Inside September’s “Born Again” Jobs Report

Inside September’s “Born Again” Jobs Report (David Stockman’s Contra Corner, Oct 7, 2014):

The September jobs report was greeted by a flurry of robo-trader exuberance because another print well above 200k purportedly signals that growth is underway and profits will remain in high cotton as far as the eye can see. But how many years can this Charlie Brown and Lucy charade be taken seriously—-even by the headline stalking talking heads who inhabit bubblevision?

3 thoughts on “Inside September’s “Born Again” Jobs Report

  1. Checking right now, the market is down 35, down in the last minute from 6 points up. Try or not, the momentum is now downward……….the market is 85% high frequency skim and sell transactions……nothing is going in. No investor with half a brain is investing in all this chaos. Nothing plus nothing still equals nothing.

  2. Great article. 13,000 new jobs per month….far more realistic than the blatant lies told by the Obama administration. One of the best I have read, thank you.
    Everything in the article is spot on.

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