Japan’s Monetary Pearl Harbor


Japan’s Monetary Pearl Harbor  (Of  Two Minds, Nov 2, 2014):

Trying to “fix” a sclerotic, inefficient state-cartel economy by boosting inflation–the ultimate goal of Japan’s Monetary Pearl Harbor– is a self-liquidating path to destruction.

The Bank of Japan’s surprise expansion of financial stimulus strikes me as the monetary equivalent of Pearl Harbor –not in the sense of launching a pre-emptive war (though the move does raise the odds of a global currency war), but in the sense of a leadership pursuing a Grand Strategy to the point of self-destruction because they have no alternative within their intellectual and political framework.

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  1. This time, they are dropping the bombs on themselves.
    Why do they do nothing about Fukushima? It is killing all of them. It is causing our animals to die very young of old age diseases……….they are destruction itself.


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