Police Admit They Were Told Jimmy Savile Was A Paedophile A DECADE Before He Was Exposed


Police admit they were told Jimmy Savile was a paedophile a DECADE before he was exposed (Daily Mail, Oct 5, 2014):

  • Surrey Police admitted they were told Savile was a paedophile in 2003
  • Journalist called with information that a victim had been abused by him
  • But the force did nothing with the tip-off and no crime record was created
  • Call emerged after an examination of police phone records last year
  • Investigation is underway by external force to assess missed opportunities

A police force has admitted they were told Jimmy Savile was a paedophile nearly a decade before his horrific crimes came to light, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Surrey Police have disclosed that a journalist called them in 2003 with information that an unnamed victim had been abused by Savile as a child in London – but the force did nothing with the information.

The call only emerged after an examination of police phone records in November last year, long after Savile was unmasked as the UK’s most notorious paedophile.

Surrey have now asked an external force to investigate whether there were any other missed opportunities which may have resulted from earlier investigations.

The 2003 call came in the middle of Operation Arundel, an investigation which led to former pop mogul Jonathan King and DJ Chris Denning being convicted of child abuse.
Records show that police operators asked the journalist to encourage the victim to contact them or the Metropolitan Police.

But Surrey said no crime record was created as ‘no direct allegation was ever received’ and Savile was not a suspect in the Arundel inquiry.

The new revelation is hugely embarrassing for the force, who previously admitted they identified Savile as a potential abuser in 2007, but botched the subsequent investigation.
avile was interviewed under caution by Surrey officers that year about sexual assault allegations dating back to the 1970s.

But no charges were brought after the Crown Prosecution Service advised there was insufficient evidence.

It has since emerged that Surrey officers overlooked key evidence during the investigation, codenamed Operation Ornament, from 2007 to 2009.

It was only during a 2012 review that the force discovered the 2003 call, but when the force then published a report on the review last January, it failed to mention it.

The omission was spotted in November 2013 and led to the force referring the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which oversaw the investigation but cleared Surrey of any wrongdoing.

The Mail on Sunday understands the blunder led Surrey to commission an independent report by Merseyside Police, which is currently being assessed.

But last night Labour MP Simon Danczuk said: ‘This is yet another revelation showing the casual attitude of police towards this crime at the time.

It’s important we know why information relating to credible tip-offs was not acted on so we can establish what the police knew about Savile. Only then will we be able to learn lessons so that other powerful abusers cannot slip through the net.’

A Surrey Police spokesman said: ‘The call from the journalist came during the force’s investigation into historical sexual offences known as Operation Arundel. Savile was not a suspect in this investigation.

‘Material relating to Operation Arundel has been shared with Operation Yewtree as part of their on-going enquiries. Surrey Police commissioned an independent external review of Operation Arundel by Merseyside Police and are in the process of assessing a report from that.’


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  1. People who abuse children certainly don’t walk in the light. Those who worship evil, whether it be excessive money, power, child abuse, child labor, selling illegal people as slaves (those who sold blacks into slavery in the 17th-19th century were called Blackbirders)….any truly evil treatment of people or animals for profit is devil worshipping. Many of them lie to themselves, calling themselves people of honor and other obscene lies. They cannot face the truth of what they have become.

    The devil, or Satan, takes many forms. Addictions to power, money, exploiting ohers…..all of this leads to greed, and soon those affected will hurt anyone, greed becomes the agent of evil, and once consumed, all such people become the slaves of evil, though they seldom realize it. Greed and/or envy leads to Satan, and once it takes over, it strangles the goodness, the kindness, charity…….all vanish and are consumed. Few of them worship Satan, they would be shocked and horrified if told that is what they are doing……..

    Fools that worship the idea of the devil are the biggest idiots of all, and they deserve to fry forever. Stupid and evil….. usually they live miserable lives of frustration, impotence and rage. They sold out cheap, and on some level, they know it. Many become residents of prisons.

    The sly playing of the devil feed on greed, self deception, theft, lies, cheating………..the dishonor usually starts small, and grows, just like weeds. Greed destroys all good instincts, they don’t need to go to devil church to find evil.

    In 2005, someone I had trusted and considered my best friend for over 30 years tried to kill me and nearly succeeded. But, he didn’t, and when I walked into his house three weeks later to confront him, the terror in his eyes was something I have never forgotten.

    I went through death, and didn’t die, I was raised out of it in the last few minutes. Over the three days I wavered between life and death, I saw and remembered everything in my life. It is an amazing experience, it is the ultimate moral inventory, and I saw I had done much good, far more than I remembered. Because of my religious training, I had been taught to do right, and move on, to focus on the good I had done was not necessary. As a result, I had forgotten most of it.
    I saw I had done much more good than harm. I had made a couple of well intentioned mistakes I needed to remedy, and I was able to come back and live long enough to fix them. Having fixed them, I can now allow myself to die and get free of a spinal disease that becomes more painful each day. It is a rare illness, I won’t bore you with the details.

    All I can say is stuff like this is absurd. There is far more evil than good in this world, and you won’t find much in the houses of government or the big houses of greedy guts. One thing none of them seem to realize…….we are here but a short time, and we can take nothing with us, but our selves and our history.

  2. An excellent piece on Ebola…….well worth reading.
    It is one more examples of why history and action is initiated by men, not gaggles of fools.
    Groups, and more groups “thinking and researching, planning” having endless fool meetings have caused Ebola to run out of control.
    I can tell you one thing with assurance……nothing gets done in meetings.

  3. Just caught this while visiting my Mum.


    The BBC carried out an extensive two part report on the extent of his abuse at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, North London, but at no time did they mention their own institutional paedophilia nor the fact that they covered up his well known activities in their organisation….WHO US???…SHURLY NOT


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