they are already in ‘hell’, here and now.

      There really is no hell. What all-loving father/mother would create a place of eternal damnation for his/her children?

      Hell is an invention of religion to scare its sheeple to do what they want them to do!

      And sheeple get herded, fleeced, milked and butchered!

      The catholic church obviously doesn’t believe in hell themselves, or why would they abuse and rape children? And why would the pope tell Bishops to be silent about abuse and rape?

      And why did so many pope’s in history celebrate mass sex orgies, having sex with childen, women, animals and men all at the same time?

      They obviously do not believe in the God that they preach about.

      What is the purpose of all of this?

      If we the people stand up peacefully and demand our rights and freedoms back and do not allow beneficial technologies, scientific breakthroughs and alternative medicine etc. to be suppressed anymore, then we the people will live in utter abundance, love, freedom and peace.

      We have the technologies to green the entire Sahara desert in 4 years and turn this entire planet into paradise.

      Right now the elitists are bankrupting America (and Europe) and destroying the US dollar. Barack Obama has increased the national debt more than all other Presidents in history combined and the Federal Reserve is monetizing the debt, because nobody wants to buy US Treasuries (or better TRASHuries) anymore . The Fed calls this economic policy quantitative easing:

      Quantitative easing = printing money = creating money out of thin air = increasing the money supply = inflation = hidden tax on monetary assets = theft!

      This is what deficit spending (Obamanomics) and quantitative easing (Federal Reserve) does to America:

      “When a country embarks on deficit financing (Obamanomics) and inflationism (Quantitative easing) you wipe out the middle class and wealth is transferred from the middle class and the poor to the rich.”
      – Ron Paul

      If you want to learn about the God of all religions and about who you (possibly) really are, then I recommend you to watch this DVD:

      Language of the Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden

      It is beautiful! And so is this life!

      Take care!

  6. HAAHAHA Do you really think these world leaders even entertain the idea of religious significance in their hand signs? Horns is just how you rock out these days It holds no power if you don’t care about it..

    • @unbefknlvble


      Another polite MASON TROLL visited Infinite Unknown.

      Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      IP Hostname (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

      Related IP Address Data – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

  7. @unbefknlvble, Do you think that is the only handshake? i think you need to research a little more before you talk like you know!, do you know all of the Masonic handshakes… Rituals.. and Wisdom

    @debalazo, Another conspiracy theorist? the Rosicrucian infiltrated the FreeMasons and the church… Oh dear..

    You probley will find from time to time that someone in the worlds elite, or even a regular person knowing alot about satanic (or what someone missconcepts as satanic), due to the simple fact of knowledge, and its commen sence . if you want to study everything you can and gain as much knowledge and wisdom as possible, you will inevertabley end up studying that!

    And as for symbols having no power… WOW

    And for the church.. i wont even go there…

    • im 75 yr old and very interested in becoming a Mason and getting a book so i can red about the rules ,hand signs ,and hand shakes

  8. Everybody. This conversation is naive. Everybody needs to accept the inevitable.. I’m not saying there is or isn’t a God. Regardless of the question, I try to live my life to be a good man. That’s better than any religion on the face of the Earth. People shouldn’t worry about crap in this world that’s morally worthless. Money. Power. Possessions. Stop pursuing what causes man to turn on his brother. Of course have the necessities to live, but the only thing the world needs to strive for is unity, peace, love, and care.

    • im 75 yr old and very interested in becoming a Mason and getting a book so i can red about the rules ,hand signs ,and hand shakes. How do i have to do in order to get a rule book

  9. Nice information, despite the content being dirty. I’m learning ASL and am trying to avoid any satanic signs. Funny and sad how pro-devil trolls/pawns insult without refuting anything.

  10. To Infinite,

    Oh Yes, there most certainly is a hell, hell is mentioned in the bible more times than is heaven. And you’re right, no loving mother or father would create a place like that for his children – it is created for veryone who rejects God (so if you reject God you automatically declare yourself a child of satan!)

    • @crystal,

      Would a loving God throw his children for all eternity into hell if they did something wrong?

      Not even the worst human parents are that unloving.

      Sounds like the God you are believing in …

      ‘Reject me and I punish you eternally’

      … is Satan.

      And if YOU can do greater works than Christ …

      “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.

      … then what does that say about YOU??? USE YOUR BRAIN!!! THINK!!!

