Astrophysicist on the #COP21 Climate ‘Deal’: ‘It is a pack of lies, a word-salad of delusional nonsense. It is not science but politics …’

Astrophysicist – New climate deal “a pack of lies”

“A word-salad of delusional nonsense.”

Piers Corbyn and WeatherAction comment on the #COP21 Climate “Deal”:

“It is a pack of lies, a word-salad of delusional nonsense. It is not science but politics and we challenge David Shukman of BBC and Sir David Attenborough to public debate on their claims and to answer the points made by us and all scientists at the Paris Climate Challenge alternative to UN IPCC held 1-3Dec –

I. THE FACTS OBSERVED IN THE REAL WORLD, rather than the product of failed models by the self-serving appointees of governments which make-up the IPCC process ARE:

(i) ALL the predictions of the ‘Global Warming’ theory of the UNIPCC have failed.

Real world temperatures as accurately measured by satellites are not rising but falling while the UN-IPCC models based on ‘cretin-Physics’ predicted rising for decades.

Arctic sea ice has now INCREASED to record levels not fallen as required under the UN IPCC model.

The actual rate of sea level rise (due to the slow expansion of sea volume since the last ice-age) has not changed since the industrial revolution and not shown extra rises from increased CO2

(ii). NONE of the extremes of weather (and alarmist reportage of weather events) and wild behaviour of the jet stream which causes them are anything to do with CO2 but are provenly caused and in many cases were predicted in detail months ahead by Piers Corbyn’s Solar activity driven forecasting technique.

The extreme events observed over the last 8 years are THE WRONG TYPE OF EXTREMES FOR THE CO2 THEORY.
Under the CO2 theory the North Hemisphere Jet Stream should have moved North and become less wavy but it has moved South and got more wavy in line with Piers Corbyn’s WeatherAction Solar-Lunar Action Technique of long range forecasting.


They are destroying jobs in Britain, Ireland & Europe and merely moving those industries and production of CO2 (which is the gas-of-life and not a pollutant) to other parts of the world.

3. THE WORLD POPULATION and world economy are suffering under Climate-Change / Global warming measures by rising energy and food charges, fuel poverty and increased starvation while the Super-rich, BigOil and giant corporations increase profits.

The measures are nothing to do with science or climate but a distortion of the world economy and redistribution of jobs to enable greater exploitation by Giant corporations and the world super-rich.
So-called climate Science is a cover for this profiteering.
Of the over one $Billion a day spent on so called climate saving green measures the vast majority is on stupid grandiose ineffective projects (wind farms etc) while only a small proprtion goes to actual defences (eg better water management) and precautions needed for naturally occuring extreme weather events consequent on changing solar activity and motions of the Jet Stream.

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  1. hearing carefully what is said in Paris one has to conclude that one is prepairing a transition from oil to capacitors to found a ‘new’ economy which must bring prosperity again as once oil did. On the other hand being more geopolitical independent of russia and middle-east is required. So ‘climate change caused by men’ defines a win-win situation and therefore they, the climatists, are talking about turning off and on the ‘earth-heating system’. Transition will come but mostly accompanied with war.


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