Biggest Gold Heists Ever (Video)


The Battle Is Almost Over: Destroying Libya To Steal 144 Tons Of Gold


Oct 7, 2014


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Estimated 45 tonnes ( 32150 troy oz per tonne X 45 = 1,446,750 troy ounces stolen and smuggled )



ISIS steal $429 Million in cash & gold from Mosul Central Bank…



Additional background:…


Spanish theft of Gold & Silver from the New World:



1,140,900,000 / $34.17 oz gold = 33,388,937.7 / 32,150 oz = 1038 tonnes

Conservative Nazi gold theft 1038 tonnes over $43 billion in gold today.



1937, 6,600 tonnes of gold taken by Japan from China – $275,000,000,000 Billion in today’s prices.

Japan took more gold from other countries and citizens they plundered, estimates are very difficult to make.…


Read the FREE INFOGRAPHIC here ➜

++ Iraq: al Baghdadi appare in immagini in moschea Mossul ++
A welcome distraction: the Islamist dude with the $6.500 James Bond watch.

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Just one month after this article has been published in the Guardian Robin Cook DIED:

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… or here in this interview with Democracy Now:

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  1. From all of this data, it proves only one thing, man is inherently greedy and given an ounce of power, he will strip the weaker ones of everything.
    We are the only species that wars on others without necessity, just for gain.
    Birds fight for food and territory, animals for the same. Man fights to fight.
    Pity Fukushima has made it a doomsday scenario for all human, animal and sea life.
    Our magnificent beaches on the west coast are littered with barnacles instead of sea shells………for the first time, I am glad my lifetime partner is dead, he loved the ocean as I do. No shrimp or cracked crab?
    Who wants to live in such a dreadful world?
    Not I.


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