      Religion created hell. Your version of the bible has been written by a POPE who created THE bible you are referring to from over 14,000 DIFFERENT existing versions.

      Do you trust a book that has been written by the catholic church? And almost all of those POPES have been exposed by historians to be rapists (especially of little children), whoremongers, murderers and having celebrated orgies all of the time.

      And I personally would not trust them for one moment. Do you???

  11. @Infinite,

    I stumbled onto this website while doing research. I just wanted to say I support your work and I respect your comments on this page. I was also impressed by the link you posted to Gregg Braden’s film. I’ve listened to many of his interviews and lectures, and seen some of his videos on YouTube. In my humble opinion, you are well versed on the nature of Love, Oneness, Truth, ‘Religion’ (control mechanism), and ultimately the pervasive nature of Satanism on this planet.

    I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but if/when the religious zealots/sheeple wake up to the Truth of who they are truly worshiping… well, that will be a day when the world steps forward into becoming a better place. I hope for that day, everyday. Thank you.

  12. If ur gonna give out a verse of the Bible, than throw out the verse it is!! Shows what u dont know, and these pics…i know whats true and not true, and there is a hell and He wud throw u into it if u dont follow Him as His Son died on the cross for all of us, if u cant get that than i feel sorry for u!

  13. yeah there are lots of facts in these pictures.I appreciate anyone who wants to wake up people by these but everyone should notice that some of the pictures are NOT original but this is a fact that there will be a war between those who worship god and those who worship satan and these are the signs of that big war

  14. Religion is a construct by man, and so is God, constructed in our image (rather than us in His). I believe in spiritual power greater than us, and I believe in the forces both good and evil, and that we have a choice which side to serve. But religion… That is man, using ‘God’ and ‘Hell’ to have power over other people, yep sheeple. That is abusers coming up with a way to abuse and keep it quiet, and to keep their place in society and quell any conscience they might have at the same time. I’ve stopped believing in the stories other people tell me or books like the Bible tell me, instead started listening with more than my ears (or my other senses technically, since I’m actually deaf) and finding out what the truth is for myself. More abuse and horror has been committed in the name of God than anything else, so something stinks in the world of Religion.

  15. WikiLeaks logo
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    On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.

    [Analytical & Intelligence Comments] Mossad ran 9/11 Arab “hijacker” terrorist operation

    Released on 2013-02-13 00:00 GMT


    2011-05-04 16:26:59

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    CROYDON KEMP sent a message using the contact form at

    Mossad ran 9/11 Arab “hijacker” terrorist operation

    By Wayne Madsen

    British intelligence reported in February 2002 that the Israeli Mossad ran
    the Arab hijacker cells that were later blamed by the U.S. government’s 9/11
    Commission for carrying out the aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and
    Pentagon. WMR has received details of the British intelligence report which
    was suppressed by the government of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair.

    A Mossad unit consisting of six Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jews infiltrated
    “Al Qaeda” cells in Hamburg (the Atta-Mamoun Darkanzali cell), south Florida,
    and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates in the months before 9/11. The Mossad
    not only infiltrated cells but began to run them and give them specific
    orders that would eventually culminate in their being on board four
    regularly-scheduled flights originating in Boston, Washington Dulles, and
    Newark, New Jersey on 9/11.

    The Mossad infiltration team comprised six Israelis, comprising two cells of
    three agents, who all received special training at a Mossad base in the Negev
    Desert in their future control and handling of the “Al Qaeda” cells. One
    Mossad cell traveled to Amsterdam where they submitted to the operational
    control of the Mossad’s Europe Station, which operates from the El Al complex
    at Schiphol International Airport. The three-man Mossad unit then traveled to
    Hamburg where it made contact with Mohammed Atta, who believed they were sent
    by Osama Bin Laden. In fact, they were sent by Ephraim Halevy, the chief of

    The second three-man Mossad team flew to New York and then to southern
    Florida where they began to direct the “Al Qaeda” cells operating from
    Hollywood, Miami, Vero Beach, Delray Beach, and West Palm Beach. Israeli
    “art students,” already under investigation by the Drug Enforcement
    Administration for casing the offices and homes of federal law enforcement
    officers, had been living among and conducting surveillance of the
    activities, including flight school training, of the future Arab “hijacker”
    cells, particularly in Hollywood and Vero Beach.

