GOP Debates Post-Mortem …

They are all puppets (like Bush, Obama and Clinton).


Mike Adams of Natural News:

“I forced myself to watch the Fox News Republican debates last night, wondering if anybody would stand out from the 17 candidates.

But what really stood out was the obvious fraud and bias from Fox News itself, which spoon-fed softball questions to Jeb Bush (scripted!) while viciously smearing Donald Trump.

What’s obvious — and horrifying — is that Fox News is pushing hard for Jeb Bush to be the nominee.

If the 2016 election comes down to another Clinton / Bush fiasco, I think I’m going to puke… America has become a dynasty of two corrupt families running their criminal enterprises disguised as “government.””

Fox News debate fraud? Jeb Bush spoon-fed obviously pre-arranged questions while Donald Trump is viciously attacked by unfair, biased news anchors (Natural News, Aug 7, 2015)

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GOP Debates Post-Mortem: Fiorina Wins Undercard; Trump Takes Title, Threatens Independent Run (ZeroHedge, Aug 6, 2015):

17 Entered… Despite the onslaught of attacks from the other 16 GOP Presidential nominee candidates, Donald Trump came out the ‘winner’ in his usual brash manner threatening to run as an independent and able to dominate the conversation, pitbull back at any jibes, and shrug off cozy Clintonite comments. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul appeared to have a strong showing but “had a tough night” in Trump’s words. Rick Perry blew up again, calling the former President Ronald ‘Raven’ – which his team vehemently denied the entire FOX watching audience heard. Carly Fiorina easily won the undercard against a field of has-beens and wannabes and surely deserves some more top-billing in the next Republican death-match. In the immortal words of Kenny Rogers, we hope a few of the 17-strong gaggle now “know when to fold ’em,” and can we suggest Rick Perry’s corner “throws in the damn towel.”

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1 thought on “GOP Debates Post-Mortem …”

  1. They ARE all puppets like clinton, bush and obama……………

    Trump has done an interesting thing, he has tapped into the rage and frustration of millions of Americans; perhaps the 93.8 million long term unemployed……but he has managed to tap into that anger.

    When I heard he was running, I thought it was just his megalomania……perhaps he means it. He refused to go with the status quo of the republican party, said he would not support any of the other losers if they were nominated…….he said he was not going to play along.

    However, for whatever reason, he has touched that anger, and could be a real player……I think Bernie Sanders is going to wipe the floor with clinton using the same tools obama did in 2008…….but, I don’t think Trump is going to play anyone’s game but his own…….

    Even the name Trump has meaning…….I wonder if it is his, or one he took a long time ago because he liked it……. The very name means to overcome, to win……He could win the entire game before most people realize who or what he really is…….Who is he, and from where did he originate?


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