Ex-NFL Player Tasered For Pointing At Cop

Incorrect body language, talking to an officer now results in “pain compliance”

After Worley exits the vehicle and appears calm, the cowardly officer accuses him of “making fists” when Worley is doing no more than crossing his arms. Apparently, incorrect body language is now an offence that justifies “pain compliance” correction by means of a Tasering.

Worley even puts his palms together in a prayer-like pose in an attempt to reassure the officer he is calm but that is not good enough, after Worley points at the cop for half a second, the officer then approaches Worley who backs away but is then Tasered.

Watch the video.

What should Worley’s correct body language have been to have avoided 50,000 volts shooting through his body? Should he have kneeled and licked the officer’s boots while he was being lectured?

Why are police being trained that simply talking to cops or pointing a finger is evidence of an imminent physical threat?

Perhaps Worley’s behavior was deserving of a little torture when compared to the revelation that the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Police Service are tasering passengers who dodge their fares.

Maybe he got off lightly in comparison with the 16-year-old Palmdale schoolgirl who had her arm broken by a thug security guard and was later arrested by police for dropping cake.

How about the UCLA student who was repeatedly shocked as he screamed in agony for the crime of failing to present his ID in a campus library? Maybe Worley should be grateful for the fact that he wasn’t brutalized to the point where he begged for his Mommy, as happened to Mostafa Tabatabainejad.

This is yet more evidence as if it were needed that Taser guns have become an official instrument of oppression in America, as roid-head cops maraud the nation looking for the most minor indiscretion as an excuse to use them against everybody, including children and pregnant women.

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, April 18, 2008

Source: PrisonPlanet

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