    In August 2001, the first Mossad team flew with Atta and other Hamburg “Al
    Qaeda” members to Boston. Logan International Airport’s security was
    contracted to Huntleigh USA, a firm owned by an Israeli airport security firm
    closely connected to Mossad — International Consultants on Targeted
    Security – ICTS. ICTS’s owners were politically connected to the Likud
    Party, particularly the Netanyahu faction and then-Jerusalem mayor and future
    Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. It was Olmert who personally interceded with New
    York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to have released from prison five Urban Moving
    Systems employees, identified by the CIA and FBI agents as Mossad agents. The
    Israelis were the only suspects arrested anywhere in the United States on
    9/11 who were thought to have been involved in the 9/11 attacks.

    The two Mossad teams sent regular coded reports on the progress of the 9/11
    operation to Tel Aviv via the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC. WMR has
    learned from a Pentagon source that leading Americans tied to the media
    effort to pin 9/11 on Arab hijackers, Osama Bin Laden, and the Taliban were
    present in the Israeli embassy on September 10, 2001, to coordinate their
    media blitz for the subsequent days and weeks following the attacks. It is
    more than likely that FBI counter-intelligence agents who conduct
    surveillance of the Israeli embassy have proof on the presence of the
    Americans present at the embassy on September 10. Some of the Americans are
    well-known to U.S. cable news television audiences.

    In mid-August, the Mossad team running the Hamburg cell in Boston reported to
    Tel Aviv that the final plans for 9/11 were set. The Florida-based Mossad
    cell reported that the documented “presence” of the Arab cell members at
    Florida flight schools had been established.

    The two Mossad cells studiously avoided any mention of the World Trade Center
    or targets in Washington, DC in their coded messages to Tel Aviv. Halevy
    covered his tracks by reporting to the CIA of a “general threat” by an attack
    by Arab terrorists on a nuclear plant somewhere on the East Coast of the
    United States. CIA director George Tenet dismissed the Halevy warning as “too
    non-specific.” The FBI, under soon-to-be-departed director Louis Freeh,
    received the “non-specific” warning about an attack on a nuclear power plant
    and sent out the information in its routine bulletins to field agents but no
    high alert was ordered.

    The lack of a paper trail pointing to “Al Qaeda” as the masterminds on 9/11,
    which could then be linked to Al Qaeda’s Mossad handlers, threw off the FBI.
    On April 19, 2002, FBI director Robert Mueller, in a speech to San
    Francisco’s Commonwealth Club, stated: “In our investigation, we have not
    uncovered a single piece of paper — either here in the United States, or in
    the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and
    elsewhere — that mentioned any aspect of the September 11 plot.”

    The two Mossad “Al Qaeda” infiltration and control teams had also helped
    set up safe houses for the quick exfiltration of Mossad agents from the
    United States. Last March, WMR reported: “WMR has learned from two El Al
    sources who worked for the Israeli airline at New York’s John F. Kennedy
    airport that on 9/11, hours after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    grounded all civilian domestic and international incoming and outgoing
    flights to and from the United States, a full El Al Boeing 747 took off from
    JFK bound for Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. The two El Al
    employee sources are not Israeli nationals but legal immigrants from Ecuador
    who were working in the United States for the airline. The flight departed
    JFK at 4:11 pm and its departure was, according to the El Al sources,
    authorized by the direct intervention of the U.S. Department of Defense. U.S.
    military officials were on the scene at JFK and were personally involved with
    the airport and air traffic control authorities to clear the flight for
    take-off. According to the 9/11 Commission report, Transportation Secretary
    Norman Mineta ordered all civilian flights to be grounded at 9:45 am on
    September 11.” WMR has learned from British intelligence sources that the
    six-man Mossad team was listed on the El Al flight manifest as El Al

    WMR previously reported that the Mossad cell operating in the Jersey
    City-Weehawken area of New Jersey through Urban Moving Systems was suspected
    by some in the FBI and CIA of being involved in moving explosives into the
    World Trade Center as well as staging “false flag” demonstrations at least
    two locations in north Jersey: Liberty State Park and an apartment complex in
    Jersey City as the first plane hit the World Trade Center’s North Tower. One
    team of Urban Moving Systems Mossad agents was arrested later on September 11
    and jailed for five months at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.
    Some of their names turned up in a joint CIA-FBI database as known Mossad
    agents, along with the owner of Urban Moving Systems, Dominik Suter, whose
    name also appeared on a “Law Enforcement Sensitive” FBI 9/11 suspects list,
    along with the names of key “hijackers,” including Mohammed Atta and Hani
    Hanjour, as well as the so-called “20th hijacker,” Zacarias Moussaoui.

