What is happening to America?

RonPaul: “We don’t even know if they have the Gold there anymore.”

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People will not realize the main problem in America until they actually take the time to do some serious research for themselves, but hopefully this video may open that window for you.

The primary cause of loss of liberty is our ever expanding government and it is manifest in the resulting economic situations.

The issue is much larger than politics. Congressman Ron Paul happens to be one of the most well known people that is publicly standing up and telling Americans the truth, every American should read the Constitution, it’s the Supreme Law of our land and most federal officials take an oath swearing to defend it, but many people don’t even realize what it says.

Democrats probably won’t be so quick to rush to judgment and will probably actually listen to the message of what is truly going on, but Republicans should know a few things about this “crazy guy” Republican Congressman Ron Paul; things that the GOP doesn’t want them to know;

Republicans often talk about how great Ronald Reagan was, but what most people don’t know is that when Ronald Reagan ran for President in the year of our country’s 200th birthday, 1976, Ron Paul was only 1 of 4 Congressmen supporting him.

What shocks Republicans even more is to learn that Ronald Reagan campaigned for Ron Paul.

If you start investigating and researching the private Federal Reserve bank that controls America’s entire money supply in secret and is not accountable to Congress, and central and fractional reserve banking, The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the U.N. and globalism, and even the history of the Roman Republic in relation to the United States, you may become upset, but I’m sure you will be happy you took the time to learn the truth.

Along the way, I’m afraid you’re going to be in for many more shocks, it’s truly like waking up out of The Matrix (a popular film that deals with the enslavement of humans based upon what they believe to be real). Turn off your TV.

I hope this information helps you make better decisions in life, ultimately inspiring you to help restore the freedoms our country is losing and The United States Constitution.

Sunday, August 3, 2008, 1:08 am, by Andrew Gold

Source: Freeople

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