The Five Reasons To Own Gold (Infographic)

–  Visualizing The Five Reasons To Own Gold (ZeroHedge, June 25, 2014):

Following last night’s 94-page extravaganza on gold, this infographic, part four in our 2014 Gold Series (part 1, part 2, & part 3 here), covers the five best reasons to own gold: 1) Gold helps investors diversify their portfolios; 2) Gold is a great store of value; 3) Gold helps protect against inflation and other risks; 4) Gold demand is driven by a growing east, while grades are dropping and new discoveries are more scarce; and 5) Gold stocks are as cheap as they have ever been, using the GDX as a proxy. The reasons to own gold have not changed since the peak in 2011.







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  1. Can’t afford one these days, but I used to have a secondhand Rolex many years ago.
    Owned it for twenty years and sold it for exactly what I paid.
    Twenty years of inflation/depreciation averaging at 5% meant that if it had been a car (other than a Ferrari) it should have been worthless, so it wasn’t a bad hedge after all.


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