    Suter was allowed to escape the United States after the FBI made initial
    contact with him at the Urban Moving Systems warehouse in Weehawken, New
    Jersey, following the 9/11 attacks. Suter was later permitted to return to
    the United States where he was involved in the aircraft parts supply business
    in southern Florida, according to an informe3d source who contacted WMR.
    Suter later filed for bankruptcy in Florida for Urban Moving Systems and
    other businesses he operated: Suburban Moving & Storage Inc.; Max Movers,
    Inc.; Invsupport; Woodflooring Warehouse Corp.; One Stop Cleaning LLC; and
    City Carpet Upholstery, Inc. At the time of the bankruptcy filing in Florida,
    Suter listed his address as 1867 Fox Court, Wellington, FL 33414, with a
    phone number of 561 204-2359.

    From the list of creditors it can be determined that Suter had been
    operating in the United States since 1993, the year of the first attack on
    the World Trade Center. In 1993, Suter began racking up American Express
    credit card charges totaling $21,913.97. Suter also maintained credit card
    accounts with HSBC Bank and Orchard Bank c/o HSBC Card Services of Salinas,
    California, among other banks. Suter also did business with the Jewish
    Community Center of Greater Palm Beach in Florida and Ryder Trucks in Miami.
    Miami and southern Florida were major operating areas for cells of Israeli
    Mossad agents masquerading as “art students,” who were living and working
    near some of the identified future Arab “hijackers” in the months preceding

    ABC’s 20/20 correspondent John Miller ensured that the Israeli connection to
    “Al Qaeda’s” Arab hijackers was buried in an “investigation” of the movers’
    activities on 9/11. Anchor Barbara Walters helped Miller in putting a lid on
    the story about the movers and Suter aired on June 21, 2002. Miller then went
    on to become the FBI public affairs spokesman to ensure that Mueller and
    other FBI officials kept to the “Al Qaeda” script as determined by the Bush
    administration and the future 9/11 Commission. But former CIA chief of
    counter-terrorism Vince Cannistraro let slip to ABC an important clue to the
    operations of the Mossad movers in New Jersey when he stated that the Mossad
    agents “set up or exploited for the purpose of launching an intelligence
    operation against radical Islamists in the area, particularly in the New
    Jersey-New York area.” The “intelligence operation” turned out to have been
    the actual 9/11 attacks. And it was no coincidence that it was ABC’s John
    Miller who conducted a May 1998 rare interview of Osama Bin Laden at his camp
    in Afghanistan. Bin Laden played his part well for future scenes in the
    fictional “made-for-TV” drama known as 9/11.

    WMR has also learned from Italian intelligence sources that Mossad’s running
    of “Al Qaeda” operatives did not end with running the “hijacking” teams in
    the United States and Hamburg. Other Arab “Al Qaeda” operatives, run by
    Mossad, were infiltrated into Syria but arrested by Syrian intelligence.
    Syria was unsuccessful in turning them to participate in intelligence
    operations in Lebanon. Detailed information on Bin Laden’s support team was
    offered to the Bush administration, up to days prior to 9/11, by Gutbi
    al-Mahdi, the head of the Sudanese Mukhabarat intelligence service. The
    intelligence was rejected by the Biush White House. It was later reported
    that Sudanese members of “Al Qaeda’s” support network were double agents for
    Mossad who had also established close contacts with Yemeni President Ali
    Abdullah Saleh and operated in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Eritrea, as well as
    Sudan. The Mossad connection to Al Qaeda in Sudan was likely known by the
    Sudanese Mukhabarat, a reason for the rejection of its intelligence on “Al
    Qaeda” by the thoroughly-Mossad penetrated Bush White House. Yemen had also
    identified “Al Qaeda” members who were also Mossad agents. A former chief of
    Mossad revealed to this editor in 2002 that Yemeni-born Mossad “deep
    insertion” commandos spotted Bin Laden in the Hadhramaut region of eastern
    Yemen after his escape from Tora Bora in Afghanistan, following the U.S.

