Jane Burgermeister: Polish Plane Crash Truth Video

I recommend to watch the entire video.

Added: 19. April 2010

3 thoughts on “Jane Burgermeister: Polish Plane Crash Truth Video”

  1. I strongly suspect this is closer to the truth than mainstream media has presented.

    May the light of goodness and truth which shines out of this remarkable human being of courage and integrity- called Jane Burgermeister catch fire in the masses of humanity so that real peace will happen on this earth. Thank you Jane. I hope you are safe.

  2. Jane

    The work you are doing is incredible. You might be putting your life at risk. In case you need to get away from Europe you can always find protection in my house in Australia. I am Polish, but haven’t heard from anyone abotu what you have told in your interview. I am greatly concerned with all the conspiracies, engineered weather changes and all the disasters that are not really natural. You are one of the light bearers that need to be protected.

    My email address is best to be kept private, you never know when you might be forced to hide.

  3. July 2011 – Appointment with Blood Pressure Consultant. Three weeks earlier I had been “assessed” by his nurse who wore a badge – Research Nurse.

    The consultant read through my medical history with recent blood tests showing low sodium and potassium. I told him I had a great sense of well being as I was taking vitamins for some weeks. He referred to my allergy to Penicillin, Hay fever, Asthma and recent allergic reactions to a few blood pressure drugs, noted I never smoked mentioning that my blood pressure was moderate. He prescribed a specific blood pressure drug. I asked about side effects. Registrar said: “there are very few but in your case nothing to worry about”. Consultant referred to low sodium and potassium as possible reason for being too long on a diuretic.

    The prescription came with no leaflet and no warning from Pharmacist. Four days later my eye was swelling, fluid filled up under my eye, throbbing pain at my temples and sides of my neck – it was as if a clamp was being tightened on my head. I went to an out of hours’ doctor who stopped the medication and put me on a course of cortisone.

    From thereon I was sent from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, sometimes with a GP letter sometimes presenting myself with pains and swellings throughout my body. Again and again I was insulted and humiliated that my symptoms were not due to the new blood pressure drug. I was given medication to mask or cover up the side effects. Side effects that had now manifested into two cysts on liver, very high liver enzymes, break down of my immune system and thyroid gland, swelling in throat and gall bladder, “sac of fluid” visible under my left breast, heavy painful breasts as if to breastfeed, stinging pains in ovaries and so much more. Several doctors said it was Anxiety. Abusing the Mental Health Act comes easy to doctors on the run!

    I suffered immense torture at the hands of abusers of science who masquerade as doctors of medicine which may be unbelievable to many but I know different. I know the extent to which doctors will go to cover up adverse side effects of drugs even to the extreme of cowardly blasting my body with bouts of radiation as they giggle and laugh at what they can do.

    I only had moderate high blood pressure – Nine months later I suffer with musculoskeletal disease, swollen tongue, hyperthyroidism with severe pain in my throat, two cysts on my liver, fluid in my ears, eyes, and feet, painful glands, ovaries, lungs, hardened arteries in my head, narrowing of blood vessels, torn corneas which two doctors discussed over me, weakness and numbness in several parts of my body. These side effects have been left untreated and have not been reported by any hospital or doctor to the IMB. This is the reality of hospital cover up sanctioned by the HSE and the Department of Health.

    There is no place to go for treatment of adverse side effects, there is no place to run!


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