“We Can NOT Do It”: County Commissioner Sends Bus Full Of Refugees To Angela Merkel

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“Wir schaffen das nicht!”: Landrat Dreier schickt Bus voller Flüchtlinge zu Angela Merkel


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Protest gegen Merkel: Landrat Dreier schickt Bus voller Flüchtlinge zum Kanzleramt


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“We Can Not Do It”: County Commissioner Sends Bus Full Of Refugees To Angela Merkel

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The Lower Bavarian district administrator Peter Dreier is serious about his threat: Today drove a bus with refugees from Landshut to Berlin, directly to Angela Merkel in the German Chancellery. The first night in a pension paid by the district itself.

“We can not do that!” With these words, the Landshut District Peter Dreier is the Chancellor threatened in a telephone call, to send her a bus with refugees to Berlin as “Die Welt” reported online. At that time – October 26, 2015 – to three have said: “If Germany takes a million refugees, eliminated mathematically in my district in 1800. The I take on, I will send all further by bus to Berlin for the chancellery.”

Refugees on Roost forget: bus too late

Now perhaps is the time at which the load limits of his district have been exhausted for three. 2,100 refugees are now housed in Landshut, said a spokesman for the district administrator to FOCUS Online. Today at 9 clock a bus with about 31 refugees toward Berlin is started. “Originally had registered 50 people interested, but then come are less,” said the spokesman. The district itself would not ride the bus. “He comes with his official car.”

Update: First, the arrival of the bus for 17 clock was planned. In fact, the bus did not come until about 18 clock in front of the Chancellery. One reason for this, according to “Landshuter Zeitung”: After a break suddenly lacked a refugee. The bus had to drive in circles on the highway to collect him again. According to the Journal, it is unclear whether he could not keep from accidentally or intentionally had moved away.

Dreier: Surprised by the huge response

But even before the Chancellery at first you do not continue, as FOCUS Online reporter Albert Linner of reported locally. Approximately one hour after the arrival of the refugees were still on the bus. The Chancellor’s Office sent anyone to receive threesome with his tour group. The district was once came out briefly and told the waiting reporters that he was surprised by the great hype about his action. Then Dreier got back in the bus, which is apparently eagerly discussed what now to do with the refugees.

After FOCUS online information, the refugees should be first brought by buses in a heated hall. However, district three did not agree, according to information of the sheet. Now the refugees are housed in a boarding house in the north of Berlin. Has paid the night of the District – out of pocket. Tomorrow we will probably return to Landshut.

Refugee: “Angry that we were used”

The question of whether the refugees about the action were informed and had agreed to donate can not be answered clearly: “The mood is certainly expectant and cheerful,” said the spokesman of the bus. “The refugees have all volunteered and want to go to Berlin,” he says. Employees had previously inquired into nine Landshuter refugee centers for interested. But he had so far found little time to talk to the individual riders. Whether they see through all the political dimension of action, therefore, remains doubtful.

As “Time Online” reports, have slowly understood during the bus ride, that the district not only has their best interests in mind the refugees. “After two hours on the bus we realized: We are only part of a game,” the paper quoted the Syrian refugee Ahmad Sayed. “We are angry that we have been used,” adds the 29-year-old from Damascus. “We want to be a normal life and not part of a game.” According to Sayed employees of the district office had assured the refugees that they could in Berlin in better accommodation than living in Landshut.

“On the back of refugees”

The Berlin policy is angered by it alone the district administrator. The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller (SPD) told Deutsche Presse-Agentur on the edge of the opening ceremony for the Green Week: “This is a form of lack of solidarity.”. The county would be responsible to pass on Berlin. “I expect that the federal government as yet clear words found at the Bavarian State Government.”

The spokesman for the Berlin Senate Administration for Social Affairs, Sascha Langenbach, said the evening of an unprecedented process, as on the back of refugees would be made irresponsible policies.

“Social and inner peace at risk”

Previously, there was apparently an intervention of the Bavarian Social Minister Emilia Müller, who had threatened legal action the district, such as “The World” reports. This appears threesome but calmly to look. Obviously the Landshut wants with his action to set an example and Angela Merkel let yourself feel that there is a traffic jam – the refugees who came to him in recent months to Landshut, were still here, like “Die Welt” reported.

Effective measures to deal with the refugee crisis so far are clearly not. The municipalities are the ones that would deal with the specific problems at the end of every day. In addition, an end to the wave of refugees is not in sight and the facilities ran low, citing the “Landshuter Zeitung” online the district. In addition, he saw the social peace in Germany and in danger.

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