    French intelligence determined that other Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jewish
    Mossad agents were infiltrated into Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates as
    radical members of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, the “Muslim Brotherhood”
    agents actually were involved in providing covert Israeli funding for “Al
    Qaeda” activities. On February 21, 2006, WMR reported on the U.S. Treasury
    Secretary’s firing by President Bush over information discovered on the shady
    “Al Qaeda” accounts in the United Arab Emirates: “Banking insiders in Dubai
    report that in March 2002, U.S. Secretary of Treasury Paul O’Neill visited
    Dubai and asked for documents on a $109,500 money transfer from Dubai to a
    joint account held by hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi at Sun
    Trust Bank in Florida. O’Neill also asked UAE authorities to close down
    accounts used by Al Qaeda . . . . The UAE complained about O’Neill’s
    demands to the Bush administration. O’Neill’s pressure on the UAE and
    Saudis contributed to Bush firing him as Treasury Secretary in December 2002
    ” O’Neill may have also stumbled on the “Muslim Brotherhood” Mossad
    operatives operating in the emirates who were directing funds to “Al Qaeda.”

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise to power of the Taliban
    in Afghanistan, Sharjah’s ruler, Sultan bin Mohammed al-Qasimi, who survived
    a palace coup attempt in 1987, opened his potentate to Russian businessmen
    like Viktor Bout, as well as to financiers of radical Muslim groups,
    including the Taliban and “Al Qaeda.”

    Moreover, this Israeli support for “Al Qaeda” was fully known to Saudi
    intelligence, which approved of it in order to avoid compromising Riyadh. The
    joint Israeli-Saudi support for “Al Qaeda” was well-known to the Sharjah and
    Ras al Khaimah-based aviation network of the now-imprisoned Russian, Viktor
    Bout, jailed in New York on terrorism charges. The presence of Bout in New
    York, a hotbed of Israeli intelligence control of U.S. federal prosecutors,
    judges, as well as the news media, is no accident: Bout knows enough about
    the Mossad activities in Sharjah in support of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in
    Afghanistan, where Bout also had aviation and logistics contracts, to expose
    Mossad as the actual mastermind behind 9/11. Bout’s aviation empire also
    extended to Miami and Dallas, two areas that were nexuses for the Mossad
    control operations for the “Al Qaeda” flight training operations of the Arab
    cell members in the months prior to 9/11.

    Bout’s path also crossed with “Al Qaeda’s” support network at the same bank
    in Sharjah, HSBC. Mossad’s phony Muslim Brotherhood members from Egypt and
    Yemen controlled financing for “Al Qaeda” through the HSBC accounts in
    Sharjah. Mossad’s Dominik Suter also dealt with HSBC in the United States.
    The FBI’s chief counter-terrorism agent investigating Al Qaeda, John O’Neill,
    became aware of the “unique” funding mechanisms for Al Qaeda. It was no
    mistake that O’Neill was given the job as director of security for the World
    Trade Center on the eve of the attack. O’Neill perished in the collapse of
    the complex.Mossad uses a number of Jews born in Arab countries to masquerade
    as Arabs. They often carry forged or stolen passports from Arab countries or
    nations in Europe that have large Arab immigrant populations, particularly
    Germany, France, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

    For Mossad, the successful 9/11 terrorist “false flag” operation was a
    success beyond expectations. The Bush administration, backed by the Blair
    government, attacked and occupied Iraq, deposing Saddam Hussein, and turned
    up pressure on Israel’s other adversaries, including Iran, Syria, Pakistan,
    Hamas, and Lebanese Hezbollah. The Israelis also saw the U.S., Britain, and
    the UN begin to crack down on the Lebanese Shi’a diamond business in
    Democratic Republic of Congo and West Africa, and with it, the logistics
    support provided by Bout’s aviation companies, which resulted in a free hand
    for Tel Aviv to move in on Lebanese diamond deals in central and west Africa.

    Then-Israeli Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commented on the 9/11
    attacks on U.S. television shortly after they occurred. Netanyahu said: “It
    is very good!” It now appears that Netanyahu, in his zeal, blew Mossad’s
    cover as the masterminds of 9/11.

    Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and
    syndicated columnist. He has written for several renowned papers and blogs.

    Madsen is a regular contributor on Russia Today. He has been a frequent
    political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared
    on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and MS-NBC. Madsen has taken on
    Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity on their television shows. He has been
    invited to testifty as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the
    UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the
    French government.

    As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security
    programs for the U.S. Navy. He subsequently worked for the National Security
    Agency, the Naval Data Automation Command, Department of State, RCA
    Corporation, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

    Madsen is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ),
    Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO), and the National Press Club. He
    is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker



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