Hard Proof of Photo Staging in Ferguson Riot Hoax

Hard Proof of Photo Staging in Ferguson Riot Hoax (NODISINFO, Aug 19, 2014):

The proof is now beyond reproach. The entire constellation of events which occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, is a pre-planned hoax and scam. Nothing about the riots and/or police brutality shooting is seemingly real. The proof against the arch-criminal elements behind this staging – this element of the hoax – is now absolutely confirmed. It is confirmed by a single photograph. It is  the photograph of the African-American man on the scooter with the gun aimed upwards.

It doesn’t look like much of a gun, almost like a BB gun. Regardless, that is not the issue. Note how he is looking directly at the camera. Moreover, what is a cameraman doing there taking such a shot? Moreover, why aren’t the police arresting this man, that is for theft?

3 thoughts on “Hard Proof of Photo Staging in Ferguson Riot Hoax

  1. I remember People’s Park.
    A friend of mine from special forces told me years later he was sent in to suppress it…….there was no riot, no uprising, it was pure spin. He was there, nothing happened. That was fifty years ago. Why they are doing this is to strengthen their powers as a police state.

  2. Scanning US media for propaganda themes:
    Fox: Ferguson
    One America News: No way to find lab that created Ebola, over 1200 incidents since 2008…..well, that is something of importance……a new channel.
    BBC: Russian humanitarian care vehicles with baby food, medications for Ukraine…….sort of shoots down the propaganda against Putin…..
    Fusion: Gang problems in San Pedro, Honduras
    CNN: Zoos destroyed in fighting in Ferguson
    CNNI: Markets up again
    HLN: Forensic files, tabloid
    CNN (another CNN station added) Holder meeting with Brown family in Ferguson…..people want him fired.

    I want Holder fired, along with the fool who hired him.
    I also want the supreme court fired……but nobody listens to the people; Americans have lost their voice, I wonder how many realize it. What I find shocking is how many people still love Obama……..I just don’t get it.
    History teaches us people always love their oppressors, remember Augustus……but this clown has gutted and burned the constitution into ashes.

    I still say the prophecy that the meek shall inherit the earth is a mistranslation. It is the mindless, and it has already happened.

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