Poland: Only we decide whether to accept refugees or not


“The Polish position regarding the relocation of refugees remains unchanged. Only Poland decides whether it is able to accept refugees or not,” stated the Polish government spokeswoman Joanna Kopci?ska. “Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will continue the policy of supporting the needy in their home countries,” she added.

“It is Poland who decides whether it is able to accept refugees or not. It is our sovereign decision, which lies in the hands of Poles, not officials who have little in common with Poland and know little about us “- said the government spokeswoman in an interview with the wPolityce.pl.

In her opinion, the Polish government’s approach to refugees is becoming more and more understood in the EU. “And this is what makes us very happy and at the same time confirms that Europe is beginning to see the threats that Poland talked about a year or even two years ago. So we will continue to present our approach to relocation policy, because we are aware of how important it is. This is a question not only for Poland or for Europe but for the whole world “- added Kopci?ska.

“In Poland, as nowhere else, we realize what war is and what a great drama is behind it. But as Poles who were spread around the world after the war and some of us were denied the chance to return to their homeland, we know that the best you can to do is to help the victims in their home countries, “she added.

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