Fake Ebola Deaths Used to Promote Sales of Experimental Drugs

Fake Ebola Deaths Used to Promote Sales of Experimental Drugs (NODISINFO, Aug 19, 2014):

Sawyer, a worker in Liberia’s Ministry of Finance, is a complete fake. Watch his purported wife lobby of Mr. Sawyer lobby for global intervention in the Ebola epidemic hoax. Also see how she speaks of grieving and death with no evidence of suffering grief in even the most minimal degree.

There are at least three people whose deaths have been faked in order to promote the interests of the experimental drug and vaccine cabal, Dr. Sheikh Umar Khan, Patrick Sawyer, and purported nurse Justina Ejelonu.

Watch Decontee Sawyer spout wildly, upholding the position that the disease will eventually strike America. Clearly, based upon this suspect death she is hyping the Ebola hoax.

Why would she make all such efforts to hype the disease and the need for novel treatment while suffering in the midst of the loss? That cannot be mere happenstance. Surely, this is proof of a scam.

2 thoughts on “Fake Ebola Deaths Used to Promote Sales of Experimental Drugs

  1. After reading more about this disease, most likely lab created, it can become a pandemic. I am not the sort of person who buys into hysteria, but the disease itself is deadly.
    WHO said it could not be transmitted by air, only by bodily fluids. This sounds great until research shows that patients bleed through their eyes, ears and noses, and fluids pour out of their bodies……those who treat them, if they touch them, get any contact, they can get it, too. It infects their clothes, bedding, anything they touch.
    This could really become a world problem. Now, it is Sacramento…..and if there is one, there are more.

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