Greek Bad Loans Soar To €100 Billion

Greek Bad Loans Soar To €100 Billion (ZeroHedge, July 14, 2015):

ust when you thought it was safe to buy Greek Banks (which it is not!) based on the mainstream media narrative that Greece is now fixed, ekathimerini reports that not only are deposits flying out the door at unprecedented pace (albeit stalled by capital controls) but non-performing loans have increased dramatically in the last few weeks as hundreds of households and enterprises have stopped making their repayments either due to a genuine inability to pay or because of the general uncertainty in the economy that has seen transactions freeze.

2 thoughts on “Greek Bad Loans Soar To €100 Billion”

  1. Anyone believing any of the “happy horseshit” being put out in the US, European, Chinese or any world market right now is demented.

    The New World Order is now legislating its economy………….

    I cannot believe it……… Don’t they have any economists to advise them?
    The law of Minimum propensity vs. Maximum Propensity to consume ought to show them………………

  2. I’d add the numbers supposedly borrowed by the EU to that figure.
    Their debt is so far beyond what they could ever pay………


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