Meet Spain’s Ebola Containment Protocols

Tuesday Humor? Spain’s Ebola Containment Protocols (ZeroHedge, Oct, 7, 2014):

We noted earlier the insider’s account of the dismal protocols in place for managing Ebola in Spain’s hospitals… but a picture paints a thousand highly contagious words…

This is how a spanish hospital is isolating an ebola-infected nurse



The spanish government has been dismantling public hospitals ever since they won the elections.


“It was reported at the outset that no protocols or realistic training to address this situation because they are procedures for which you must train: you can not teach a person to put on a suit that costs so much to put it in 20 minutes , “

This is the first case of ebola detected in Europe and the spanish government is to blame for it.

Source: Publico

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  1. TX Ebola patient has died, just hitting the news reports.
    He was not the first Ebola patient in the US, why do they lie about everything?


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