Dr. Andrew Saul, Ph.D. – Stop Smoking With Vitamins … And NOT Gain Any Weight (Video)

May 7, 2014


You can stop smoking and NOT gain weight according to Vitamin studies. Here’s how.

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  1. I stopped smoking back in 1980 with exercise, and lots of drinking water. Every time I wanted to smoke, I drank water, and did something else. I not only quit smoking, I dropped six pounds. If I can do it, anyone can.

  2. Sorry, I failed miserably. Found I didn’t need fags (english slang for cigarettes) when vacating, so took a Via Train trip & RV tour round New England & stopped smoking permanently 20 years ago.

    Put on two stone (28 pounds) and it sticks there no matter what.

    I spent a full month digging a pond out of solid rock with a pick, ate sensibly, drank water & tea, and it all just turned into solid muscle, only to decompose to a blend of water, muscle & fat when the job was finished.

    Hey ho! I recall a mate asking the Doctor what steps he should take to live a long life…..the reply????

    “Pick your parents carefully!”

    • @squodgy,

      Losing weight is real easy.

      I’ve helped many people with losing weight.

      All reached their ideal body weight. Some dropped 20, 30, 40 pounds and more.

      One who has just started recently, still on its way back to health and fitness, lost almost 55 pounds in just 3 months now, with no restrictions whatsoever in the amount of food intake.

      If you change your diet and add some very moderate exercise your weight will stay at the ideal body weight forever and you’ll get fit again.

      You can eat from a well balanced healthy diet as much as you want and you will not gain any weight.

      One of the reasons your body is putting on weight is because fat is the safest way to store all those toxins that your body wasn’t able to get rid of.

      Another reason is that if one is to eat a not so healthy diet the body recognizes that it didn’t got what he needed to sustain the ‘building’ and wants more of those minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids, only to get shut up with another burger with fries or pizza.

      A third reason for weight gain are those food additives (like artificial sweeteners and MSG) that are telling your body that it didn’t have enough and wants to eat ‘some’ more.

      If you give your body an adequate amount of enzymes your endocrine system, your organs, your entire body will spring back to life and your metabolism goes back to normal.

      You only get enzymes from raw fruit and vegetables. So don’t kill (cook) all of your food.

      Here is why enzymes are of utmost importance:

      One of the unique characteristics of dried barley leaves (organic and in raw food quality) is their hundreds of LIVE enzymes. Until you understand the significance of this, you cannot appreciate either health or healing!

      A good way to help you to understand the importance of enzymes is by giving you an illustration.

      An architect, in cooperation with a contractor, may determine every item of material needed for building a new home.

      These hundreds of items could be correctly ordered and safely delivered to a building site.

      But until the carpenters, brick layers, plasterers, painters and other specialists come to do the work, the home remains unbuilt.

      Enzymes are the bodies labor force in performing all chemical and biological processes in the body. We are born with a given, limited amount of enzyme activity (I compare it to a bank account); we must learn to conserve it.

      Depleting our enzyme supply (constantly drawing from the bank account by eating only cooked and processed foods) results in a weakened immune system. Weakening our immune system makes us prime targets for disease.

      Yet, we do not have to constantly draw from our enzyme bank account if we are eating raw fruits & vegetables. In fact we can start to safe and fill up our account again, rejuvenating the body..

      Sprouted wheat for example contains 6 times more Vitamin C & Vitamin B, 100 times more Vitamin E (if I remember that right) than its unsprouted version and is full of enzymes.

      And those enzymes inhibitors present in the unsprouted wheat, that make digestion difficult for us, have been transformed once the seed got in contact with water and started to sprout.

      Enzymes are extremely important for detoxification and our energy level.

      Enzymes neutralize poisons, resolve cancer-causing compounds, stimulate the repair of DNA, etc.

      As a side note: All those (poor) lab animals that were given lots of greens as food survived even lethal doses of radiation.

      Barley leaves are loaded with SOD and so are Goji berries.

      We can turn the on average often times very low level of SOD of a 60 year-old body within less than a month into that of an average 30-year old!

      Enzymes are one of many reason why I have chosen a raw vegan diet (+ honey – salt), but you can be a vegan, a vegetarian or an occasional meat eater and still be fine.

      (I hope I am not sounding too fanatic, as I am still very enthusiastic about all of this, because it worked miracles for me and for many others I know.)

      Once your body is given the chance to get rid of those toxins it will throw all that garbage out and you will experience healing/detox reactions that will get milder over time until one day your energy levels have reached long lost heights and your children, even your grandchildren, will have trouble keeping up with you once you’ve reached the age of 70 … if you start NOW. And I’m not joking.

      All you have to do is some reading & research (a field in which you excel) and implement it into your life and find out what works for you best and never stop learning (having such a sharp and brilliant mind this should be easy for you.)

      For me health & diet is one of the greatest conspiracies on the planet.

      Through the destruction and suppression of the knowledge of how to keep ones body healthy and loaded with vital energy the TPTB keep the people in constant emotional imbalance and depression, with their bodies sick and their brains not working properly.

      I am convinced that if the people would only change their junk diet to a real healthy one and get connected with nature again TPTB would no longer be the TPTB and we would live on a whole different planet.

      “Pick your food, your diet, your environment and your books carefully!”

  3. My friend at IU is spot on. I can still wear clothes I bought decades ago.
    We are what we eat, and clean, fresh foods are essential. I soak exposed fruit and vegetables for at least 20 minutes to get any sprayed poisons off of them, then rinse them thoroughly.
    It is only now, with my spine twisting my intestines and stomach that I am limited in what I can eat…………it all hurts, so I eat as little as possible.


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