Weather Warfare Assault On California Intensifies

Weather Warfare Assault On California Intensifies (GeoengineeringWatch, Oct 3, 2014):

The climate engineers continue to hammer California with record heat and drought. Meteorologically speaking maps like the one below are historically unprecedented. This is what climate engineering can do, fry one location while temporarily cooling another. The geoengineers can and are continuing to cook California under a virtual target of heat and drought. Meteorologists have coined the term “ridiculously resilient ridge” to describe the engineered HAARP induced high pressure that is being kept locked in place over the West.  Are maps like the one below also meant to send a message with their bullseye of blazing heat centered exactly over the once golden state like a target? Let’s keep this in mind, the NOAA mapping is done by the private defense industry contractor Raytheon who is major player in the ongoing climate engineering nightmare. Those who are controlling the weather then issue maps like the one below that tell us all what they have “scheduled” for us . The unprecedented heat and drought is yet again scheduled for the western US is indicated by the map below, this continuous scenario is completely engineered and unnatural. In addition to systematically destroying the biosphere and contaminating all life with highly toxic metals, we should also consider this, the already operational global spraying network could be used to spread a deadly pathogen any time the power structure wishes to do so, who can stop them when the public is even now generally unaware of geoengineering and the atmospheric spraying?

Below is the latest NOAA map for October showing even more intensified heat and drought scheduled for the already decimated state of California.




Those with the courage to help change this equation will get off the bench and help to sound the alarm about the totally engineered nature of the California Drought cataclysm and the spraying in general. California is currently a very prime location to start an avalanche of awareness in regard to the climate engineering as people there can no longer ignore what is unfolding around them. Use the links posted below to further educate yourself on the ongoing engineered drought and then help with the effort to educate others in California that don’t yet understand what is happening. Two of the links below identifies some of the most impacted towns and cities. Those of us in the fight need all the help we can get to identify various agencies, organizations, and individuals that live in these impacted areas, and then to send them an email “heads up” of credible information on the geoenginering issue. The “flaming arrow” link below can be used for such mail outs and is all set to go with an introduction letter and informational links. The more people that help us in this effort, the better our chances of starting a “spot fire” of awareness that can not be put out. The more spot fires we start in various locations, the more likely these individual fires are to burn together into a giant blaze of awareness that can not be extinguished. All of this effort can be done from any home computer without any expense other than time spent. Please help us to sound the alarm, every day matters.

(Continued education on the situation)


(Towns and cities that are almost out of water)

“FLAMING ARROW” link for emailing out the alarm.


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  1. My contact in Colorado insists it is the hotbed of decadence, depravity, corruption & immorality, and the sooner it sinks into the Pacific the better.


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