Scientists Discover New Link Between Sugar And Cancer



“Animal studies have shown that refined sugar is more addictive than cocaine, heroin or morphine,” says Dr. Pamela Peeke, author of The Hunger Fix. “An animal will choose an Oreo over morphine. Why? This cookie has the perfect combination of sugar and fat to hijack the brain’s reward center.”

Sugar is extremely addictive, just watch your kids and grandkids.

And it is deadly, the perfect slow kill.

MSG is the perfect fertilizer and sugar is rocket fuel for cancer.


Scientists Discover New Link Between Sugar And Cancer:

It’s no secret that sugar is incredibly bad for you. The typical American diet, which probably has more added sugar than any national diet in the world, is known to cause obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease, tooth decay, nutrient deficiencies, and of course, cancer (and that’s just the short list). Cancer in particular, has been connected to sugar consumption for some time now, by both mainstream and alternative medicine. Plenty of theories have been posited to explain the precise mechanism for how sugar fuels cancer growth, and it seems that modern science has just discovered another compelling link.

A study conducted by Lorenzo Cohen at the University of Texas was recently published in the Cancer Research journal. It found that sugar influences a metabolic pathway called LOX-12, which affects how cancer spreads in the body. This is big news, because as Cohen noted in an interview with NBC, “The majority of cancer patients don’t die of their primary tumor. They die of metastatic disease.” They discovered this link after feeding mice copious amounts of sugar.

Cohen’s team used mice for their study but say they took many steps to make sure the process was as close as possible to what happens in people. They fed sugar to the mice in doses very similar to what Americans eat every day, and they used mice that are genetically predisposed to breast cancer in much the same way that many people are.

They fed mice four different diets that were either heavy in starch or heavy in different types of sugar.

“A human study reported that dietary sucrose/fructose/glucose but not starch is associated with increased risk of breast cancer,” they wrote in their report.

When the mice were six months old, 30 percent of those fed a starch-dominant diet had breast cancer. But half the mice that had been fed extra sucrose had breast tumors. And the more sugar they were fed, the bigger the tumors grew.

While all forms of sugar contributed tumor growth, it was fructose that had the biggest effect. Mice that were fed the most fructose had stronger LOX-12 pathways, and as a result, grew the largest tumors. Considering that there is significantly more high fructose corn syrup (which is 55% fructose) in the American diet today than there was a few decades ago, this may explain why the United States has one of the highest cancer rates in the world.

What the study didn’t address however, is the relationship between naturally occurring sugars and cancer, or if there’s any link there at all. Fructose is of course, commonly found in fruit, and in smaller amounts, certain vegetables. That’s one of the reasons why representatives for the food industry claim that their sugary drinks and candies are relatively safe for human consumption.

Lorenzo Cohen stated that it’s simply a matter of quantity, since our bodies only need sugar in small amounts. “We need glucose. We need sugar. It is an energy source and we need it to live. We refine sugar that’s extracted from its source and consumed in extremely high quantities.”

On the other hand, the way these sugars are delivered to our bodies may be just as important as their quantity. While it’s true that the sugar in a candy bar is made of the same glucose and fructose as the sugar in fruit, it’s also wrapped up in fiber and other nutrients when found naturally in food. This serves to significantly slow down the absorption of sugar in our digestive tract.

So if you only ate sugar from natural sources, not only would you be eating less sugar since those foods usually don’t contain nearly the same amount found in processed foods, but that small dose of sugar would also be delivered to your body at a much slower rate. There’s a good chance that this LOX-12 pathway would be exposed to a negligible amount of sugar, if we stuck to a strictly natural diet.

Though the study doesn’t address the difference between natural and added sugar, it does sound like added sugar is the real culprit here. The recommended amount of added sugar for any diet, is no more 6 teaspoons a day for women and 9 teaspoons for men. Even when Cohen fed the mice an equivalent to those small amounts, it still contributed to tumor growth.

So it’s very possible that no amount of refined sugar is safe. The human body is simply not built to digest it in a healthy manner, and cutting it out of your diet should be your highest priority if you want to reduce your cancer risk.

On the left is your brain on sugar. On the right side is your brain on drugs. Notice the similarities?
Sugar Addiction

2 thoughts on “Scientists Discover New Link Between Sugar And Cancer”

    • To squodgy,

      we should be able to ask him personally to find out and ask him personally if it is true what is now being said about him.

      “Some cancer experts have said that Mr Jobs may have extended his life or even survived if he had promptly tackled his cancer aggressively with scientifically proven medical treatments.”

      And we both probably want to see that scientific prove that does not exist. And better not ask about the cure rate of especially pancreatic cancer or cancer in general, because those cancer experts will get really angry as we both know.

      For my new readers …

      Stress (job, relationship or whatever) can easily destroy the best immune system.

      Wi-Fi, mobile phones, cell towers and electrosmog are also causing stress and are really bad for the immune system.

      What I know is that Steve Jobs drank a lot of fruit juices, which is not advisable in my opinion.

      Vegetable green juices, however, are great to cure cancer.

      Any bottled and therefor pasteurized juice is not suitable to cure cancer.

      And “even” a vegan diet can still be crap. Cancer cells are living and thriving in fermentation and therefor enjoy sugar, spaghetti, white rice etc.

      If the spaghetti come with lots of fresh garlic, onions and herbs that would maybe have a different effect.

      Cancer loves sugar, but when the sugar is coming in the form of freshly made red beet juice and the cancer takes that sugar right in, it is like a Trojan horse for cancer cells, because the sugar is not coming alone, but with a lot of cancer fighting substances.

      Steve Jobs was not really a vegetarian or a vegan. He ate sushi and other non-vegetarian/non-vegan stuff.

      Apple offered soy products everywhere for their employees. Soy is an endocrine disruptor. The adrenals and the thyroid being already some of the weak points in cancer patients will certainly be very badly affected.

      In fact, If I had to chose between eating every day all those “delicious” (and if non-organic additionally glyphosate/GMO contaminated) endocrine disruptive soy products and between eating 500g of meat of my choice once a week, then I will go for the meat and my diet is …

      raw vegan + honey – salt.

      Steve Jobs has been said to have eaten only one or two foods (like apples and carrots) for many, many weeks, which is NOT a good idea either.

      Something will be missing in his diet.

      Job’s skin turned orange from carrot juice, which is because of toxins being eliminated through his skin. He must have been full of garbage.

      You can read about this effect on the skin in Norman Walker’s book on fruit and vegetable juices.

      Came across this website quite a while ago …

      I Juiced to Beat Cancer and Turned Orange!

      And this guy (supposedly) cured himself from cancer.

      Has Jobs been treated to get rid of cancer parasites, which is an important part of the therapy of any kind of cancer?

      The chief oncologist of the Charite Hospital in Berlin (considered to be the best hospital in Germany), when diagnosed with pancreatic cancer did not undergo any medical treatment, but retired to enjoy all the time he still had to live.

      And he above all people should have known best about the success of conventional therapy (operation, radiation & chemo) and I am sure he knew his colleagues, who treated Steve Jobs in Switzerland well …

      Steve Jobs Dead At 56, His Life Ended Prematurely By Chemotherapy And Radiotherapy For Cancer

      So what went wrong? I do no know (yet), but it must have been a lot…

      According to Wikipedia steve Jobs called his LSD experiences “one of the two or three most important things [he had] done in [his] life.











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