Aerotoxic Syndrome: Neurotoxins In An Airplane – Nervengift Im Flugzeug (WDR – Documentary)

Many, many seemingly physically fit people had to be carried out of  airplanes, especailly after long-distant flights, because their body failed them and they could not walk anymore.

If ever something like that happens to somebody you know, recommend that they immediately undergo a blood purification process.

Many pilots and stewardesses know this and recommend blood purification to the victims of the aeorotoxic syndrome.

Many do it as a preventive measure themselves.

Don’t rely just on the treatment by doctors. They usually do not know what to do.

I highly recommend to mimimize your flights and if you can avoid flying altogether, especially since Fukushima.

Added: Jul 9, 2014


WDR’s Nervengift im Flugzeug – report on aerotoxic syndrome, 07/07/2014

Here is a similar video on that topic:

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  1. Until they find a way to put in fresh air after long flights, you might be breathing air that is 10-20 years old, full of germs and other awful things. They use the same recycled air over and over. I get sick after long flights, cannot handle it any longer. This makes sense to me, always has..


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