Lifetime Achievement Acceptance Speech – Jeffrey Smith on “What We Are Facing In This Generation” (Video)



Congratulations to Jeffrey Smith who has been honored with a lifetime achievement award. His short acceptance speech carries extra inspiration for those of us who’ve been engaged in this issue.

H/t reader squodgy:

“Good news, then bad news.”

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Gluten and GMOs, Jeffrey Smith interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff (MIT, Senior Research Scientist) (Video)

H/t reader squodgy:

“Geoffrey Smith. How he has carried out his one man campaign against Monsatan’s unsafe products is so admirable. He now has a growing army, of supporters, followers and qualifying scientists.
His organisation is called The Institute for Responsible Technology.”


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Jeffrey Smith’s Full Presentation On Deadly GMO’s (Video)


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More information on GMOs:

GM food alters your DNA, changes your brain waves, destroys your immune system, your organs and makes you infertile.

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I saw what was really the fraud associated with genetic engineering: My impression, and I think most people’s impression with genetically engineered foods and crops and other things is that it’s just like putting one gene in there and that one gene is expressed. If that was the case, well then that’s not so bad. But in reality, the process of genetic engineering changes the cell in such a way that it’s unknown what the effects are going to be.

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